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Castle Attack 3. Thurnschall

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
Castle Thurnschall

( Picture inside the folder )

Although it really exists and the map based on it, the map is not a model of Thurnschall. The construction is in parts complete fictional.

The ruin is located in the Turngau valley near Salzburg, Austria. It was never a very important castle, early given up and forgotten. It was recovered in the end of the last century.

Real History
The ruin Thurnschall is mentioned for the first time in the 13th century.: "The cloister of Admont received by his foundation already toe duck with Lessach". At that time "Castrum Lessach" belonged to the count Wilhelm von Heunburg who gave it in 1239 with approval of the duke Bernhard von Kärnten as a sovereign (princeps terrae) to the count Hermann von Ortenburg. This sold already in 1242 "Terrula Lessach" again to archbishop Eberhard II. In 1272, Otto von Lessach and about 1400 Wolfgang von Lessach appears.

Your Turn:

You are a predatory knight, but no hero, no Robin Hood. You love the shouts of violated women and dying men, and you attack only remote, almost forgotten castles and finish their pieceful lifes. Besides, it goes for you well, because the loss of a castle concerns high Lords, possessing to many residences a little. As well as the Salzburg archbishop. However, a bad surprise: His castle Thurnschall is well taken.,

I recommend to play as attackers. The quite poor AI can not handle large castles very well, exspecially if there are several courtyards in connection with high fortifications. The actions of the AI are sometimes more than stupid ….
And again, be careful. Some castles are very easy to defend, others are very tricky. It will be not enough, to kill the Lord. You have to kill a lot of your enemies. And the towers and buildings are build in several levels. If you, for example, only use trebuchets, could it be, that you can’t reach some of your enemies and you will loose, because all ways are destroyed..
It’s your choice, if you use a small or a mighty army. You can use the extra – bowmen or delete them. But not only you are supported in the way of bow – men, your enemies will get support too.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
azomio It looks very nice from the map but I dont have stronghold .. I have crusader !!

Can any one of u give me download link for strong hold !?
File Author
I don't think that you will get an official free copy. But you will find a HD - Version for few money on steam.
azomio Oh ok .. fine ..

But ur work is really good from the mini map =)
Strife The castle looks very plain. Buildings are scattered everywhere, despite the fact that the enemy will not use them. The roads are very plain and unrealistic. Visually, the entire landscape looks sloppy as if you had only used two brush sizes. Try mixing rocks with other aesthetically-pleasing elements. The river mixes unnaturally with the marsh.
I cannot say much about the siege itself, however, because I have not played tactically in a while. But I noticed that, although you start with a few siege engineers, you have no gold to build any siege equipment.
File Author
O.k. it is your opinion. But the builings are not simply scattered, they have their functions at the place you will find them. You want ästhetical developed maps, but are annoyed about non functional buildings? A little bit strange.
The reason for it: The castles are developed for an ongoing campain of Invasionmaps, with always changing landscapes and castles, which becoming more and more fortified. If they are destroyed, I worked again on it and load them up, but I delete the originals. No castle I uploaded exists anymore.
I uses every size of brushes, but not on every pixel. As the maps are always changing and exists sometimes only a short time,is there no way. Never. I need some days for a map, but wouldn't do more than that.
Besides: I uploaded in the beginning overworked invasion maps, but as I got nearly no comments or reaction, I don't do ths anymore.

There are some points I simply don't understand. Not realistic streets? In which way? If you meant the stones, there are not so much choices And I think, not realistic are these cobbled geometric acurate streets I found on other maps.

There is a mistake, however. I forgot to give gold. Sorry. I played the map myself, you don't need them But it is annoying. I can't change it anymore, the map is deleted.

And as I got nearly no reaction at this site, I am not willing to put to much energy in things connected with it. You can't expect more.
Strife Your statement: "You want �¤sthetical developed maps, but are annoyed about non functional buildings? A little bit strange." does not make much sense. Nonfunctional buildings and aesthetics do not necessarily coincide. You can easily change a saved game into an editable map that includes many workers as well, alongside with a natural beauty surrounding the area.
Subsequently, what is the purpose of uploading the map if our opinions do not matter to you?

No one commented on your earlier maps because the site is pretty much dead.

By saying, "And as I got nearly no reaction at this site, I am not willing to put to much energy in things connected with it. You can't expect more.", you pretty much stated that you're giving up. That was not the intention of my criticism. I point out the flaws so that you can work on and improve your map-making skills to render your maps more realistic-looking. If you took it in offense, then I apologize for my wording.

[Edited on 10/28/13 @ 11:51 AM]

File Author
No, it was not an offense, I like critics, because you could see, what could be flaws and what could be better. So, not a Problem. Butthe point is, in some aspects I see no flaw. The streets, for example. I still don't understand the streets"flaw" You can choose in the editor cobblestoen, which would be realistic. But they don't work on sandy coast and hill surfaces, and there are dirty tracks, but you can't see them on the maps, not recognise as roads. Yes I know some old maps and the stylish roads, I know, it was a lot of work. But I dislike them. In my opinion they are in no way natural and I don't want them on my maps.

And I am since ten years in the "stronghold" business I made really lots of maps and own now, after all the years, a ongoing campaign with about 80 or 90 castles, which were developing or destroyed. And , as it seems, some people like this castles, I upload these one which were destroyed and don't exist in the campaign anymore.

For these campaign Idon't need action based scripte. I noticed that most maps in an action way and began to improve the scripting I changed it several times, but I got never any comment or response. So I stopped it. Why should I do something in which seemingly no one is interested ? I have this large campaign with all the castles, I could it play for years and years, if I would wish to do so .... (But I do it nowadays very very few times) and even if the castles are not perfect ... yes, they have faults, they are not perfect, but there are people who upload it.

A long statement, but the last one for two or three month.

File Author
Strife,;-)) It's a bit longer than some month, but it doesn't matter.
At least, now you will find the improve maps, very lively, simply because I now uses the Change of sav in map and map in sav. This worked never bevor, I think , I made a mistake without paying Attention to it.

May be, you think, the maps are still a bit empty. But the Castles are large, and have a lot of inhabitants. You Need the place to build farms and other important things.

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