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M005 Ruhe in Frieden

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Number of Players: 5
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Impossible
Made with version: 1.2
the last mission of my Campaign, almost IMPOSSIBLE!
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Korsfarer Mogens Hi Eleinad

Could you please clarify the position of the different "players", as the in-game instructions are unclear (to me).

You write: "... put the emir on the bottom left, the sheriff in the middle, Saladin middle right, The Wolf on the top and yourself on the bottom right."

The mini-map shown above being the reference, can you state who should be in the following positions:

1) top left
2) top right
3) center
4) bottom left
5) bottom right

File Author
im sorry

put yourself on the hill (red)
Saladin top left (blue position)
Emir bottom right (yellow position)
Sheriff in the middle (orange)
and the Wolf on the bottom left (black)

good luck

Korsfarer Mogens Thanks for the clarification!

I've played the scenario. Actually, I'm not quite done yet, but the only opponent left is the wolf, and I've got more gold than him, and more troop - except his troops are way superior to mine, so I'm waiting for him to launch an attack, enabling me to kill his men in a hailstorm of arrows, and then counterattack. He will not be able to repel the counterattack!

(And he wasn't! Victory attained in Feb. 1213)

At first, everything looks good. Well, you'll soon learn that your game-play has been severely (as in "unbelievably") restricted, but you've got plenty of resources in the stockpile and granary to make up for it - at first! Problem is, it's very hard to replenish those resources. So, as the game progresses, you find yourself in a tougher and tougher spot.

The only (stable) way to raise gold is through taxes. There is NO trader, and the ONLY military units you can produce is spear-men and archers!

It's been quite an exhausting journey (and hours long, which is why I need a break)! The scenario is definitely not impossible, but it is very hard. Well done!

P.S. I'm sorry I jumped straight into no. 5 in the series, but I just had to try it! :-)

[Edited on 08/17/12 @ 09:55 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review, the first version was a little harder, with less wall and no trees and stones near the hill.

Do you have any suggestions, so i can go and optimize the map?
Korsfarer Mogens Suggestions? The short answer is "no"! :-)

The long answer: The only (very small) issue that I noticed/encountered, is that the Wolfs castle could be placed a little bit closer to the center. When I started the scenario, I had forgotten that I played around with the Wolfs AIVs the day before, so only Wolf AIV #1 was installed. It's one of the monsters, and it couldn't quite fit in, but close.

It's probably not worth changing anything. There's some "tricky" mechanisms involving resources and taxes, so I guess most players will be challenged by this map, and its restrictions.

You can always discuss if some AI would fit in better than another, but it's all up to personal preference, and the map allows for any constellation the player may wish. I trusted the recommendation you gave was based on testing, and it worked for me. Thanks!
Senseisan Found this map a little less hard than the 4 previous ( but I had only two evolved ennemies , as I rushed Saladin ( no more money problem after that ! ) and squeezed the Sherif by destroying whith my 3 horsemen his casern and quarry as he was short of stone ...).
Maps are overaverage , but a little boring , as the only strategies available are , for defence moats and heeled little towers ( a heeled LT can stockpile hundreds of bowmen , straight killing any invader , even heavy armored ) , and attack is obvious :a tidal wave of several hundreds of bowmen cleaning the whole spot ...
The best defence against catapults when no balistae is ...catapults !
Korsfarer Mogens Senseisan wrote:
"Maps are overaverage , but a little boring , as the only strategies available are , for defence moats and heeled little towers ( a heeled LT can stockpile hundreds of bowmen , straight killing any invader , even heavy armored )"

Moats? That's just wasting farmland, isn't it? Definitely not the only strategy!

Heeled towers? Now, that's boring! Kinda like cheating, right? Definitely not the only strategy!

Senseisan wrote:
"The best defence against catapults when no balistae is ...catapults !"

Is it? Catapults and engineers are expensive. My light-footed archers took out the enemy engineers long before they even attempted to construct catapults, or whatever. Lost very few archers during those rapid strikes.
Senseisan As laddermen are available , money is not a problem ( neither food ....) , even if I don't used the tip ...
In this maps the boring catapults are not these built on field , but these build near the ennemy castles and creeping covered by bowmens and/or xbowmen in towers ...

[Edited on 08/19/12 @ 04:38 AM]

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