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The Ev!l Santa christmas campaign

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 6
Balance: Balanced
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

The Ev!l Santa christmas campaign

The evil Santa story:

Once upon a time, devil took possession of mankind. In this time, laws and even the basic rules of morality no longer applied and injustice ruled the world. People's very souls would start rotting in their body and they no longer cared for others, but only for their own selfish interests.

The rich lived at expense of the poor succumbing to orgies, drinking sessions and many other vice. The poor lived in constant misery and hardship and unspeakable crimes and sins were birthed from these conditions.

And thus all good faded from the world. Love turned to hate, caring to indifference and all sense of safety or security got replaced by fear and loneliness.

But in humanities darkest hour an old abbot confronted Satan himself and cast a powerful spell banishing evil from the world and restoring the rotten souls of the people.

Injured and weakened Satan fled from the world. But even the powerful abbot couldn't ban evil completely and therefore at one day a year Satan would be able to gather enough strength to visit the world once again to spread suffering and mischief. At this day Satan would, disguised and under false name, carry out presents to the people to remind them of their old selves and plant greed, avarice and jealousy back into their hearts.

This year, however, the situation is different. The universe faced no less than the threat of total destruction and the forces of good expended almost all of their powers to prevent the end of the world. Weary and exhausted, many of their warriors are now gathered at the grave of the abbot, an old ruin located at the beach of a peaceful river.

It's the 24th of December. It's time to strike evil Santa! Break the mind of one of them, take control over his body and use his strength to exterminate the others. Once the way is free use the opportunity to snatch the abbot himself from the cold grip of death, enslave him to your will and use his power to reinstate you as the rightful ruler of this world, which shall once again tumble into chaos.

following data is includet in the uploadet zip-file: - containing the seven campaign maps - containing all used aiv's made for the campaign maps containing the original faces of the Stronghold characters and Ev!l Santa

Santa I - Rat, Herzog de Puce:

Rat, Herzog de Puce, your first victim. His weak mind will be easy prey, however you will have to make up for his total lack of aptitudes or abilities. Strike fast, strike decisive, Show'em what evil Santa is capable of.


Santa II - Nizar, 'The silent':

Horrified by the terror and devastation Rat brought upon his brethren Nizar, the Silent's concentration lapsed for only a moment. Enough time for you to swoop in and take over control. Destroy the enemy and let your bloodthirsty reindeers feast on their liveless corpses.


Santa III - Snake, Herzog Beauregard:

Strengthened from the bloodbath you easily 'convince' Snake, Herzog Beauregard to join your cause. Seek out your enemies and rip them to pieces!


Santa IV - Caliph, 'The scorpion':

This day you're the one getting the presents. Or isn't that the feeble mind of Caliph, the scorpion wrapped in gift paper and ready for the taking? Bring your wrath upon the enemy, wreak havoc and listen to the harmonious sounds of whining and despair.


Santa V - Pig, Herzog Truffe:

Do you see them scatter the moment a red coat appears on the horizon? Isn't it beautiful? Break Pig Herzog Truffe's almost nonexistent will and lead his forces against the crumbling resistance of your enemies.


Santa VI - Wolf, Herzog Volpe:

Wolf, Herzog Volpe, one of their fiercest warriors and their last hope. What a waste to see his strength in the hand of your enemies. Commence the final assault, obliterate all that lies in your path and leave only faintly smoldering ruins behind you.


Santa VII - Ev!l Santa:

The skeleton of the abbot, dressed in a red coat, stood in the entrance to the crypt. The air was silent, and the thick clouds of smoke on the horizon were barely noticeable. Birds chirped in the palm trees.

The skeleton took one step out of the crypt. Immediately the surrounding vegetation caught fire, crumbled and burned to ashes. Meanwhile the water in the river bid goodbye to its bed and vaporized into thin air.

Santa let out a satisfied smile, which manifested itself as a nightmarish grin on the skeletons scull. Paying no further attention to the slowly collapsing ruin, he headed off to his army which eagerly prepared itself for more slaughter and bloodshed.


Videolink click here, to watch the video

Instruction, how to install the campaign:

extract the zip-file, that you download in an extra folder.
-> extract in the contained maps folder in your Stronghold Crusader directory
-> backup the faces.bmp in your Stronghold Crusader directory, by renaming it to faces_backup.bmp
-> extract the faces.bmp contained in the in your Stronghold Crusader directory
-> if you want to modify the aiv's extract also the in the villages folder in your AIV Editor directory

Installationsanweisungen für die Kampagne:

Zuerst entpacke die gedownloadete Zip-Datei in einen extra Ordner.
-> entpacke die in den maps Ordner in deinem Stronghold Crusader Verzeichnis
-> erstelle ein Backup der Datei faces.bmp, indem du sie in faces_backup.bmp umbenennst
-> entpacke die datei faces.bmp in der in dein Stronghold Crusader Verzeichnis
-> Wenn du die Aiv's bearbeiten willst, entpacke die in das villages Verzeichnis in deinem AIV Editor Verzeichnis

The campaign was made by ZaphoD, Quackstab, Krarilotus and Kreuzmörder jojo

we wish you merry christmas

feel free to comment and subscribe ;)

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Demynator Looks promising. Gonna try it out.
peter2008 Here you are to play AS different AI characters. You can experience how it feels having to deal with the limited possibilities of them. No tower engines, not the units you may prefer. Food problems may arise from lacking the wheat chain. And the missions are very elaborated. Attractive custom castles and certain additional restrictions on the AIs whose role the human player takes on. No trading for the Wolf!)

Derry heavy missions, they require alot of restarts, patience and thinking. For example, the Rat. How many units will be necessary to overwhelm the neighbours? How many wooden traps to hold them off?
Fow those who want to try: the "easiest" mission appeared to be the Snake.

Thank you guys!

[Edited on 06/07/13 @ 04:30 AM]

Landari one question, how do you add ai in Crusader Skrimishes ?

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