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-1- Myrmidon De Puce *Update*

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ognjenzr Hi guys,this is my first post on this forum.I decided after playing the series for such a long time it's time to give something back in return! This is my Rat AIV pack,i plan on doing one for every AI opponent in the series.I played most of the AIVs uploaded here by you guys,there are many,but i decided to give you what i think is a more realistic way a castle should look like.

This first pack is focused on the Rat,there are 8 designs,all of whom are far stronger than the original AIVs,some of my AIVs have stronger defenses and some have weaker,it's not my intention to create a bunch of thick walled rectangular boring castles,i tried to stay as close as possible to the AI personality,while adding to his defensive strength,economy and realism.


I took in a couple of suggestions,replaced the biggest aiv with a smaller and more balanced one(8th aiv),did some tweaks on the defense and economy.Overall,a small improvement.If you didn't download my file already now is the time... :)
I'm close to finishing the next pack. cheers.

Take a look:

Hope you guys leave some feedback/advice/suggestions/bugs...

have fun.
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gold99 Do rat really manages to dig moat himself or need allied help?
Also I think its more wolf style castle building.
In future, if you will create aivs, please make to try to fits its identity. Because rats superior defence with double walls and load of square towers looks just unrealistic.
File Author
Hi,thanks for the comment,i was kinda just getting to know the editor,so i picked the simplest aiv to create.My goal was to make his castles more realistic and harder to take down,a bunch of labyrinth styled walls is not realistic to me,so i gave him a real castle with a little twist to make him the Rat we all know and love.Maybe i overkilled it with a double moat,but that's only one AIV and The Rat doesn't dig it himself,so it's pretty rare you would fight that particular one. :)
Anyway,i'm just about to finish The Wazir pack,which is much more closer to his personality and castle building technique.Hope you like the next one more.
Landari I will only talk about improvements that can be done here.

1. Crusaders use suqare towers, arabs use roundshape towers.

2. Rat has 1 stone quarry, he should be a opponent, who attacks very early and not waste his money on buying stones. It's better to cutdown the castle size.

3. I don't recomend Chapel and Cathedrals on rat, because they cost too much for the rat and needs a church too, to be effective. He can;t deffend them that good.

If you want to increase his economy you can do it with extra foodtype (Diaryfarms) and + 5 fearfactor, it cost much leser gold which the rat can use on sth else.

Dont forget to built some extra poleturners and fletchers, since those production will go down.

you can add firebalistas and trebuhets to additionally increase his defence
File Author
First,thank you for your comment,about your remarks:

1.As you notice from my 8 AIVs there is just one round tower,and i did it on purpose,just to spice things up a bit. :)

2.I thought about that,my goal was to make his castle as hard as possible to siege,not so much about his attacking strategy.... to be honest,he is not a tough opponent anyway...

3.I agree with you on that,ill update this file soon,throw out 2 of the biggest castles and replace them with smaller and more character friendly ones,while cutting down on the chapels. :)

4.Can you help me with that one,i thought that the ai places his own industry and farms? The only way i can think of is placing them,and hope that there is some oasis close by?

About the rest,i placed as much as i could cram up inside and around the castle,and i think i filled all of the siege engine slots,i will check those too for the next version. Cheers:)
gold99 About oasis building. AI places them itself. There is no reason to place diary farms in editor.
There may be possible to force to build apple farms too much, but it may work on the map where all 400x400 squares are oasis.
Also I very recommend to you my made caliph aiv " booster of infidel". It contains great defence, and maximum efficient in troops recruitment.
Landari Different Ai's have different preference for food production,
sultan doenst built any food production by himself, thats one reason why his economy sucks.

the rat will never built diary farms
saladin will never built apple and diary farms, but he sill buys appel and cheese
and so on.

however since hose buildings are directly production buildings, the ai will use it.
if you place bread production for an Ai' who doenst use bread, they will just sell wheat and turn off the windmil and bakery

it is nessecary sometimes to place food buildings in the aiv editor !
File Author
Yeah,but there is a very small chance that there is oasis there,you just end up wasting a lot of space....
Landari it doesnt need to fit the exact same spot.
the ai works like this :

north side food buildings in the aiv editor will only be placed on the oasis northside in game ( if there is sth)

the same works for the south side

and for ai's like rat it doesnt use that much space in the editor they have small/medium castles

not like the wolf

File Author
Cool,a great advice! Ill try and incorporate it into my future designs.Thanks. :)
Landari np ^^
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