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Tales of Robin Hood

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
Tales of Robin Hood

Robin Hood, on his way to Nottingham, has fallen victim to a cruel trick.

With both of his parents dead, he meant to join with the King's Foresters. The foresters guard the King's deer in Sherwood Forest, and anyone who dares to go poaching is mutilated in such a fashion that death would be preferable.

A group of foresters laugh at Robin in the woods, thinking him but a puny lad, unworthy of being called a forester. He angrily challenges them, wagering his life that he can hit whatever target they choose for him. The cold-hearted Chief Forester chooses a passing deer, and while Robin hits the target, he trades his life for the terrible sentence of the law.

The Foresters force some peasants to drag Robin into town, but they help him to escape into the woods. After rescuing two other outlaws that have fallen into the clutches of the foresters, they retreat to the forest hideout of the outlaws, where Robin is declared the best archer in the band, and the leader.

The angry Sheriff however, will soon be after you, and you must raise your forces in order to repel his attacks. Increase the size of your camp, gather up gold, and strike against the Sheriff to send your name ringing through the lands, and attract the stoutest hearts to your cause. You must fight the Sheriff, assault his castle, and end his life!


-Clear a path to your camp as soon as possible
-Use ale!
-Choose your targets based on the paths your hunters take.
-Be sure to use the engineers provided.
-Gather peasants, gold, and kills to receive reinforcements.
-Do not assault the castle until you have an exceptionally large force at your disposal.

Author's Notes

I have had this as a project in my backlog for quite some time. Originally, it was another map that I made a long time ago. The project was abandoned after a fatal flaw was discovered during playtesting - namely, all the trees died in the map, and no new ones would grow no matter what I tried.

I was very discouraged, but a few years later, I decided to try again. Looking back at the original map, I thought that the landscape and city I'd once been so impressed with left much to be desired. Not only would I remake the map, but I would use this opportunity to make a map better than the original in terms of how it looked and how it played.

I'm happy with how this came out. The map was made over a period of a year, and I'm happy it's finally done. The landscaping owes some of its look to Sulis, who provides a great example in his maps of what can be accomplished using the level editor. I don't know where he is now, but I'd like to thank him for giving us some excellent maps.

I've completed this map on normal. I have not tried it on very hard, but I believe it would be a good game for an experienced Stronghold player.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Heroesflorian Great, creative and atmospheric!
Beaten on normal with over 150 archers and approx. 40-50 monks left, with almost half of the time left (Picture link: ).
I'm not an expert player, and I would say it was rather easy - looking at the time left, though I don't know what would have come at me later - or at least normal than "hard" (what is stated in the file details). Though, it was always exciting, it never got boring nor felt too easy until I had breached the outer layers of the castle.
And still then, I wasn't sure if I would win as my little camp lay there almost unprotected to the next invasion wave with most of my troops at the hostile castle...
It was a very cool feeling to live in and expand the small camp in the woods - featuring an invisible stockpile, a well-hidden granary, and... well not much more at the beginning. As one can't build walls or any other kind of defences (except killing pits), one completely relies on guerilla tactics for defending. Moreover, as archers can only be achieved as outlaw reinforcements, one is very vulnerable in the beginning.
The king's soldiers guard most of the huge forest, some even invisible until my innocent hunters or reinforcements come near... it all makes it feel quite realistic, and it is quite satisfying to catch little victories, provide my people with beer and dance bears and watch my outlaw army grow from the reinforcements that come regularly when you prove to be a good leader.
Various little surprises (from hidden enemies and the hostile Lord being NOT at his keep, over "uh, where's my stockpile??" to "oh, I can't expand it either... so let's get rid of that excess of wood again!" and... well, I won't spoil more) help keeping it all interesting and fun.

With two things I'm not that happy: The city and castle are definitely quite beautifully made, but most of it is relatively uninvolved in matters of gameplay (maybe I just didn't see a shortcut or some other secret hidden there?), and the area behind Nottingham is never actually visited (no signposts there, no minor objectives / tasks to do, and the pitch resources are quite inaccessible and (because of the huge distance) unprofitable. Even with the castle taken or at least the archers on the walls killed, when you don't actually need the gold from selling pitch anymore, it is not really useful and still dangerous (invasion knights, hunters, bandits, long way, ...). It felt a bit like "well, I have to include something the player can trade" - but you don't have to.

I think the castle could use some boiling oil or pitch ditches that the mean Sheriff could use to keep Robin out a bit longer. And... the piled up macement hiding near the top-most layer of the castle didn't actually do anything - they didn't try rushing me at the beginning, when walking past them you did not come into contact with them, and they didn't run out when I was near them with my soldiers. They just stood there, being nothing but a voluntary target for my archers (though I simply ignored them and continued with the siege). Probably you should put them on aggressive stance or something?

[Edited on 09/23/13 @ 04:05 PM]

File Author
Interesting that they didn't charge, they were on aggressive, I've never had a playthrough where they didn't charge out, and they were typically a significant problem. Anyway, I will look into it. I've only had a chance to skim this. I might update the level based on your comments.
Heroesflorian If it helps, I can send you a savegame if you want.
File Author
You have a saved game of it? Yeah, send that my way, I'll check it out.

On further reflection, it's possible that your archers mauled them so quickly that they couldn't move before the pathing updated xD.
Heroesflorian > "On further reflection, it's possible that your archers mauled them so quickly that they couldn't move before the pathing updated xD."

Not sure what you mean with this. :S Could you explain that a bit more?

I'd send you an email, but in your profile you set it to private / not visible. Thus, you'd either have to post your email address here, or email me first (my email is visible in my profile) so that I have your email address.
File Author
You can use

Also, I was basically saying that maybe you shot all the spearmen before they could actually get to you. The pathing doesn't update instantly (which is why you will sometimes have a delay before you're able to move through a gate you've just destroyed), so the game might have kept the spearmen there long enough for you to shoot all of them. But rereading your post, it sounds like you just let them sit there, so I guess that's not the case.
Heroesflorian Oh, I didn't mean the spearmen behind the gate... those were happily running into a wall of arrows :D But I saved before breaking the gate and thought about attacking the walls instead, to keep them trapped...

But I meant the macemen, who were hiding on the back side (outside the walls) in a small hole in the flank of the hill on which the upper castle is built. Those just stood there (I attacked the castle from that side and was able to pass by them, completely unharmed). More details in the mail...
File Author
I got your email, I'll be looking into making the map better here shortly...
Landari hm I can't play it, every time it causes game crush
Heroesflorian I don't know, but have you tried re-downloading the map? Maybe you just had a bad dl?
At least it runs fine for me.

[Edited on 10/06/13 @ 12:48 PM]

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