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Random mission 1

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
Hey there!
Name is Valadorn and I am from Hungary.:)

First map,so please be kind .I read a lot on Stronghold Knights and looked at some of these invasion maps and some of the kings crusade putting all these twos together

you are a freshly promoted commander,your task is to return to home,Albion(but the places are fictional only the final destination is real) and took a look at your stocks you realized that you are short on everything,but you started your march anyway.During your way towards north you run into an abandoned castle(name has faded into oblivion). Some local Arabian troops have surrendered when they saw the sight of your army.Now they fight on your side against the hostile assaults..
(short stories are my specialties)

Your goal is:


60 bows
60 Pikes
60 Metal Armours
acquire 7530 gold

time limit 22 years full of events and invasions

Questions:How can I earn that when an objective is accomplished a sword will appear signing "objective accomplished"?
Now it works like this:You get the win when it hits a certain month in 1223...
I made a test run b4 I am happy with that:)

Now rate and comment please


P.S. I do not count on high for creativity.Since you saw these layouts everywhere here
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TwoDie Heh reminds me one of the first my created map which wasnt published or saved. The map layout, castle, events.
File Author
I do not know how to take that...
What do you mean?
Is this a review?Or rating?

[Edited on 10/23/12 @ 11:47 AM]

TwoDie nope just notice for myself or others to read :D
File Author
How about helping me on that problem?
I mentioned when i reached earlier than tha month of 1223 it did not say victory!It had to wait till completely reaches the the correct time

Is this how you treat a newbie?
That is not nice!

[Edited on 10/23/12 @ 01:40 PM]

TwoDie a treat that way anyone. My comments was made by noticing few things like minimap and some win conditions was noticed in the discription. Any other problem that you encountered and even mentioned in discription hadnt attracted my attention. So.... dont be so judgemental.

P.S. So the problem is that you made Win Condition only pop-up at 1223 year. Set it when the map, game starts date. Plus add lose conditions cause if im correct if your lord will be killed you wont lose. And to make that in certain time to collect all the goods you have to set the date with lose condition and right triggers, dont know which now but in searching other maps like yours you might find help. Or make new map for testing make it few months long mission with any quantity of goods and buy them, and see if it works correctly.

[Edited on 10/23/12 @ 03:35 PM]

Map Design2.5
Playability: 4
Easy going map objective, just sit and enjoy the desert wind while checking out the Inn. It doesnt challange you at any point in the game to do make big decisions cause the starting resources given are ridiculous. And ability to train units really effective ones against such small forces of invadors while building best defences like digging moats cause digging them for AI will take Years.. Basicly OverPowered thing is allowed to do.!
Plus some fixing of win lose conditions would be nice.

Balance: 3
As stated above its easy going, hardly anoyone will find it challenging.

Creativity: 3
Since its first time of yours there really is where to advance forward. Best tip for the landscape from me would be: Details, Details, Details. Try to play with different textures, objects to make it colorful and enjoyable for an eye to see. But you need to notice that applying details you need to spread them out all over the map.

Map Design: 2.5
Simple averange layout of the things in the map. Lack of details and spread out nature objects, textures. Everything was made like with bucket of paint, splash here of grass, splash here of cactus, splash here of rocky desert ground.

Story/Instructions: 5
Everything basic is included what you may want to know before playing the map.

Additional Comments:

Looking forward from you in improving in map making.
Eleinad its not a normal map, it isn't even easy, it is unloseable :)
Lord Karpathea
Map Design2.0
Okay, so I gave it a try....wasn't too thrilled from the start, though there were shining moments. Not many, but some which made it nice enough to play. There is definitely room for improvement, but nothing is actually "broken" about this map.

Playability is average. More on gameplay in the balance section, but suffice to say this map was a one-time play map as is. Though it is fun to be able to build massive armies and defences of Awesome (which is possible in a VERY short amount of time given the massive amount of starting resources and troop availability) and drop kick the tiny, puny invasion forces into the next country, a lack of any challenge takes away from any replay value. Even on Very Hard, it's easy.

Balance is average as well. You start with a castle that you're supposed to get back on its feet, but it's pretty much already set up for you with little to actually take care. Once the miniscule gaps are filled, it's easy to spam troops. Added to this is the meager forces that are thrown against you, not to mention the lack of a lose condition. Either limiting resources, troop types and defences or making larger invasions, or more events to keep you on your toes (or preferably a combination of them all) would greatly improve this map.

Creativity is average. It's not exactly a new concept. Granted, it's hard to be creative after this time considering all the maps that have been turned out, but a good map maker can always make their work stand out. This...had very little in the stand-out-ish way.

Map Design is below average. There looks to be little to no use of the editing tools. There's one hill, and one large clumpy oasis, then the rest is basically flat desert. You need to tighten things up here...experiment a bit more with mixing heights and terrain types.

Story is average. You had one, which is more than most can say recently. It clearly outlined the objectives and background.

Overall, not the best map out there, but not the worst either. With a few minor improvements it could be pretty good. As it, it's REALLY easy and feels more like an endurance run to 1223 toward the end.
SkullHeroLord A great map for your first try.
Good luck!

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Map Design2.3
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