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Castle Stonebridge

Author File Description
Lord Karpathea
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
Greetings, fellow designers and mapmakers. I haven't submitted one in while, but have been working, so I give you now to enjoy this little map I've cooked up.

You play as young William Cartwright, the son of a knight in a yet unnamed land. You have been sent to Stonebridge for reasons that are described in the actual story (which is in the ZIP file...little too long for this page). Your task is to get this castle back on its feet while laying away supplies and equipment for your army AND fending off attacks and underhanded attempts to thwart you by the former lord of these lands.

The map is both reactive and proactive. Rather, there are events that are scripted to happen no matter what, but also others that will only happen if and when you do certain things (take your hints from the last paragraph of the story).

Anyway, please download and try it. A very detailed story is in the ZIP file. Hope you enjoy it and good luck! :)

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Heroesflorian looks interesting... too bad I don't have time currently :(
Lord Karpathea
File Author
Sad day...well, if you ever do, I'll still be open to feedback. From you or anyone actually. Speaking of, any comments? Reviews? Thoughts? Sonnets? Epic poems? Favorite songs? Just throw 'em out there. ;)
Lord Stafeft good things:

+Good background story!!!!!!
please write a book about that
+lots of space
+abundant resourses

bad things:

-Insane fire break outs
fire is not simulated well in strongold so that adjacent buildings catch fire ridiculously easy, turn them off completely please.
-stone placed very far between signs
intead of cliffs before going to the iron mines.
-remaining time indicator missing
-no stone wall, leather armour, crossbow ability
-few trees on the plateau

Great map though
could you please unlock it?

[Edited on 11/12/12 @ 05:41 AM]

Lord Karpathea
File Author
Heh...well, thanks for the comment. As for the story, it was actually one of several that I DID write when I was younger (a few details and names edited, obviously). In regards to what you mentioned "bad" about my map, I'm sorry you thought so, but every single one of those things was intentional. No stone wall building, no crossbows or leather armor, the random's all meant to be part of the challenge. As for there being no win timer...well, the mission isn't a timed one.

But thank you very much for your input. I'm glad that overall, it was a good map for you. And that you enjoyed the story. Part II is coming out soon. For you, I'll leave out the pesky fires in the next one. ;)
Lord Stafeft Yes please! Of all the negatives fire is just unrealistic in the game not just in your map.
It's like inferno for example the dairy farm cathes fire, that is the hut, the railings, the grass and the "firefighters" are so stupid at times. Make the fires go away and you have a rank 5 on all review points.

ps: can you fix this scenario?

thanks again.
Strife The point of the fire is to add an exceptional challenge. You should not ask him to take it out simply because you do not believe that they should not be implemented in the game at all. As long as you can still achieve victory, then it should be clear that this map is effectively successful in the difficulty aspect.
Map Design2.0
I would like to point out that I have played and completed this mission on the "Normal" difficulty.

Playability: 3
A nice and beginning step to eco-vasions. This map features goals that are achievable in the duration of the intended last invasion.
I have found, however, that this scenario gets redundant at times and relatively boring as I watched the workers gather resources. I actually already had enough troops by the first invasion that I had not needed to train more to defend against the second. And under two circumstances were there bandits that did not do anything but retreat upon appearance.

Balance: 2.5
Because spears and wood were available to trade, I was able to get the gold requirement achieved pretty quickly.
I am not sure if the cheese was intentionally left open to trade in the market. I was able to buy the cheese by the time I had a surplus of gold from the spears. I would imagine that this was left open for the player to remove the surplus of cheese being produced. But the player could have set the rations level to "Double" for quicker consumption, or he or she could create another granary.
As I stated in the Playability section, the two invasions were weak after ten or so game years. The only problem I had was from the pikemen, because I had only produced archers. They have strong armor, but they do not have strong offensive skills. However, they are one of the soldiers to bring down the wall the fastest.

Creativity: 3.5
I enjoyed the events that occurred through some scripted requirement rather than spontaneously in some cases. There were more events occurring than I had expected, slowing down my swords- and armor-making process for a while.
I also liked the fact that you locked the map to prevent people from looking at the editor prior to actually playing the map.
The small groups of the Snake's soldiers at the bridge was a nice touch-up in which the player must recognize that there is an immediate threat in the area, especially with the wolves and bears around.
The far north-western iron mine presented a stump to what I had originally thought was going to be an early-action victory before the final invasion. But I would like to point out that there is enough space to place several iron mines, making this less of a challenge.

Map Design: 2
The map itself was relatively poor-average. My biggest concern was the sprinkle of the "hill" brush without any smoother slopes and the use of the "Hi Plain" option without varying the elevation, making the land seem unrealistic. Most of the land was relatively bare. I liked the small ruins to the east side of the map, but the surrounding shrubs made it less appealing.
The river looked plain, except by the waterfall, in which there were only small "ripple features" going in different directions.
The mix of the rocks and pebbles, along with the difficult-to-reach iron was a nice addition. Varying your brush size on smaller details can help your map design score significantly.

Story/Instructions: 5
The second-person point-of-view story was a nice edition to the main events leading to the map itself, resulting in the cliffhanger for the player to decide the fate of William.


Please do not take this review as a negative step in your direction. I remember your map "Foothold" from back in 2008, and I feel that since then, mapmaking has improved significantly and I would like you to get caught up with the more recent discoveries with what you can create through this 11-year-old game.
I would also like to point out that a 3.2 is above-average on a five-point basis.
Lord Karpathea
File Author
Thanks very much for your review (and yes, as long as I've been here, I know a 3.2 is above average ;) ). This map was basically me working out the's been a long while since I've had time to make maps and I've kind of fallen out of practice, to be honest. Hopefully the next couple chapters in this story will get me back up to where I was before. But anyway, thanks for playing and for the review. :)
Mister Chris Playability: 4
Even though I found this map a little "too easy" I still had quite a lot of fun with it. For me, building a thriving economy is super fun and your map certainly let me sink my teeth into your economic challenges. Whether it is dealing with bears while pumping iron or transporting stone across the map I had to get creative with it and I liked that (alot).

Balance: 2.5
The balance was quite off. This map was a little too easy for me. The bandits were a non-issue for me since they would flee or be killed very easily. I think the reason this was too easy was because of the constant reinforcements I was receiving. Had I have to create all those archers from scratch I would have had a much harder challenge. The economic challenges on the other hand were exceptionally well thought-out. When I felt comfortable enough to raise taxes a plague would strike and I would have to rethink everything. Just when I had a dozen dairy farms and thought life was easy a fire would erupt and force me to think quick on my feet. Between the granary robberies, the plagues and the diseases theeconomy put up a much harder challenge than the bandits ever did.

Creativity: 3.5
The creativity really shines when it comes to building the economy and satisfying the objectives. I went into it expecting to get iron and stone easy but when I noticed the stone was separated by a river and that the only iron was surrounded by bears it made me get creative. Making the player do creative problem-solving beause you gave them an unusual problem is something all good game designers do and therefore I give you a lot of points. Where creativity was absent was when it came to the map and to combat. The map had nohing really special to it except the ruins which was insteresting but everything else was pretty bare. The combat was also very predictable and presented no reall challenge and lacked any significant signs of creativity.

Map Design: 3
As the other reviewer said the map was quite bare and had too few resources but I really didn't mind. The map served its purpose well but it could have been visually more appealing. One thing to think about is having multiple resource locations. For instance maybe instead of dealing with the bears in the north we could choose to get the iron in the south surrounded by wolves etc. Overall the creativity was well done especially when it came to the economic challenges. The map was good but could have benefited from more choices and better staging.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was well done and giving the enemy a back story is always more appealing to me than a game that has me killing enemies for which I do not know why they were trying to kill me. Fantastic story and great instructions.

Additional Comments:
A very fun map. Although it had some problems and suffered from a lack of beauty and natural resources it still had many bright spots especially when it came to the economic objectives. Use this constructive criticism to make your next map even better. Well done, Take care!
Mister Chris
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2.5
The map was fun but suffered from poor combat challenges. I did have a lot of fun with it but the balance was obviously off.

Balance: 2.5
The balance was way off. The enemy were too easy, way too easy. I was getting constant archer reinforcements when I already had more than enough. The economic balance was very good though. It had nice pacing and I never felt like I "won" I had to struggling to keep the economy on track. The economic challenges were a lot harder than the bandits ever were. I think if I had to create every archer myself this would have gave this map terrific balance.

Creativity: 3.5
The creativity really shine when it came to the economic challenges I had to overcome. Whether dealing with ears while pumping iron or transporting stone across the map it was fun to think about how I was going to overcome these obstacles. The combat was not creative much at all and left a lot to be desired. The map itself also suffered from not enough attention to detail.

Map Design: 3
The map was bare and wasn't very pretty but served the purpose of the story well. Separating the stone by river and placing the only iron near bears was interesting although I am sure some people found it frustrating. Map design could have been significantly improved but it had a consistent style and did what it was suppose to.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
The story was absolutely fantastic I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was never confused and everything made sense in context. Giving the enemy a back story is something I always love to read about.

Additional Comments:
Overall a pretty fun map but suffered from a bleak world with minimal resources. Economic challenges were the highlight and combat left me disappointed but good news is that the economic balance was so good I almost didn't care that the badnits were not a threat. This map might have been very easy but I had a lot of fun playing it.
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