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The mighty wolf

Author File Description
Landari Hello everyone im back,

this my new wolf castle, its very big and only recommended for huge maps with lots of space.

however, this castle needs a bit more time to get finisched than normal wolf castles and I suggest you to put another moat digging ai on that wolf's side to complet his moat faster.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

here is a picture :

I hope that the file works if not pls post a comment

a medium tower for the innering + troops

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gold99 Not bad. But I suggest add more moat/strenghten defence. Take more care to place cage of dogs, because they may jump his own people, so alternative for defences could be brazier+pitch.
File Author
thx for the comment,

about those moats, i cant place too much because :

1. ai's have different moat digging speed and it would take them too long to finish them.
wolf uses about 5-6 pikemans I think and frederick only 4-5 archers

2. Sometimes those ai's dont finisch their moats, they will command their moat digging troops to stop it. I dont even know why, bbecause they aint under attack and they have enough space to dig it.

3. I use the dog cages especially against assasins and horse archers. They dont attack their own peasants that much
Duc Vautour The only reason why ai sometime not finishing the moat is because one of the many reason such as, there's a building on their moat line(but they will finish the moat after that building were destroyed and place it elsewhere). The terrain won't allow them or not flat enough.
File Author
nah i know about these problems
but sometimes ai's dont finish those moats on 100% flat terrain, there is also nothing on the "moat line" like stone or buildings etc
Duc Vautour Well, just happened with The Abbott today :)

The Abott is one of those AI who often didn't finish moat(same like Nizar but its because of the building or terrain reason)

But i notice something strange with the moat thing.You see, sometime a moat can't cover the terrain even when it's completely flat. I even tried to build a wall over it to make sure that is flat, and when i wanted to help him with the moat, i draw my moat on his site but somegow still can't coverr the whole thing
File Author
sometimes the wolf also, its a bug
Heroesflorian About dog cages:
In SH1, war dogs behave a bit like wolves, attacking also the possessing player's own units. But in SHC1, war dogs only attack hostile units.

The castle seems to be thought out quite well overally, but I miss some pitch ditch here (judging from the picture, if the screenshot was taken with a non-allied Wolf and there is actually pitch, sry, just ignore this). The Wolf is actually one of the few AI characters that uses his pitch ditch relatively wisely (and does not light them all as soon as one single unit approaches him, as e.g. Saladin does...), and pitch ditch can be quite a powerful weapon if used wisely.

And... while they seem to fit into this design, 12 gates might be a bit much... but, the moat + assassin-proof crenelations make them quite safe compared to most other castles... though, keep in mind: when all walls/gates are connected without crenelation-barriers in between, a small group of assassins that has gained access to the outer walls can open a lot of those gates (especially with spread-out towers that make it harder to detect the assassins once one tower is taken out).
Edit: When looking very closely at the image, it seems as if there actually ARE crenelated walls that separate different parts of the castle walls.

However, the main weakness of this castle might be that the defensive towers are spread out very widely. If one attacks from the sides or the back and takes out 1 or 2 towers, he may destroy big parts of the castle without much opposing fire from the other towers or the keep and can use the inner ring of walls as cover while taking down the gates and firing at the keep. Then a short rush to the keep can easily kill him with 75% of his troops and defenses still completely intact and untouched as they are just too far away to effectively help.
Maybe consider adding one tower somewhere between the cathedral and the camp fire? The thick wall between cathedral and the opposite area (with houses, weapon workshops and a water pot) serves not much of a purpose, so placing a tower right there would leave the inner ring of walls intact, extend it with a tower, and still seperate the two castle parts well enough.

All in all, judging from the picture (no time for in-depth analysis ingame) this seems to be a great castle for bigger maps! :)

[Edited on 09/17/14 @ 03:17 PM]

File Author
Thx for your comments florian ^^

y there are crenels seperating those gate houses those assasin will have to climb every gate house if they want to open, execpt for the innerring it hehe ^^.
Each area of the castle is seperated from the others

The tower for the inner ring is definetly a good idea, I will update it

have a nice day

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