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AIV Editor

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Used with: Crusader
The best program for ai village build
make your ai village
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Veldor I'm using the AIV Editor massively to make AIs win against the wolf, but I figured out some problems:

As written in the description, some lords refuse to use what you give them, but that's not important.
My biggest problem at the moment is the stairs-handling.

Trying to build different wall heights and connecting them by using stairs and separated castle areas, which can only be accessed by stairs are causing trouble.
At the moment I am making a castle for the Emir, where his hovels, Trading Post and his unit supply buildings are separated in a second wall.

I figured out that he will always tear the Engineer's Guild if it has no access to the keep, so I decided to add stairs to make the Guild accessible, but the AI just doesn't build the complete stairway and always leaves out one part of it, which is mostly the top-tile. When building stairs in the AIV Editor I also realized a few strange things:
When you build a complete stairway, the step sometimes glitches higher or parts of the village change the building order.
Also the stairway always starts with the 4th part as 1st step.

This is the usual way, you build stairs (in Crusader and also AIV):


but when you walk through the steps in AIV this is the building order:


Now in the game it appears like this:

[W][ ][2][3][4][5]

where 2 is a piece of mid-low wall.

Sometimes this happens:

[W][1][2][3][4][ ]

Where you cannot reach the ground, because of the last missing tile.

I hope someone can explain this to me or fix the bug soon.


[Edited on 03/05/18 @ 04:24 AM]

Further the stair part's text descriptions are following:
[1] -> Stairs
[2] -> Wooden wall
[3] -> user text
[4] -> user text
[5] -> user text

Veldor I figured out another bug:

When Ai is trying to build large areas of moat at the same time, the game crashes.
A limitation of moat-building per step could be helpful.
Sometimes it could also be useful to merge multiple steps into one, when creating pitch or moat, as in the original AIV files. Making big squares and deleting parts afterwards is pretty annoying, and as I recently figured out, can cause game crashes.

Heroesflorian Hi there, Veldor!

Regarding the stairs bug: ALWAYS draw the mouse for placing the 5-tile stairs over and onto a 6th, empty tile before releasing the mouse button. This will cause the stairs to be built correctly.
Also, in case you only want to use some particular tiles instead of the whole stairs, still place a complete staircase and afterwards simply delete any of the tiles that you do not want/need. With some care, you can create very complex or compact stairways. E.g. a single lowest stair tile (5) next to a gate (on the inside) can be used for quick and reliable access to the gatehouse for the defender. (Full stairs can be prone to be made unusable by hostile mangonel damage.) A series of lowest stair tiles (5) could even be used to create functioning roads inside (or outside) a castle. A (2)-height stair tile is, iirc, enough to connect low and high walls. A (row of) (4)-height stair tile is low enough for fire ballistae to shoot across, but high enough to block walking paths for units.

For merging multiple moat/pitch ditch steps, you can draw with all moat/pitch ditch tools all over the map... and if you Alt+Tab out of the editor window while doing that, release the mouse button, then Alt+Tab back in, then the placed moat/pitch step will only be completed with the next released mouse click inside the editor, which means you can draw another section of pitch/moat, which will then become part of the previously drawn section (i.e. 1 step for both areas). Repeating the process several times works, too.

Furthermore, you could try to create a "mold" with anything else, leaving empty only those tiles you want to fill in 1 step with moat/pitch, then delete the "mold" - that makes it easier to get some more complex shapes right. To some extent, molds can be useful for drawing more complex wall shapes in fewer steps as well. For example, a perfectly-round Sultan castle wall can be built in just 1 step that way (in contrast to the 100 steps in the original castles).

Regarding crashes for larger moat or pitch sections ingame or in the editor, I have not really noticed that yet. Possibly it is a coincidence, or related to some other issue (I have heard sometimes an AIV file can get "corrupted" by the editor, causing the game to crash while trying to build it, independent of moat-sizes).

Blackadder94 Hi there!
Is there a manual to this AIV editor? I tried to use it but it was quite frustrating.

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