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Decision At I-95

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
Egg - Zit 74
I - 95

On Ramp
'In one and one half miles'

Or so the faded, age old, green sign had stated in the Ancient tongue. Whether your pained, suffering, swollen knees could take another half-mile of riding was another question. Before you could even think of an answer, the ice rolled over your brain like a fog,... again.

No more suffering... no more pain... Give your soul, your life to me King Maker... Serve me and all you desire shall be yours... For I Am the son of Adam and the Abomination that caused Desolation, for I Am the Evil Eye, for I Am the Crimson King and All mortal souls shall be mine, all shall serve me!

That voice in your head again, its intrusion caused you to feel like an icicle was cleaving your brain asunder. Long ago you had realized the voice was not your own and had taught yourself to awake at its very presence. As you marched deeper and deeper into the Old Country' a task as simple as snapping out of such a daydream was becoming more and more difficult. 'Find something, find anything that you can to grab onto, quickly now, hurry now, find it for he almost has you....'

'...and all the King's Horses and all the King's men could never repair the damage within.'

The continued creaking of the old man's cider cart and the monotonous monotone of many men marching had momentarily mesmerized you. Had Marcel continued his melodious melody and not hit a drunken flat note, you might not have snapped back at all this time. How long had you faded away into your mind? Had Stephan, your trusted 2nd in command, riding next to you noticed? Had anyone for that matter? How long? How much Time?...

'...10 Years', the voice intruded, unwarranted, in reply to your self query, 'so long, too long, come sleep, come rest in the valley in the shadow with me, In the Wastelands...'

10 years, 10 hard years and yet the time seemed like so much longer... Time, like much else in this shattered world, was different. Somehow it had changed, 'Meuw-Tay-Ted,' as was the Ancients word for it. Days, weeks, months simply did not add up anymore. Yet you and your loyal Army, The Free Seventh, as it was now known had marched on, endlessly it seemed chasing the King. Following the crumbling roads of the Ancients deep into the 'Old Country'.

...Time, As a child, in the castle of your Father, you had been taught the reason why the 'Sec-Undz', as the Ancients word was pronounced, no longer added up. Those ancient nursery rhymes your Father had forced you to memorize taught that Old Mother Earth no longer spun the same. Adam and the Abomination that caused Desolation was responsible. As the ancient rhyme went and a drunken Marcel, who despite the cider, had mercifully found his singing voice again continued...

With his evil of Thunder, Fire and Light, Adam burned Mother Earth through the Doomsday Night. Time became dust, it no longer passes. Adam had knocked the Old Lady off Her Axe-iss!

Although most thought this last word referred to the fairer sexs posterior, you knew better. Adam, whatever he or it was, once had enough power to shift the entire planet changing all things, all life forever. Here, deep within the 'Old Country' just how much had become woefully apparent.

Marcel, Chief Elder at Harlows Wood had joined your crusade as had many of his kinfolk. Although these new recruits were inexperienced and green, their numbers replenished your depleted and ultimately grateful ranks. Marcels knowledge of the ancients had proved almost as valuable as the new recruits in your mind. His 'Wear-Wolves, Ogres, goblins' and the like were no longer scarce as they had been at the old mans home,. Here, these vicious 'Meuw-Tents' dominated the underground tunnels and passages of the Ancients. Forever ruling over the eternal darkness below. Ambushes, from the cover of night and from out of the Earth had unfortunately terrified your men into bestowing these creatures with mythical powers.

You had given up trying to educate them otherwise. Delusions and paranoia are some of the initial signs of it. Adams touch and his Abomination that caused Desolation still lingered in these lands. Your continued blackouts, the pain in your joints, the wounds that would not heal, you could no longer fool yourself into believing otherwise. Like many of your men, you were beginning to show the first signs of it, of the Ancients Sickness.

"...they rose on the power of Lightning and Sun, by splitting with Adam where forever undone. For all the Kings horses and all the Kings men could never repair the damage within..."

Marcel stopped his cider cart and singing simultaneously. "Me Gods it twasn't a fibber" the old man was so shocked by the site before him that he could barely choke out the thought. You followed his gaze passed I-95, passed the Ancient's crossroads and to the ruins beyond. For there stood the Teleporter. And with it the King.

'He has joined with me The King and the Capitol, Anon, now serve my will. For I am the son of Adam, for I am the Crimson King and all shall belong to me... including you King Maker! Even you shall kneel to me! Make Camp...'

'That voice again He is here, he is close!' you can feel the cold gaze of the evil eye "Make Camp" you spoke aloud to your men but as if in a dream. A fact that was not lost on Stephan, or old Marcel for that matter. "Of coarse M'lord" replied Stephan cheerily enough but the wary look of his eyes said otherwise.

'Yes, obey me now. Await to assault under cover of night. Enough time to teleport the last of the irradiated stone I need to build my eternal throne at Anon!'

"We await to assault under cover of night" you parroted to Stephan. "Is, ... is that wise my Lord?" his worry was now genuinely turning to fear for his voice almost broke as he spoke. "What of the King? Why do we stop now when we are so close?" Stephan continued?

'For I shall send him to you King Maker.'

"For he will come to us" you repeated as if in reply to Stephan's query. Indeed past the 'High-Way' as the Ancients had called it the Kings troops could be seen preparing to attack. By Dark they would be headed towards your camp.

'Strike down the King and take his place at my side! Serve me, the son of Adam and the Abomination that caused Desolation.'

"My Lord!" it was the urgency in Stephan's voice that brought you back this time. "Look!" you followed his gaze, along with the Kings army were troops of two other banners. On the right came an army of sickly humans. Diseased locals who now were minions of the Crimson King. From the left came the Son of Adams own army! Your anger and hatred welling, you thought, 'I anticipated such deception evil one!'

'No King Maker. You will serve me!' replied the voice taunting in an almost childlike tone. 'You will serve me or die! Make your decision!' the voice snapped,

Its impatience an anger was its undoing for at last the veil of fog lifted from your mind. Now you could hear the true message of the Crimson King. You could here it as clear as day.

"For I am the Sum of Atom and the Abomination that caused Desolation and all shall fall before me!"

Author's Notes:
Hello to All New and Old!

Well after 3 long years I have finally completed the latest chapter in the Saga of The Seventh what is without a doubt, the longest running user created Stronghold Storyline!

Indeed, 2013 actually does mark the 10th Anniversary of the first chapter in this epic tale, Wynn Avegen!

...Alas, after 10 years, 11 as an SHH member, this 20 something in 2002 is now pushing 40!

With that said, it is time to bring the Story of the 7th to a close. Decision At I-95 is the first in the final trilogy of maps to finish out the Saga of the Seventh. I hope you have enjoyed playing them as much as I have had making them!

Decision at I-95 is like no other map you have ever played! There are no real barriers to stop or force your progress in a certain direction. This means you are spoilt for choice on how you wish to begin. This can be a blessing or a curse. Be decisive! Keep in mind that every nook and cranny can help or hinder the enemy depending on who's in it!

If you have patience, fortitude, and a strategy, I promise you victory.

In SHH Fraternity,

Ok, now for the usual...

This map is only guaranteed for play with Stronghold Warchest or Stronghold HD. You must at least have the V1.2 patch installed on your computer. The patch is free and available at this site.

This map has been listed as a Siege but will play in Stronghold as an Invasion. My reasons for doing this are first, the map truly is a siege and was designed as one. You will find it has no scripting or eco-goals and that the action is most definitely designed in the same manner as many of my other maps which are all sieges. Secondly, a weird, uncontrollable and untraceable victory glitch occurred when playing this map as a Siege. I was able to eliminate the glitch by playing the map as an Invasion.

As with most of my maps, your objectives appear on the launch page. They have been scripted to appear a certain way and have a bizarre appearance in the editor because of it.

Difficulty Setting:

This map will play well on any difficulty level but was designed for play on the easy, normal or hard levels. On the very hard level of difficulty your Lord will not appear.

The following guide will give you some idea of what difficulty level to play on.

The author has completed this map playing on the Hard difficulty level.

Your Skill Setting
Rookie Easy
Veteran Easy or Normal
Elite Normal
Legendary Hard


* You will need to destroy all enemy units including engineers to obtain the victory page. If the siege does not end then you have missed someone!

* After the enemy counter attack, yes, you have been warned, even though things may look rosy as you start your advance, LOOKS can be deceiving! Things can go wrong very quickly.

SAVE your progress!

* Due to their continued victories on the battlefield, all soldiers of the Seventh Division (Red) and new recruits/volunteers, (green), have a + %15 troop combat bonus. Local enemy Militia forces, (orange), have a minus -%25 troop combat bonus as a result of living in a land still poisoned by The Adam and the Abomination that caused Desolation. The Kings Army, (Blue), starts with no bonus. As in The Heligoland Bight, destruction of enemy good things will create a negative troop combat bonus for all soldiers in the Kings Army.

* Armies of the Crimson King, (Purple), have a +%25 Troop Combat Bonus that is protected by the Crimson Kings sorcery. Bonus level cannot be altered!

* As in Harlows Wood, the 'Mew-tents' are represented by the wolves. As in the story, they await your advance. BE WARNED, you will not see them coming!

* The Ogres are represented by the bears. They will not attack, preferring to lash out from their lairs. Do not get too close! One Ogre can take out a half dozen Knights!

* Knights and Artillery/Catapults cannot cross roads. However, ordering them to special attack the roads will allow you to carve access to other map quadrants. Consider roads the only barrier of any kind against your army. Note: Once you breach a road, that Portal is opened so to speak and goes both ways!

* You will find Decision At I-95 has no traditional friendly Keep, The Camp Site is the Keep and is where you will find your Lord. Although he can be ordered to attack the enemy, you will lose the game if he is killed. (Except when playing on the very hard level of difficulty.)

* The Leader of the enemy local Militia can be found at the Stone Keep.

* Your Old enemy, The King, can be found at the Saxon Hall.

* The Crimson King can be found at the Teleporter, Do not let him escape!

* Your Artillery/Catapults have 200 SHOTS EACH! - Fire Away!

* Enemy Artillery/Catapults have 400 SHOTS EACH! and are as intelligent and accurate as the ones in Stronghold Crusader!

* Some siege equipment can be constructed. Your Funds are limited, choose wisely.

* Shields are invaluable in this mission. Use them to protect your troops from enemy fire as you move them from location to location.

* Tutorials on how to create Permanent Fire and the other unique tricks and buildings used in Decision At I-95 can be found at the following links:,3460,30,all,3125,120,all,3086,,1,3903,,1,3905,,1,3907,,1,3078,420,all,3078,420,all

Decision At I-95 is Chapter 13 in the Saga of The Seventh, it may be nearly impossible for players new to Stronghold. Try an earlier chapter!

All players should be prepared for a protracted offensive siege!

The Story thus far...
Wynn Avegen
Southern Cross
Ambush at Manathma
The Cumberland Downs
Henn Dommen
The Battle at Andolin
'The Interlude' Battle of the Solomon Sea
The Vierville Draws
Saint Lo
Harlows Wood
The Heligoland Bight
Decision at 1-95,
...The Wastelands - coming soon!
ANON - Fin
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
pikemang Invasion?
very very fun!
Heroesflorian Woo! Another great map from UnikUnok!
Too sad I currently don't have the time to play it :(
The Dragonheart UnikUnok is a veteran on the site, so he definitely deserves a review for the work he put into this map.

I no longer have SH1; it's up to others to leave a review.

Great looking map. :)
File Author
Thank you all for the kind comments. :)

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