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Sheriffs Hometown

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Yumi_Hena good guy in the wrong place,,,
no,, really,,, sheriff is just like nizar,,, he stuck in his bad castle,,,
but i cant figure out why there are few aiv has been submitted,,,

ok this is just a alternatif and not too similar to his original,,,,

about Aiv,,,
-reduce the population from 106(12hovel) to 82(9hovel),,
-little but efficient in small number of internal production building,,,
-reduce religion happiness to max 3 popularity,,,
-keep the f.factor(bad thing) at 4-5,,,,,,,,,
-in crease castle defense with square tower, balista, f.balista and mangonel also oil if necessary,,,
-well do well than waterpot,,, and yes just like that,,,

about file,,,
-there are 4 different AIV(1,3,4,5) and playable on trail mission,,,
-also there are some my other sheriff aiv (14 other aiv)
-pic on download(only the 4 main aiv pic)

*update seb 4th*
-add 4 new models,,,
-can be use for trail mission but not recommended especialy mission "68 we're sorrounded",,,

enjoy and Prepare to squeak,,,
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gold99 I understand, you really like sheriff. I also must admit that this character is cool, often used to be my ally when started to play SHC.
I saw pics, really interesting design.
About hovels. I have ver1.2 and if i use original sheriff aiv, in most cases I wont hear "If i must".
Because sheriff build loads buildings on oasis and 4x iron and 3x mining quarries. So 'lowering his population' is horrible idea. I suggest to place like 14-16 novels or even more, otherwise he have no left peasants to recruit troops, not all buildings functioning inside aswell.
I also have encountered that sheriff can dig moat, so you may use it. Sheriff constant have tons of gold (he is most cruel tax collector) so i suggest discard negative stuff to avoid -25% on troops.
You may find some sheriff Aiv in my downloads, going to upload something in future too.
File Author

actually not 4 but 6 iron mines,,,

sure,, if i just decrease the hovel with out make balance on his internal building, he will out of peasant,,, i think u are too much worry my friend,,, my goal is make sheriff playable in most of maps at diferent condition n position,,, it will give us a new battle challenge,,,

bad stuff is one of the sheriff personal identity,,, just to remind u the effect not only for troops but also to his peasant,,, it can rise his
-production speed for weaponry,brewery,iron mine,quary,pitch rig,, 10-50%
-quantity for wood cutter, ox tether, farm,,, 10-50%

the negative effect for troops u know what is that,,? it just make his troops
-easy to hit by mangonel/catapult/balista,,,,
-risk aginst fire(f.balista, f.arrow and the burning sh*t)
-attack speed just only if face to face
-less alerness
overall it about decrease 5-25% troops effectiveness and rise 5-25% vulnerability,,,

ok thank for suggest,, i take that when i made a large castle next time,,,

wait a sec. what the version 1.2 ure talking about,,, it a game version,,? why dont u update to HD,,, it good especially u use a wide screen,,,
gold99 @Yumi_Hena
Yes, fear factor is good for money making. But...
There is problem with sheriff that, even if he have 50 000 gold, he dont use it on army (still selling maces/leather), continueing 1troop/5seconds and holding loads of money for no particular purpose. So in overall it doesnt make any remarkable change if he have 3000-9000 gold, uses for rebuilds only.
Its better idea to use fear factor on caliph/wazir/nizar castles, because they mostly spends all gold before sieging.

And here I made a tip for 'compact' castles:
Red color=better not to place any buildings
Yellow color=Avoid if possible
Uncolored=Good to build, but avoid to reach the side.
Duc Vautour @gold99

You are probably referring to Sheriff 5-7. Sheriff 5-7 are lacking of hovel, that's why after he finish his castle he never attack(just an occasional macemen raid). Check out Sheriff Screens in here for some detail. The Sheriff actually is a pretty good attacker. He attack with lots of macemen, assasins and even slave(he uses slave if the enemy even don't have moat). He also uses his macemen to dig moat(not just some easy-to-die) slave. Lots of crossbowmen also a couple of fire ballista and up to 6 catapults(3shooting rocks, the other shooting cows) while he uses his assasins to open gatehouse. The problem of his attacking force is...the keep is their last priority!. He focuses on destroying other outer building first and only a small group of his army attack the keep splitting from the main group who destroys other stuffs. If you wanted to see that the sheriff ai can be 'brutal' attacker, check out skirmish trial 'the backhander' while he made a great economist like the abott can do his eco well.

Oh i also haven't playtested this aiv yet. But i believe yumi_hena won't make a simple mistake untill yumi_hena aiv won't attack. Yumi_Hena padt work has been wonderful. His/her still maintain the originality of the aiv castle while making the aiv a lot better. Check out his/her Caliph aiv. That's my favourite and you will know what im talking about :)
Duc Vautour @Yumi_hena :
Ok, i haven't play tested this yet. I just download it to take a look at the picture and i must say...these are not my favourite. And to be honest it was belowmy my expectation. Im so sorry to say that. He is well garrisoned enough tho. But i have a question, can we make the sheriff keep area(the one in the original who's located in the back with market, granary, armoury and keep are garrisoned with a thick wall, & pitch) facing the front? If we can, i wanted to gave you a proposal to make a sheriff aiv. I can draw you a blueprint etc and you do the thing in editor. Oh by the way its so nice to meet fellow Indonesian in here :)

@Gold99 :
Well, i believe that your problem is because sheriff 5-7 is having a major bug for lacking a hovel. Check out the sheriff screens for more details. Sheriff are actually one of the most fearsome attacker. I once played one game against 7 sheriffs and he gave me hell of a good fight :). And also tried to take a look of sheriff offensive behaviour in skirmish trial mission 'the backhander'. He was keep gaving the abott pressure to the point he can't expand his eco. While his keep area are facing the abott castle, providing him a good defense. Sheriff are one of the best attacker actually. His wiki also says that(tho he include a slave for attacking the king is still beyond me and sometimes his slave burn the buildings and killed his whole army sometimes)
gold99 @Duc Vautour
I agree. Sheriff is really good attacker, even myself doing similar attacks (maceman is my fav).
But i wanted to point out that he do build his army too slow, even when he have enought money, he still do selling weapons instead of recruit troops or buy extra weapons/hire assasins. He even often 'freeze' and just dont recruit anything, althought enought peasants (when he is NOT in siege stage).
Duc Vautour @Gold99

Yeah i do agree on that. With his condition and economy, i think he can be a waay better and more aggresive than the pig. Almost all AI will just freeze and they don't do anything i believe. Even the one who has enough peasant like Sultan.

But i notice one of the thing about the sheriff is probably he doesn't attack so often, because he has some sort of defensive mentality like Wolf and Frederick. i Notice that the AI who has a more defensive mentality has a good guard/patrol for his outlying buildings(Sheriff with Crossbowmen, assasin and fire thrower. Tho sometimes only crossbowmen but there are a lot of it. Wolf with a good number of Arab Bow or a combination of crossbow, archer, pikemen and Sultan with arab swordsmen and many slinger). Its kinda strange that with his poor castle defense, he is best to be an aggresive ai to mask his poor defense like richard, pig, etc
File Author
@ Duc Vautour,,,

IND mode: on
waduhh,,, u garuda pancasila jg tho,,,
enak neh w bisa nulis lebih jelas kalo pake bahasa persatuan,,,, soalnya ingris w masih kaco berantakan,,,

boleh,, boleh,, klo u punya konsep tersendiri kenapa tidak u upload dimari,,, nantikan rekan laen bisa kasih masukan,,, entah itu kedengaran buruk ato baik,,, tp klo u mo w yg bikinin tp konsepnya tata ruangnya dr u silakan kasih link gambarnya,,,
IND mode: off

in other hand i find gold99's sheriff castle is pretty good in def but bad in a few thing it also keep the original model,,, with a little touch his sheriff will become great one,,,

for this download selection i still manage "Hometown" as main tittle,,, small but effisien,,, different but identic,,,

IND mode: on
ditunggu konsepnya,,, soalnya isi kepala w lg penuh,, g bisa fokus,,, ini ja w kerjain sambilan lho,,,, laen halnya klo ada sedikit gambaran konsep,,,


[Edited on 08/31/14 @ 10:05 PM]

Duc Vautour @Yumi_Hena

I believe due to the forum's policy we should talk in english so the other member will know what we're talking about. So, i will reply you with english. Sorry about that :).

Well, i can do it right away. I'm a huge fan of the AIs but AI editor is not my thing. I already tried that. I'm more like a map maker lol.

You should gave me your contact or email via email. My email address is listed on my profile
Duc Vautour @Yumi_Hena i already finish the AI thing. Now just waited for your contact
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