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Nizar A.I.V - Nizar Fortress

Author File Description
Tivz123 This is an A.I.V which gives the Nizar a change of scenery. This design includes walls, extra towers in hope of a better defence.

This A.I.V was mainly designed for fun. It isn't a strategic design, more or less just a play around to see what I could design.

The only flaw with this design is that it requires a heck of a lot of space and there are very few positions on very few maps that it works on :(.

Never the less, It turned out all right.

*'PICTURES' are included in the zip*


Tivz123 :)
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Heroesflorian Hey, I really like that one!

From looking at the screenshot, it just feels "right".

Btw showing a picture here in the download page would be good, I suppose.

Those statue-walkway, the overall layout and shape of the walls, the fact that it is partially symmetrical, but without attempting to create two completely identical sides makes it looke ordered but still interesting and natural, and the overall arrangement of all the buildings looks just really nice!

So for the looks, it is really pretty!

Though, here some hints/notes (looks quite much, but don't worry, it is much less negative than it may look!):
- 1 inn is enough for 30 peasants, your castle has 6 of them -> 180 population. I think 4 would be enough.

- For mangonels, ballistae, fire ballistae and trebuchets only the spots 1-3 will be used at any aiv castle. That's something a new aiv designer can't already know, but sth that should be taken care of when known.

- Some fire ballistae somewhere would be fine.

- There's a relatively big amount of free, unused space inside the castle, and the placement of the buildings is not as efficient as it could be. By making the castle a bit smaller and "moving it a bit to the top" (in the aiv editor screen, such that it is more equally centered around the keep) would probably make it fit to more maps (don't adjust it here, because it would probably mess up the overall design, but maybe keep that in mind for future castles). But as you said, it was not designed for great strategy and fitting everywhere, and it looks good the way it is.

- 6 mills and 16 breweries are a bit much I think. You have lots of bakeries, so some mills are needed of course, but this many may cause him to frequently buy wheat and sell flour... well, a big bread production can still be profitable. But I think less breweries and mills would be enough anyways ;)

- A few more stairs onto the walls would increase the accessability of his towers and walls when some parts of the walls get damaged.

- A second gate at the other end of the castle could help his economy and provide faster access for workers. As Nizar tends to be low on money in many games, this wouldn't be bad.

- Some more water pots and/or wells might be a good idea in such a big castle.

- You could give give him some pitch ditch, or place an oil smelter and some oil engineer spots for some extra defences.

- The defenses are a bit inbalanced and could prove a bit weak against "good old" attacks right at the front side.

Now I hope I didn't discourage you from making more aiv castle designs. For a first try this is amazing, and it - like I already mentioned above - just feels "right" and natural in some way that has as much importantance for a great castle as "cold" logic and efficiency. It just looks like a city (as far as it is possible in an SHC aiv) and not only a mere collection of buildings.
File Author
Thank you so much for the review :)

About the unused space, There are suppose to be some hovels there, but for some reason they are not built.

Also now I come to think of it, I did go a bit over the top with things like inn's and breweries :)

Also I do agree about the stairs, but wouldn't know where to Include them :P without altering a lot of the layout, I'm not so good at redesigning and stuff :P

Overall I appreciate the feedback and will use these tips with the next A.I.V I make :)



P.S - How do I add a picture to this page ??

[Edited on 09/20/12 @ 02:02 PM]

Heroesflorian >>"Thank you so much for the review :)"

Well, actually it was "only" a long comment.
But I hope I was able give you some valuable hints.

>>"About the unused space, There are suppose to be some hovels there, but for some reason they are not built."

They are not built as the AI doesn't need them. Nizar has already a big lot of workless peasants around his campfire, so building even more hovels seems useless to him. If there would be e.g. 15 more bakeries, then probably another 2 of the hovels you placed, would be built. But better 1 or 2 hovels too many placed in the aiv editor, than too few of them, especially the actual population varies a bit according to map resources and space for farms etc.
But I did not mean these places when talking about "unused space", but rather the free spots in the aiv editor, as some of them are big enough for 3x3 or even 4x4 buildings. You know, in overall, one could put the same amount of buildings as this castle has, in a bit smaller castle by leaving less free space here and there. That's what I meant. But never mind, there's always the question how much you can shorten the ways for your workers (increasing efficiency and saving space) and how much you increase the gaps that prevent fires from spreading and make sure all buildings can be easily accessed at all time.
(Sorry if I'm writing too long and detailed.)

>>"P.S - How do I add a picture to this page ??"

There are many free image hosting sites. Some of them are: Imageshack, photobucket, flickr, ... (just google for these). There you can upload pictures, and then include the html code for the picture (which you can get where you uploaded it) and/or the hyperlink to it here in your file description text using the "update" button.


[Edited on 09/20/12 @ 05:48 PM]

kayuz really nice gem! i like it so much!
Thanks you :D
i will try this more deeper then an only match :)
File Author
Thanks kayuz :)

And Heroesflorian, I didn't mean review I meant feed back. My bad

By the way I am sorry for any bad punctuation and sentence structure, failed my English exam :P
Heroesflorian >> "And Heroesflorian, I didn't mean review I meant feed back. My bad"
Never mind ;)

>> "By the way I am sorry for any bad punctuation and sentence structure, failed my English exam :P"
Actually your English seems quite ok to me. :)

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