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AIV booster: moat edition

Author File Description
gold99 Please note: all castles is big. I suggest only 400x400 maps with clear terrain (i.e. green haven, close encounters, empty handed). THERE ALSO MAY MISS SOME BUILDINGS in pictures, because it was demolished/ unfinished or AIV was updated.

I got inspired by original stronghold 'play a
siege' castles, so I made that for Wolf. No bad stuff thiss time.

Reversed sheriff castle

This castle is a JOKE. Its mostly 'sheriff retirement fund'. Half eco buildings, good stuff, slow money making. Its just good looking and safe lord in overall. Got inspired by original stronghold 'camelot'.

Nizar with good protection against fire. Good defence, but he often decomposting inside, due inaccessability to reach his walls, other AI's harrasing his oasis buildings.

Yet again the caliph with his dirty tricks. I bet you wont win his keep with first wave of siege.

I have fixed some previous castles: pig, wolf, sheriff. (thanks to Yumi_Hena)

If someone knows, please explain me in depth:
1.How fear factor affects troops?
2.How to make faster recruiting, instead of tapping mouse 1click=1recruit?

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Landari Hello goldi here are my anoying suggestions ^^ :

first to that caliph castle, its not recommended to place those watchtowers infront of those mangols and balistas.
The problem will be that if those mangols and balistas fire in the watchtower direction the bolt and those mangol stones will be blocked by your watchtowers.

the second thing about that castle :
I suggest you to place low walls instead of those high walls at the outer ring to get more sight of enemy troops digging those moats.

oh and one thing normaly you can beat every castle no matter which ai with 1 wave containing 200 - 250 horsearchers,
moat 20-30 digging troops, 30-50 pitch baiting troops (like knights), normal attacktroops,
+5 positive fear factor

and that castle is done with 1 wave ( if you bait all those pitches before)
Well thats a fast, no fun tactic but works against every castle if you do it correctly

and to your fear factor thing :

+5 positive fearfactor vs + normal tropps
your troops has about 25% more hitpoints and need 1-2 hits more to get killed with that +5 positive fearfactor ( at the cost of your lazy peasants and good productions)
however :

-5 crusader swordsman still win vs normal arabran swordsman etc

its usefull if you fight with a large ammount (100 or more) of troops to notice the difference and its more usefull for ranged troops (excluding fire thorwers you cant rlly see the difference they are all burning fast XD)than meele troops

have fun with reading

Landari oh and i forgot sth too :

3-4 stockpiles are sufficient enough for every ai,
other ai's like rat or sultan only needs 1
the 5th stockpile or placing too much stockpiles than needed is useless in an ai castle. you can use that place for better things ^^

smaller castles are better to defend than bigger ones.

and I suggest you to put your troops on those mangol and balista towers because :
1.they will get bonus range
2.those balista and mangol towers will get more protection because enemy arrows has a greater chance to hit your troops than those anti siege maschienes.

I also suggest you to do a better place management in that wolf castle, you can put those cheap structures like houses on the outerring and place a waterpot inside because if all gate houses are closed due to enemys the inner ring of your castle will keep burning till the wolf runs out of gold
(and you can place the merchants outpost later its a gold burning structure for wolf ^^)

and my last suggestion , put more defending troops on the frontside of the castle because the backside is normally hardly accecible by enemy troops
( your wolf castle has a very weak frontsinde because you put most of this crossbows on the backside)
Duc Vautour Hi Gold99 i hope my suggestion and comment didn't annoy you :). So here it is

Wolf : without a negative fear factor, i believe it will boast Wolf's defence because it will make his troops stronger. But try placing his big tower more concentrated. I believe it will help him a lot. Because a group of concentrated big towers will cover each others area of attack thus work like a machine gun

Sheriff : i believe one armory is enough because the sheriff will only built 3 types of weapon(mace, xbow, leather armor). It's best to use 2 armories to an AI who builts like 4 or more weapon type(eg : richard,wolf, frederick). And since the sheriff will put only a handfull of men on the towes, it would be best to make less tower with concentratic placement so it will become more effective. The sheriff will place his defender outside his castle area. So i guess many towers are not needed

My comment for the pig is still the same with my comment from your previous pig

Caliph and Nizar are the same. I don't think that they can't complete their castle in no time. Because both only build 2 quarries at max(rare for Nizar, he usually builds only one). I think they can be easily beaten by a rushing AI who uses siege. Hell, even i think Emir can beat them early in a normal condition after his first swordsmen rush/raid. And i agree with Landari's conment that you should put a low wall for the outer part because the purpose of outer low wall is not for stalling enemy, but for slowing them down so the archer, fire balista etc can will have enough time to shoot them. And since the caliph didn't use much pop and building, huge castle aren't necessary i think. It will only slowing his eco at start

I don't know about the ai attacking behaviour like that. Only sone of thembare noticeable which is
Wolf : will only start recruiting attacking troops if he has 150 defender
Snake : will only attack if his total offensive troops is around 150 at max
Pig : will only attack his enemy with most gold on hand
Abbott : will attack with more archer if he has more fletcher
Emir : attack with euro archer if the enemy has a moat(usually his euro archer will stationed in his small tower)

I believe the AIs attacking mechanism is hard coded and we can't change its behaviour. BUT we can change most of AI's attacking frequencues by strengthening their eco or simply adding more weapon workshop. Or we can make them attack early by building a cheaper casle. You can see this template by seeing richard behaviour. His smallest castle will attack as early as the pig and earlier than wazir. His largest(with outer low wall) will attack later but will be more frequently and having a more powerfull eco later on.

File Author
It all depends on point of view.
I was not intended to make "super unbreakable defence" like some original wolf castles have.
I was supposed to make something original/eyecandy (not the generic square castles fullfilled with ballistas), portion of castle to fit AI indentity as well.

About caliph castle:
I had no idea that lookout tower should work together with mangoels. The lookout towers+moat with outter wall was built to deal for assaulting army. While inside, mini-stronghold, I have treated as "last siege stand" to finish out all survivors or overhelming army, thats why I have fullfilled entire area of pitch. ITS CALIPH BEHAVIOUR: never have "forever" castle, its only for one-time siege, then he must rebuild, or he dies. Somebody said it have bad economy, I dont think. I have played on coconut twist map, and he quite often collected troops until 280 (again and again), and striked really hard (unlike his traditional 40men attack, even managed to kill a pig).
Its uncommon that he build walls. But constant fire to his castle, catapults menace, permanent ruin him. Yep, he will build much longer, but does it really matter, who attack first, usually first attack is fruitless. Wolf also build his castles long, but who complains. Early game stage is all about castle+eco.
About wolf:
Possibly valid arguments. But I wanted to make all rounded castles, to be protected from every side. Ernormous castles fits for him.
Also, if opponent breaks into (2x2 walls+ moat), wolf will uses oil/traps/ and finnaly his troops inkeep will smack intruders. It takes long to break into, and he have plenty of time to recruit for defences, its not easy as it looks, even 150 maceman is not enought.

The common:
In some castles i have not placed rangers into towers, why? Because in those they are more vulnerable then it looks. Large towers usually goes down faster, then rangers from 3X walls. So 5x crossbowmen is expensiver then mounted ballista.
Using mass horse archers in single-player is boring. Its much more fun to siege with real troops i.e.: 100 maceman,70 pikeman, 80archer, 6 battering ram- all together to beat down wolf castle.

And some info about AI behaviour:
Its only useful to give perfect economy for:
Nizar, Wazir, Caliph, Emir, Sultan, Pig.
Because those lords are focused on army building. Other lords, even if they have 10 000 gold, they still keep selling weapons, instead of buying them or recruit troops.
Lord mentioned above SPENDS GOLD ON TROOPS before attack, while in siege stage, they collect profit (dont recruit any).

[Edited on 09/07/14 @ 02:33 AM]

Landari To the towers :

Croud your towers with at least 1 wall.
Ai's reparis their walls constantly and not their towers.

if you crowd your towers with walls ,thse towers can only get destroyed by trebuhets

second thing about fear factor it doenst affect those troops that much, you can only see difference if you fight with a large gruop of army
Duc Vautour Imagine a scenario where a caliph are facing a snake in a 2000 starting gold. The snake will build his army, and castle fast. He also builds catapult which can be a problem at the early part of the game. Let's think if caliph's quarries are keep getting raided, his castle keep getting sieged before it was completed. I'm sure he was going to get killed early(fyi, i test to put Snake with 2000 starting gold against various opponent and he killed Emir, Richard, Saladin(!), Marshal, Frederick, Abott. And about the Nizar he will survivo a little longer than Caliph i believe. But im pretty sure that since he was an agricultural ai(farm dependent eco) i think his eco needs more time to get goung because bread chain is slow. But if his slave are kept getting shot by enemy and his quarrie are kept getting destroyed. I belive its onlyba matter of time before he died

Look, i'm not saying that the castle shouldn't be a rush proof etc. While a human player can control their own behaviour not to rush, raid etc. But we can't do the same to the AIs. Your AI castle might be quite a challange for human but in a game where they have to face another AI, maybe they will not survive long if they were targeted. And i do agree with you that horse archer tactic is 'cheap'(And not cost effective). It more fun to see your army consisting of 25 pike and swordesmen,30 xbow marching towards your opponent keep while your siege enngines are pounding their structure. Yeah i do agree with you. But you must mention Saladin and Lionheart in terms of agressive ai. I once played a game with me and wolf against sultan, nizar, wazir, caliph, saladin with 4000 gold advantage. I was too busy with the other arabian lords till somehow i notice that he never sends his attacking message. When i was checking him out, i notice that he almost killed wolf(he build his gigantic triangle withbr sq tower at front) because he never took a break between a siege stages and keep putting pressure to already well garrisoned wolf castl. Not many ai can do that to him. All saladin need is just 1 more hovel and he is good(Saladin in his original, almost always never have a men in his campfire. When he wanted to recruit, he put some building usually weapon workshop to sleep. I use lordnmb saladin in that case)
Duc Vautour About fear factor you can find an article about fear factor here in shc. It will gave you a brief look about how fear factor affecting combat(altho most talk about industry). And i do believe thatbfear factor doesnt affect siege machine
Landari Its not that sure,

if calpih richard wolf or saladin ... builts their barracks/merchants outpost early or at the same time with snake, they wont get destroyed that quick,
what snake might achieve is destroying their economy

and its also a bit castle dependant, because many desinged castles have an inner ring with towers which is built pretty fast
with 50 starting stones you can built 2 gate houses + single walls without buying extra stone, if your inner ring isnt that big

those old ai castles builts their gate houses late which makes them vulnerable to early attacking ai's
Duc Vautour The reason i felt sure about that is because i already test it. I do a lot of ai vs ai research. And i must say that snake is the king when it comes to 2000 starting gold normal game. And Richard never stood a chance against any Arabian ai(except Sultan) even with 8000 starting gold. Saladin got owned by the Snake after he finish his gatehouse. And yes, their eco is destroyed by snake. One of the main reason why Wolf(except in his smallest castle) got owned by the Snake
Landari Me too,

thats why its good to plan things like this in those new modified castles

normal snake vs modified wolf (Big castle)
2000g vs 2000g Wolf wins
8000g vs 8000g Wolf wins

10000g snake (player give him + 8000) vs 2000g wolf Snake wins

[Edited on 09/08/14 @ 09:22 AM]

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