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So Shall You Reap

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
The greatest factor in the fluctuation of grain prices in the Middle Ages was the distance between the fields where the grain was grown and the ports from which it was shipped. In Italy, the grain trade was hindered by poor roads between Apulia and Naples. Yet grain was shipped everywhere, and both merchants and the middlemen made money. It was cheaper and easier to send grain by sea rather than by land. Grain-laden ships from Italy preferred crossing to Spain from Sicily than from Tuscany owing to the shorter distance.


Francesco d’Arezzo is a succesful wheat trader in Northern Italy.
Deeply frowning, he looks into the fire at his home.
It has been three months now and he has not received any single report from his farmers in the northern valley. With the wheat prices steadily going down, there is no time to lose. His wheat crops have to be brought to the market soon.
What has happened to his farmers expedition in that unknown valley ?

A scout sent to his remote grain fields reports the next day.
All the farmers in the settlement have been slaughtered. Terrible news.
One can only guess if this was the work of bandits or wild animals.
Francesco decides to go there and find out for himself.

A truly magnificent sight. The astonishing view in the valley makes him smile.
The land plot, abandoned by his farmers near the river, will turn out to be good fertile ground. He will organize the farming himself this time.
A good profit can still be made on the market of Arezzo.
Better get to work right away.


Being a huge fan of slow paced economic missions, I hope you will enjoy this map.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
D0ct0r Wh0
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
I had a great deal of fun playing this map. It was, at least for me, rather challenging up to about 1073. I had to hit the ground running in order to meet the bandits with something (and even then, I wasn't wiped out by them because they simply ran away). Some strategic repositioning and patience is needed in the beginning.

And maybe it's because I am tired, but I now have an irrational hatred of both plague and bears thanks to this scenario. :)

Balance: 4.5
Proving that large armies and lots of fighting aren't needed for a scenario to be challenging, but not impossible, this scenario throws enough to make you hate the challenge (rather than merely yawning and increasing food rations), but not so much that you're willing to give up. I did not need spears, only bows. And I had more than enough space to work in. The terrain does require some strategy - your workers need to walk a long ways, but as long as they stay alive, you can make a productive wheat farming community.

Creativity: 4.5
The idea of the map (see "story" for more info) was kinda cool. The setting is enjoyable. And while player versus environment is standard fare for an economic scenario, the terrain, the bears, and the placement of the other hazards made this an enjoyable map.

Map Design: 4.5
Nicely made little marsh-without-the-marsh surrounding what I assume is the tail of a river. A neat little source pours out from the mountains, and the stockpile, while I tore it up, was also nicely designed. i wonder how you made the wheat fields without the farms - although I found those minimally annoying given the goals.

Story/Instructions: 5

I like the story very much. I do not know where you got your historical explanation from, but for the sake of the scenario, I'll accept it. It is, at least, very well written, and a good setting for this scenario. No typos or grammatical errors either.

Additional Comments:

I did play this with only a few hours sleep. I never felt defeated, even when I kept seeing my lumberjacks dying to bears and wolves (curses upon them), and my granary raided, and the bloody plague. An economic and minor military strategist might enjoy this scenario. And you can continue playing it. I found it enjoyable to build little "ranger's posts" - platforms surrounded by walls with archers on them to shoot the ravenous wildlife - throughout the map.

I liked it. Very good.
Sir Realist
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This was an enjoyable game played on Normal, Hard and Very Hard settings. The gameplay has just enough of a 'rush' to make you want to complete the task in hand on all those settings. Your gameplay is disturbed by the occasional interloper, the bad tempered bears,the hungry wolves and those slightly bashful bandits,who will all try their very best to disrupt your tasks, along with the ever present danger of that horrid cursed plague.The game flows very easily towards the winning goals and will not cause any level of player to quit in frustration or boredom. I enjoyed each game and played to the Victory banner on all the above settings

Balance: 3.5
You begin the game with preset Keep and Granary, a population of 8 peasants and an adequate resource of a few piles of wood and a bountiful supply of food,these guarantee a nearly trouble free first few years or so. Once production of wood, food and the targeted goal are underway, you will glide smoothly towards your certain Victory. Threats are reasonable dealt with and should not cause any level of player frustration or mayhem.
The balance is definitely in your favour throughout this game, the abundance of wood and farmland space,make your objectives easily obtainable. The availability of Bowmen and Spearmen, once equipped, will guarantee success quite early on during the gameplay

Creativity: 3.5
The opening story and map lead the player into the game with a feeling of apprehension and tension, all the main constituents of a good entry to any game. As far as ingenuity in creativity, the author has done a reasonable job, in what is after all, a very old game environment. No tricks, traps or mind boggling frustrating problems are found here, you just require a good old, sleeves up, lets get down to some hard work and finish the task, attitude to win.

Map Design: 4
The map is well made and quite picturesque. The stream tumbling down the gentle hills into the sodden valley floor is quite realistic and well designed. the placement of the abundant trees have not been distributed in an unthoughtful way and they have been spread across the map area nicely. The ruined wheat farms are a nice touch and in line with the story. The stockpile design, I felt was a little out of place alongside the Wooden Keep, and a normal stockpile would have suited the map slightly better, although that does not detract from the authors map or the game. Credit is due to the Author, as some skillful thought has gone into the well designed scenery.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
The story is well constructed and intriguing and definitely draws you into the game. It certainly explains your mission, but is slightly misleading. It details profit and time lines, yet these are not part of your Victory conditions, I felt after reading the opening story that my task would certainly comprise one or both of these elements and was slightly let down that it failed to deliver either.

Additional Comments:
I like Eco games and this was an enjoyable good presentation of the type. For me, it lacked a bit of a punch, the single goal, once production started, was easily obtainable. I would have liked to have seen included a few more targets or at least a timeline to get the adrenaline bursting through my blood. This game is enjoyable and well made, but I wish it could have been or could be so much more.

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Map Design4.3
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