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Troublesome Rodent

Author File Description
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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
My second map for Stronghold. In this scenario you have to capture the castle of a German Count (aka the Rat) who has been attacking neighboring nobles and generally stirring up trouble. You will have to move fast as another lord (the Pig) is sending an attack force of his own to pay back the Rat for intruding on his territory.
A more detailed story is, of course, included in the in-game briefing.

I put a lot of effort into designing the terrain for this one. Please feel free to leave comments and/or ratings so that I may know what to improve in future maps and what I can keep.

Many thanks, and I hope you enjoy the map.
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skurill The landscape for itself looks meanwhile quite nice, it is okay. I don't know if you already done it, but you should always make the landscape first before constructing a castle.

The castle .... mmmh .... sorry every lord wouldn't pay for it, and you would have at once no work anymore. It is terrible.

First, you can't defense it. Build so near of hills without protection, archers and trebuchets have a very, very good possibility to destroy your castle. If you build such a small, weak castle, you should place it on a hill itself. If you look in hostory: If the builders didn't find a hill, they built one.
The walls are far to weak, and they are senseless. Every archer could kill your lord, so why should anyone attack your walls? It's too dangerous !!

Towers should protect the walls, your towers doesn't do it. They have to be placed a little bit outside, because only than archers could protect the walls.
File Author
Thanks for your reply. I understand what you say about the castle. In fact I tried to design it to be rather rubbish. Keep in mind who the lord is (the Rat.)

Did you find the gameplay alright? I realise it isn't much of a challenge, but again it was intended not to be so due to the fact that your opponent has a rather pitiful reputation in this game. I had originally meant this to be a first map in a brief storyline, but due to time constraints I found myself abandoning the project and simply uploading this map alone.
skurill As nearly no one writes here comments anymore, I will do it again. It might be a little bit rude, but my only intention is, that you really see your faults, so that you could do it far, far better next time ;-) o.k.?

I haven't played your map yet, and I don't think that I will do it in future. The map is boring, the castle pathetic and the story unbelievable.. and I'm afraid, only very, very few will show interest.

About the map: You put afford in it? May be, but no one can see it. I don't think, that you put more than two or three hours in it. It is not enough, to create some hills and put lot of trees on it. No farms, no appletrees nothing¦.. the people, what is their food? Ldeaves? Wood?

No streete, only woods. What do you think¦.. Would a trader travel through dense woods, only to sell two breads to few people in a puny .. castle?
There are no settlements, no churches, nothing. A Lord lives from his peasants. No peasants, no money. Nothing what would catch the player's eyes.

About the castle: This is not a Lord's castle, it is the Mansion of a servant of his follower, the mansion of a man who wants to live in peace with his crop and his cows. Oh my¦.. he has no cows and no crop¦. Your Castle is complete defenseless, without an outer courtyard. If a little group could climb rhe wall, they are already in the heart of your castle and kills the farmer. I strongly recommend, that you look at my castle Lippspringe. This is a represantive, but weak and easy to defeat castle, the right place for a Lord like the rat. You will see, for example, that there are stoppers, so that enemies have to conquer courtyard after ourtyard.
You should look at other, more stratetic maps too, because I am mainly a castlebuilder and not so much a military commander.

About the story: The rat was involved in a mighty intrigue and tried too to become king. WHAT? THIS puny, pathetic castle is his main castle? Really? And the swine is on his way. Fine, fine. Should he do the job. I don�t care for such pathetic, noisy crazies¦

There were lots of bugs in the post, Idon't know why. I hope, I could delete them.

[Edited on 07/09/13 @ 12:09 PM]

File Author
The coherency in your review is somewhat lacking, but I see your main points. I think firstly you might have interpreted the story a bit wrong (Rat wants to become King? I don't ever remember saying such a thing. He's simply launching raids to try and squeeze a little money out of his neighbors.) I don't see what is so unbelievable about that.

With regards to map design did you even bother looking at it? There are apple farms placed right next to the castle, so your comment about food supply within the castle being null is, in its entirety, false.

Finally, once again your comment on the castle being poorly defended is justified in my storyline by using a character such as the Rat as its lord. As an abysmal strategist and one without much room for grandiose building, he's hardly going to be putting inner and outer courtyards and other such defenses when he can barely run a sufficient economy.

I think perhaps, in future, it would be helpful if you left a review that wasn't as rushed an uninformed as this one seems to be. However, I appreciate your feedback nonetheless, and will bear some of it in mind if I ever try to make another map.
skurill Pardon, I didn't notice thes two apple gardens. That doesn't change the main impression. And as I said: It might be helpful to point out weaknesses. And this is not a review, this is my opinion, and it wasn't rushed too.

[Edited on 07/09/13 @ 02:55 PM]

File Author
Fair enough. Once again I appreciate your feedback.
skurill I forgot one point, the point of motivation. There exists two ways, how you can be motivated:

1. You like and love the game and therefore you are willing, to play what you could get. But as older a game are, as more you used to it and you know it, the motivation vanishes, because it becomes boring.

2. There exist a ingame motivation. Your charakter must be interested, to solve the existing problems.

You wrote: "The pig is sending a attack force..." So he will solve the problem. He will care for this pathetic, crazy rat. So why should I do anything? Should the pig do the work?

Would you have written:"The Pig is looking for companions and came to support the rat with his army ....." this would be a reason to intervene.

You will find the same point in bad designed Roleplay Games: You are the hero, sitting in a pub and someone comes and says: "Oh, I have some spiders in my cellar. Could you take care of it? And, besides, go to the market and buy some honey for my ill wife..." Why should I do so?
File Author
Those are all very good points. You seem to have a lot of experience with regards to map making in this game and I appreciate you taking the time to come along and give me some advice.

Once again if I ever decide to make another attempt at map making I will be sure to bear in mind what you have said.


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