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Resistance Caliph

Author File Description
Yamatano Improve defense against heavy attackers

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Heroesflorian Hey Yamatano,
I like the idea of giving the caliph some moat - especially with some pitch ditch directly in front of it :) - and some stronger, big towers with siege weapons.
Moreover, the small 3x3 towers are spread equally around the inner walls of this compact castle, having a 2nd layer of (low) wall in front of them, providing a decend protection against catapults. Archers and fire throwers were equally spread over the towers, making for a quite balanced defense into all directions.
Two gates are definitely an upgrade for the caliph, speeding up his industry a bit and (due to the placement of the drawing bridges) making most enemies run circles round the outer castle walls trying to get inside, rather than actually attacking an entrance.
Moat and pitch were placed in relatively few, big steps, speeding up the process of building and renewing them.

You did not use negative fear factor - weakening his economy but strengthening his troops. I am not sure if this is a good idea, as Caliph doesn't have much economical power, but we will see...

However, I also notices some weaknesses and smaller mistakes:
- I would place the granary a little bit earlier
- you should probably add a second well
- trading post a little bit later (and after the granary)
- place the moat much earlier (as it doesn't cost any resources, but it takes long to dig it out)
- leave more space (at least 3 tiles) between the different rows of pitch - with only 1 tile of free space in between, they are likely to burn all at once (and not really controllable, it might also happen that only a small piece of it gets set on fire), being quite inefficient
- 3 woodcutter huts inside the castle might be a bit much - and yes, I know, his standard castles also have woodcutter huts. Still, one or two would probably be enough, as the ai will place more huts close to trees anyways. Moreover, without trees within a certain distance to the woodcutter huts, the ai will keep deleting and then rebuilding them.
- consider adding an oil smelter (at least for future designs) as boiling oil can help the caliph with defending against heavily armoured troops

- you placed no fire ballistae - a defensive measure that the caliph usually features and that usually makes besieging him (and even being near his castle) a lot harder.
- you used no engineers with boiling oil

some further hints:
- you could add additional pitch ditch between the two layers of wall: When the attackers get past the outer layer and attack the inner walls, caliph's troops can easily burn them in large numbers.
- moving all of the 3x3 towers one tile to the "center", making them even with the walls, would remove any safespots for attacking troops, or in other words would provide the archers a much better sight at hostile troops that are attacking the walls.
- in the aiv editor, you can place several tower-mounted siege engines onto one tower (e.g. 1 ballista and 2 mangonels), making the castle even better defended (as it only has two of the big towers)
- (placing slave troop spots sometimes makes the caliph place additional archers there)
- add a picture to your description pace! a description page that is almost empty (except 5 words or so) doesn't attract people to have a look at your work.
Thus, adding 1 ingame screenshot of the castle and/or 1 screenshot of inide the aiv editor would be a very good idea! A basic description of what is special about your castle and differences to the default castles for the Caliph would also be nice.

All in all, it's a nice attempt to improve Caliphs defenses against heavy attacks.

[Edited on 03/18/13 @ 05:11 PM]

File Author
thank you for your analysis and suggestions
OnEmAnArMy how can i put this as my ai castle? on what folder? Please tell me the name please and thank you
Heroesflorian First you have to know to which folder you installed Stronghold Crusader. (Usually something like C:\Program Files\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Crusader or C:\Program Files x86\...)
Once found, you'll easily find the "aiv" folder (...\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Crusader\aiv). Inside the "aiv" folder, there are all the aiv files named in the format "characterName[number 1-8]". There also are caliph1 to caliph8 files. In order to use this particular castle, you have to replace one of the 8 normal files with the one you downloaded here. If you want to make sure, caliph always uses this one, you could replace all 8 caliph files with this one.
BUT: Before replacing any files, make a copy first, so that you can restore them later!

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