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Nizar's castle(almassian)

Author File Description
fari hi guys...
At first, I hope you enjoy my designs ...

This castle has been designed to preserve its Paternity, but it's much & much stronger & super economy.

**Popularity nizar "because of its excellent design"will remain 100,that makes rise it's Attacking speed.

The design of castle has other features that I do not think even "the stronghold makers" consider them!!! That saying all of them are beyond the scope of this text...

So if you want your game to be more difficult must to download it .... "My English is not very good...sorry"

if you have any suggestions pls post a comment below.

the picture is included in the zip .

enjoy it & thx for downloading :))
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Lord Amin the zip file didn't work for me
please check the link it may be broken or the upload maybe lack .
Landari This is a ok castle you built, but it has several weaknesses which should be improved.

1. building fletchers instead of poleturners would better increase his economy. because nizar would produce crossbows instead of bows. and 5 crossbows are worth 150 , 5 spears only 60.
2. building bad stuff would increase his economy power too. it doesn;t affect his troops really much
3. the backside of your castle is extreme weak vs catapults and trebuchets. people can just avoid the frontside of nizars castle and break through the backside.

4. you shouldn't create gapless pitch lines. people can just place a building or sth infront of your castle and your fire balistas would activate nizars pitches by setting those building on fire.Nizar would waste gold buying new pitches.

5.placing 1 - 2 drawbridges at the frontside of his castle would help his economy

6.people can place small buildings infront of your siege engines at the frontside to let your firebalistas set them on fire

7. you should surround your castle with walls, there are some terrains where moats can't be digged and then this castle is complete useless.

8. some killing pits would be nice

I hope you can use some advices to improve your future castles

by the way that archer placing trick is old
Heroesflorian To 1: Sorry to say that, but your considerations are definitely wrong. First of all, 5 spears are 50, not 60. But, much more important, while crossbows (30 each) bring triple the profit of spears (10 each), they also require triple the amount of wood and working time (one unit of wood is carried after the other). Thus, the "per wood profit" of crossbows and spears is exactly the same, and they also have nearly or exact the same profit per working time - making crossbows and spears quite equivalent.
Still, there are some minor differences: Fletcher saves time by bringing 1 crossbow to armoury while poleturner has to make that way three times instead. Poleturner workshops cost 10 wood less (might be quite relevant at game start, depending on start gold settings). When out of wood and/or gold, the AI will set the workshops using wood to sleep, even if some of them still are working. Thus, poleturners perform better when low on resources, as fletchers need to gather 3 wood before being able to start work. All in all, it's hard if not impossible to decide which one is better, and depends a bit on the situation. The only thing that one has to really look out for, is which AI characters make crossbows, bows, spears or pikes, as pikes and especially bows are much less profitable.

To 4: One more reason against huge connected areas/lines of pitch is that, even when actually lighted without that "building trick", it is much less efficient than several separate pitch areas.

To 6: Well, one can't really prevent this by design, and it's also a bit of cheating, so that's not really a downside of that castle design...

To the archer trick: I'm not sure if putting them on low wall behind high wall is better than having a big tower for the archers, both for protection and for space (Nizar places quite many archers per spot, if there's enough space).

[Edited on 09/15/13 @ 11:38 AM]

File Author
hi dear "lord amin"..
I've downloading the file again & test it, but I had no problem ...
You downloading the file again if you had problem give me your email & I mail it that is not zip.
I hopefully enjoy it.
File Author
hi dear "Landari"..
thx for comment. :)

to 1: nizar wouldn't produce crossbow I test again !!!,but if nizar produce it,
I have the following comment to make weapons which is better to make for AI characters

**Calculating the Net Income from weapons
production in 100 seconds

A= wood needed for one weapon,
B= Time required for taking woods
C= time producing,
D= time stop worker for producing next weapon
E= returning to workplace for producing next weapon after taking weapon to store: this is bad for producing & makes Delay["2-5(s)or more" Depend on Conditions] in construction
F= Least time construction for one weapon after First Production(s)
G= Number of weapon production in 100(s)
H= Total wood used for production in 100(s)
I= Net Income

"speed of workers is same"
"assumed the Time required for taking a wood= 2(s) for everyone"
"assumed the game condition is normaly (no bad condition or good condition)"
"Price of each wood=4"


** But pls Note the following:
1)The delay returning crossbow worker to workplace consider 2(s), but it may be more "Depend on Conditions"
2)Probability of die Crossbow worker During stack up 3 woods is more than spear worker, that if this happens, then Crossbow worker stack up 3 woods from the first, that this is The disadvantage.

So Due to the Top, to my opinion the best are:
1-Spear 2-Crossbow 3-Pike 4-Bow

To 2: yes I agree, build bad stuff would increase his economy power "but" this make that decrease popularity from 100 & thereupon decrease attacking speed that this is not my want. If you see Emirs castle (I designed) ,I build bad stuff for increase his economy but his popularity will remain 100 but do this work for nizar is impossible.(I hope that write true & my manuscript will be intelligible)

To 3: I accept that the backside of nizars castle is weak vs catapults but it should be noted that in most times, we encounter the frontside of nizars castle that this means reach the backside of nizars castle is "very difficult".

To 4: all of pitches that the nizar placed, ***required 1 pitch*** that this means wouldn't waste gold at all. That this depended on my design. [You can test it.]. by the way I could place pitches in nizar's castle similar to Emir's castle but I say required a little difference. Anyways I fix it in new version that will upload the future 3 days.

To 5: yes, this work would help his economy, but There is not enough space to do this & harm to the Beauty of castle , Anyways I will change little that will upload the future 3 days.

To 6: I agree with "Heroesflorian" but this is Quite true & I fix it in new version that will upload the future 3 days.

To 7: I wanted to design a castle that according to designed castle by its creators (keep its Paternity) or at least similar to the original nizar's castle, Otherwise I could build a castle that it's degree of difficulty is 100 from 100, but difficulty degree of this castle that I designed is 85 from 100 (Of course, in my opinion)

To8: :)), I considered all aspects for placing killing pits but nonetheless I will change little that will upload the future 3 days.

To the archer trick: yes this is old trick but In general do this there are two advantages:
1) Archer trick:
2) Assassin trick: In this way that, if you wall around of your castle with this trick Then the assassins cannot get into the castle at all, Unless the Wall to be destroyed. Like "Marshal castle" that I've designed. You can test it Yourselves & enjoy.:)

"My English is not very good...sorry"

[Edited on 09/24/13 @ 11:20 AM]

File Author
hi dear Heroesflorian ..
thx for comment. :)

Just one thing I want to say is: placing archers per spot Nothing to do with the amount of space & Their number is A default value that is considered by programmer for nizar.

default value is: All archers placed in the spots is 74 & All archers placed on the nizars castle(stone keep) is 20.

Number of archers placed per spot is: 74/x, that x is number of spots that
is considered for nizar.

My English is not very good...sorry
Landari to 3 it depends on map situation
File Author
yes Exactly,it depends on map situation but ""in most times"" we encounter the frontside of nizars castle that this means reach the backside of nizars castle is "very difficult" but Anyways I've uploaded new version of nizar's castle & i happy that if you have any suggestions pls post comment.:)

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