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A new wolf

Author File Description
Landari Hello everyone this is my new wolf castle with a strong frontside and an average backside.
pictures are inc in the zip pack.

Please leave a comment below, if you have any suggestions ( especially for fari or Hereisflorian :)) .
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Heroesflorian One hint for placing fire ballistae and trebuchets: The siege tents require 3x3 tiles, but the AI might (depending on the on-map orientation of the keep/castle) place the tents with some offset / inaccuracy of 1 tile in any direction, thus 5x5 tiles of free ground are a good idea to ensure the siege engines get built correctly all the time.
I have tested the castle and neither for me, nor in the pictures of the setup you included in the download, the trebuchet at the top was being built at any time. The front trebuchet was built most of the time, but not always. Moreover, the walls right in front of the trebuchet kind of cut his line of sight, making him shoot rarely or never.

Against fire, this castle is quite weak - different parts of the castle, some of them (containing gallows and houses) not even accessible, pitch ditch inside the castle and only 1 water pot, 0 wells... when a hostile fire ballista set one building on flame, within seconds all of the castle was burning, and it kept burning until almost all of the buildings were gone and he hadn't any money left for building new ones.
So, I suggest to add more wells, try to make the inaccessible parts either fire-proof or accessible(maybe with some diagonally layed out stairs?), and/or replace some of the gallows with non-burnable bad things such as dungeons or cess pits or drunking stools, and place these (outside) behind the castle.

One ore two additional tanners would be fine, as well as some more pitch on the left side (currently there's much more of it on the right).
I "missed" some dog cages and a few additional single killing pits between the pitch ditches (for adding another "interesting twist" for any attackers that survive the flames ;-D ). And with negative fear factor and 3 inns, 2 breweries instead of 2 should be enough, leaving room for an additional water pot / wells.

Castle economy is relatively small in here, and no religious buildings, so not the best money maker, though it seems sufficient.

Walls, pitch ditch and moat could be constructed with a lot less steps, for a quicker and more efficient setup.
Some kind of assassin- and siege-tower-proof walls (when castle is not built on minimum height) would have been nice here, as each wall access allows for direct access to all parts of the castle and the keep and the Wolf is typically known for his crazy fortresses with many layers of high and low walls... by the way, Emperor Frederick also often has assassin and/or siege tower proof walls...

Oh, and the left small gate probably should be built earlier, and maybe insert a short pause afterwards, to make sure his keep is completed before he continues with the outer fortifications. Moreover, first one row of wall (and the gates) should be completed, before the walls are thickened - 1 row of enclosed wall is much better than 3 rows when there are still open spots. Also, some changes in the building order and adding a pause would help to make sure the main towers get built early. Otherwise the following may occur (happened here when testing with 10k gold): Walls + gates built, but unmanned (no troop spots except oil on there), fire ballistae, a lot of archers and crossbows on the ground, pitch ditch built, but no single tower (Link:

Still, overall, a relatively good and interesting castle design, I'd say.
(I focused on the downsides here, as knowing them probably is more valuable for the castle designer than listing the good points that the castle designer probably knows and has made on purpose.)

[Edited on 10/11/13 @ 09:24 AM]

File Author
Thanks for your comment florian, I've updated the castle and changed its inner structure completly, now it has a church, cathedral and some dog cages ^^. The castle size is now a bit smaller than the old one I think.The only reason i didn't build religion buildings is that they are sometimes too big and doesn't fit in the castle.
I don't like dog cages at all, they die too fast -.-.

Now you can test the new one ^^
fari hi friend

Your castle design is very beautiful and good, I like it so much, but I have some suggestions that I hope be useful for you:

1)The biggestproblem of your castle is the low number of homes. the at least number of workers required for your castle is 90 and with coefficient gain, the number of workers required for your castle is 98. And you placed just 10 homes, This means that your castle support to the ninety workers. Then In some conditions, over time, the number of people unemployed is zero and wolf could not make any soldier.

2)In some conditions wolf faced problems in placing fireballista and trebuchets in castle front & especially castle back then required more space.Moreover, the walls in front of the trebuchet reduced its Field of view.

3)Build catapult towers takes too long & in my opinion for the castle is stronger should be build them faster.

4)Making the two oilsmelter is not good nix, because wolf broken one of them and this is very bad for many reasons.

5)There are empty spaces in your castle that people can place small buildings like "ox tether" in wolfs castle to let wolfs fireballistas set them on fire so in my opinion, should not be any empty spaces 2x2 inside the castle. "OFCOURSE I ACCEPT THAT THIS IS A TRICK, BUT IT IS BETTER TO CONSIDER THEM"

6)I totally disagree with the religious buildings, in my opinion is not useful unless I forced to put them.

7)some killing pits are just nice and maybe not useful in the game.

8)I totally disagree with placing home at outside the castleunless I forced to put them.

9)people can place small buildings like "ox tether" in front of wolfs gates and this causing a lack movement of outside workers. And wolf destroyed all his things is made outside the castle then I recommend placing killing pits in front of the gates to will lessen the chance of this. of course this is one of the bugs in the game. "I ACCEPT THAT THIS IS A TRICK, BUT IT IS BETTER TO CONSIDER THEM"

10)pitch and moat could be constructed with a lot less steps, to be more efficient.

11)Narrow pitch makes the enemies and especially horses to escape from them quickly and I recommend placing thicker pitch to will lessen the chance of this.Moreover,should be distance between branch of pitchs at least 4-5 tiles, because if fire a branch of pitchs, other branches of pitch not fire. "I hope that my manuscript will be intelligible and write true"

12)amount of left castle pitch is little.

13)Build "engineers guide" takes too long & in my opinion should be build it faster.

14)I do not say anything about the wolfs economy because wolf do not have quick attack that he want has strong economy!! then your castle is good for wolf in terms of economy.

I say again ,overall, your castle design is good so much and interesting but I hope that my suggestions useful for you. :))
File Author
thx for your comment fari,
I've updated the building

about the religion buildings

I used lota of bad stuffs which gives the wolf about -4 popularity

Inn gives + 8 popularity

those religion buildings give +3 and more
8-4+3=7 high taxes
now the wolf can raise more taxes because normaly he can only raise 8-4=4 averrage taxes


[Edited on 10/20/13 @ 10:38 AM]

xCastleBuilderx Hey, i like youre castle :) ,but i think you must delete or modify the walls who covers the tree fungus because Wolf don't have a range to destroy the enemyes walls.

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