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Four Infidels

Author File Description
Korsfarer Mogens
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 5
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Easy
Made with version: 1.2

Four Infidels

The infidels are occupying the lands of your ancestors, and it seems that noone can do anything about it.

You, Yusuf Al Harun, have lived for some time in Damascus, but has just received the worst news: Your father has been killed by the infidels, and they have taken over the oasis that is your heritage. You cannot let this happen!

You gather money, craftsmen, and troops, and leave for your oasis. You have what it takes to go to war, but you are not quite sure if your engineer from Damascus is skilled in constructions suitable for war, but he sure does construct nice palaces!

You arrive at the oasis, where four infidels warlords have occupied the most fertile and productive land, and left you to establish yourself in a less favorable position. It also seems that some of your fathers former subjects have changed their allegiance.

Can you oust the infidels from your heritage? It is entirely up to you!

Important Notes

This skirmish map is close to useless without the special AIVs that come with the "package".

The folder "aiv" contains 4 AIVs:

1 Abbot
1 Sheriff
1 Pig
1 Snake

which are not amongst the hardest opponents.

Rename your "aiv"-folder in the Stronghold Crusader folder on your HDD. Then insert the "aiv"-folder from the "Four Infidels" zip-file. Start Stronghold Crusader and place yourself - and your four opponents - according to the in-game instructions.

Before starting the scenario, please see, that your in-game identity is that of an Arab lord. This is important because of the above storyline, and the troops you receive when starting of the game

To maximize the fun (otherwise, the scenario will probably be too easy), you should use the settings most favorable to the AIs, whether you want to play a "Normal"-, "Crusader"-, or "Deathmatch"-game.

Have a nice game! :-)


Updated the Sheriff AIV. Changed 1 granary to 1 hovel, which should ensure that the Sheriff can always produce troops.
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TwoDie Hmm, need to finish my own AI fortress custom map.. Meanwhile will yours to see what you ahve to offer us.

Edit: bug found on sheriff AIV layout, too small amount of Houses, Hovels. So he doesnt attack you case he have no peasants for army recruitment.

[Edited on 04/13/13 @ 12:01 PM]

Korsfarer Mogens
File Author
As far as I can see in the original AIVs, the Sheriff builds from 7 - 12 hovels. 10 is middle ground, but it could be a problem if he's building too many quarries and the like, but thats difficult to control on a map like this, as there have to be enough resources for every AI. I have seen him attack during my tests, but if he does it every time ..?

To me, it seems that the AIs just put their wells and water pots "to sleep", if they lack manpower when they need to recruit, but it may not always be true?

[Edited on 04/14/13 @ 08:25 AM]

TwoDie Played all the way the skirmish match he havent send me any units. Peasants gather camp was always empty. Remove couple industries in center or build hovels outside the castle.
Korsfarer Mogens
File Author
OK. Updated the Sheriff AIV (changed 1 granary to 1 hovel). He didn't seem to use the extra granary, and the additional eight people should be enough for him.
TwoDie haha, really? just 8 more peasants?
Korsfarer Mogens
File Author
Heroesflorian Looks like a nice skirmish-scenario map!

Two hints:
- The ai won't build (many) more houses when needed. Thus, you could even include for example 5 or 10 more hovels, and if they are not needed they won't be built. Knowing that, it's always good to include 1 or 2 hovels more than usually needed, just to prevent them from running out of peasants on maps with many resources.

- As I see it, this map should only be used in combination with the included aivs, and is not intended for being used with the normal aivs (correct me if I'm wrong). Thus, you could try the following: Place the aivs on the map, adjust the starting options (gold advantage etc) and start the map. Then, save after a few seconds. Then, go into your Crusader saves folder, copy this savegame into the maps folder and change its extension from ".sav" to ".map" (and maybe change the type of that "savegame-map" in the editor (using Alt ,). Then you should be able to start the map as a scenario map with exactly these aivs and starting options and then play it mostly as any regular skirmish game.
If that does not work (appear as "siege" map instead of "invasion" map), you could instead just deliver the savegame (the .sav file).
You might ask why you should do this: Basically as a .sav file already includes the information about aiv files and starting options, the player wouldn't have to bother and can just play right away without changing any aiv files on his own HDD, meaning a lot less effort and trouble for the players (especially those who have no or few experience with changing aiv files).
Such a "skirmish scenario" would then usually be moved into the Crusader:Invasions section, as it's a specific and fixed (in matters of positions, enemy types, castles, alliances and starting options; and maybe even some trading or building restrictions) scenario rather than a "free play" map.

[Edited on 04/18/13 @ 05:39 AM]

Korsfarer Mogens
File Author
Thanks, Heroesflorian.

Hint 1:
The problem didn't happen to me during my test games, and that's because I made a very small change to the Sheriff AIV before publishing (without testing, which is my BIG mistake). A fire pot was added (by the 3 inns). Apparently, as little* as 3 peasants had been enough to assemble armies in all test games, so I'm pretty sure that 8 peasants will do the trick.
*(lots of versions tested)

Hint 2:
It's mentioned in the description: "This skirmish map is close to useless without the special AIVs that come with the "package"."
This scenario demands a bit more from the player, but I believe it's worth it. It does allow the player to play with his/hers preferred settings.
I know about the .sav to .map trick, but I preferred the chosen solution. I dislike the .sav solution! :-)
Heroesflorian To 1: I agree that 8 additional peasants are probably enough for recruiting - all I wanted to say is that generally one should include a bit more hovels than probably necessary (so this was mainly a hint for future aivs). The example of 5 more hovels was just to illustrate that additional houses don't have disadvantages for the ai as it will only build them when actually needed.

To 2: "It does allow the player to play with his/her preferred settings." - That's of course a good argument, indeed. :)
peter2008 Thanks for the good job in creating a combined AIv castle with AIs who work well.

Good story.

The very restricted settings for the own castle were fun to deal with.
I refrained from placing the Cathedral and did not use the cheap monks.

The tower defences of the custom castle seemed comparatively weak to me.

Heroesflorian is right with his hint: a step save-to-map would turn this scenario into an invasion with all the special information included.

I hope will see more custom AIv's.

[Edited on 04/30/13 @ 02:05 AM]

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