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booster of infidel

Author File Description
This castle produces mass gold for caliph (more then his original ones).Caliph producing troops fast(averagely 1troop/1,5second at 55game speed).
Once performing 100 mens siege, he collects up to 7000 gold (during sieging, every AI stops troop production), so he recruiting non stop.
Castle contains:
-5 fear factor
10 hovels (most castles using 6x, but this one requires much more)
Churches to gain popularity.
Double moat combined with pitch surprisingly good defence.

I have made 2x versions of this castle.
First one is excatly as in picture, and another one have changed some timing and buildings.

And the second castle is adapted from my previous one. Contains traditional caliph defence. Fear factor is discarded to avoid troops penalty. Still this one collecting gold at the same speed as original ones do.
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Landari Improvements that can be done

1. remove those religion buildings for arabs,
Stronghold Crusader doesnt turn them in to arabic style buldings not like SHC2. and its kinda funny to the arabs "having the same belief" like the crusaders.

2. the moat insinde a moat is a good, idea, sometimes those ai's wont finish them, you can cut them down a bit into 2x2 out side and inside.

3. you can place diary farms for caligh to gain extra popularity, he doenst built diary farms in game normaly, but he does buy cheese.

4. built 1-2 extra hopps farm if you want to let calpih sell ale, because he normaly just builts 2 hoppsfarm and you have 10 brewery with -5 fear factor, its better to let them work non stop or the fear factor will be useless.

5. To increase his income you can also built armory + poleturners (spears) /fletchers (crossbows) and make them sell it. however which type of weapon they produce depends on the ai. caliph produces crossbows.

6 I miss the arab balistas typical for the caliph, at least i cant see them in the picture. if you have built them just ingnore this point.

7. If you chose to built balistas, then its recommended that they can cover every direction of the castle with their range.
you can/should built some on the opposite side.

8. Its better to swap the position of some fire throwers on the outer ring with the inner ring. 2 on each out wall side is enough if you have pitches etc on the out side. besides they can easily taken down by enemy Archers,
your arabic bows on the out side are not enough to take them down fast.

The innerring needs some fire thorwers to provide extra defence.

you should/can place some on the keep and use it as a "last defence".

9. i miss the enigniers with oil which is typical for calpih, you can palce them on the innerwall + keep (not on top of the lookout tower)

[Edited on 10/06/14 @ 10:45 AM]

File Author
1.The religion is really a thing that I dont pay attention at all, even in real life, it makes no diffrence for me. I have built churches, because caliph gets +4, so he can raise taxes.
2. I have 1.2 version, never had problem like that. Unfinished moat can be caused by: not plain terrain; cactus/rocks/bushes on the terrain; too close oasis to castle so farms are blocking path for moat. And the advanced reason: acces to dig moat is blocked by walls/moat and there is no 'coastal' acces to dig moat. Caliph sends 4x slaves to dig, he is doing pretty fine, I tested this AIV alot.
3. Do you really think the caliph will build dairy farm?
4. Caliph will build 2 hops plantation if hes population is low or not enought oasis. Infact thia aiv builds roughy 10 apples farms and 6 hop farms.
5. I avoid woodcraft weaponry, because if map runs out of wood, it will be useless space waste. So i putted in more ale makers, to have less profit, but consistent production. Iron is sold on sight.
7. Yes, i could place more round towers with ballista, but i didnt wanted to make it generic wolf castle. Because original caliph have 6-20 watchtowers, and i put in those 2 rounded to have small counter versus catapults.
9. Oilers, there enought oilers, i have putted thems alot in walls, probably in screenshot not everyone got its position. Also there is enought pitch, some outside, and even more in middle with traps combined. You will see that your troops will burn constant, once they tries to dig out 2nd moat.
Landari to 2.
sometimes its not caused by terrain or other things, they simply interrupt the digging troops. maybe its a bug in earlier versions and they fixed it with 1.2.
It doesnt happen that often at all nvm.

to 3
I dont think it, I've tested it. ^^ It always works. However if you place a Diary farm on the south edge in the aiv editior, it wont appear on the north side in game, even if there is plenty of oasis free. But the ai will built "this" diary farm on the south side even if its not 100% the same spot in the editor. It matches about 50% I think.

And place them very early, those ai's wont place them if there is not enough space on the oasis.

to 4
Ai's usually buy about 20 wood, maybe more even if they dont need it or the map runs out of trees.

buy 5 wood costs 20g
sell 5 spears brings 50g fast production
sell 5 crossbows brings 150g slow production
buy 5 hops cost 75g medium production
sell 5 ale brings 50g medium-slow p.

The wood weapon production is more profitable than ale ^^ and the problem you got with ale is that if the hops cant be delivered the production is 0 if there is no hops in the stockpile and if the ai buys hops they only earn 5 g for the whole action. The ale production line also doenst work on desert maps with no - low ammount of oasis.

The wood weapon production is only dependant to the marketbuilding since it is required to buy wood.

Iron weapon production is unreliable its map and mine dependant ( our orignial saladin had problems with it)

to 5

its not wolf style,
wolf uses square towers and his castles are normaly large and seperated in to "small" areas with walls.

it reminds me some what of an saladin + nizar style castle

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