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-3- Melodious Emir

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ognjenzr Hi guys! Me again,this is my third pack,and i think the best one yet! The Emir is one of the neglected ai opponents on the forum,and i decided it's time to change that. So,here are my 8 new AIV-s.This time i gave The Emir a complete rebuild,and a completely new style,because in my opinion,his old castles ware too boring and didn't mach the arabian build style.Now,it's more oriental,rounded,realistic... he also has better defenses and a better economy.Also,his horse archers will be a problem,count on it.


As always,i'm looking forward in hearing from you guys,comments/bugs/suggestions/etc...


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gold99 Sadly, I got bored with stronghold and quitted it.
I really like the second castle how it looks and the last one.
I hope those castles contains good economy, and emir manages to recruit non-stop, without waiting money income.
Some castles have a bit too much moat, because emir is lazy digger. But still good designs.
File Author
I agree,the game is old,and i rarely play it too...but i enjoy making good designs,even tho they have only 50 downloads,and many will never even load in any game... :(
EaglePrince I don't play around with AI castles much, but your casles look awesome, and I agree with you when you say that you made hic castle less boring!
I'd also like to add that castles 6 and 7 look great as well!

Well done, my fellow countryman! :)

Regards from NS. :)
Duc Vautour I love the first EMir castle. it looks quite nice and tough :), SOme of the desisgn look like modded version of the Wazir that the forumer in here create. SOme of it looks like a modified version of the snake. The Emir imo, has the most good looking castle for Arab lord. Because his castle looks like a truly desert place/citadel/fortress with his neat design and round and lookout towers etc

A few tips :

1. I suggest to not put moat in Emir's castle because he is a lazy digger
2. Emir's castle design is quite tough actually, he did manage to hold out the attack and beat almost all AIs except Saladin and Wazir(haven't tested him against the Wolf). He also one of the best ai who has a 'last stand' defence with his tons of Arab Swordsmen. I believe if he use more siege enggines he will be quite tougher(not just two mangonel at the front) and more engginer with oil
3. I suggest you build fletcher early to help him put more archers at the start of the game and good things as later as posible so it will no slow down his castle construction(EMir is one of the slowest ai to finish his castle besides Wolf because he puts good things too early)

I know this game is old. But a lot of people still uses the AI to play just to spend their time, relieving the stress etc, lots of my friends still play that at least. And this kind of things that you guys share deserve a huge thank you from us :). keep up the good work. OH, and more things, the AI castle i believe, doesn't need just to be tough, but also looks good and perfectly fit for their example. Check out Yumi Hena's work and Lordnmb aiv multipack to see what im talking about. Cheers!

Duc Vautour
File Author
Hi,about your reply: i'm glad you liked some of my work,but i will just add that i didn't copy or mod a single file.All of my work is original and made from scratch! Also,he doesn't have 8 designs in the original.he has only 1! I mean,there is only a slight difference in them,so i decided to male a complete set,where all of them are easy to recognize...

1. He is a lazy digger,but some moat is better than no moat!

2. he is tough,but whatever you do,he sometimes just refuses to man his towers...

3.If you look at the build order,the fletchers are really early,to boost his economy,and good things are last in every design!

4.I did,i downloaded and played almost every single aiv on this forum. :) And i believe my packs mach really good with the AI personality.

Thank you for your reply,cheers.

[Edited on 10/16/14 @ 05:12 AM]

Duc Vautour I hope can see more of your work in the future :). Try to make a castle for lionheart. He is rarely seen in the forum

1.Well, i really aprreciate your creativity. Thats just pure my opinion about Emir's castle

2. I believe he build good things too early. He almost always put a lot of good things before his castle is complete(even in his smallest one)

3. I just tested it and you are right. Emir didnt man his tower or too late because he put his towers first and the gatehouse last. There is no access to his towers(maybe some stairs will help?) And he only man his lookout tower with normal archer. But sometimes he also man his big towers with a mix of normal and arab archer

What i mean about the personality is for example : Caliph castle without pitch, Rat castle with siege enggines, and some of the ai castles who dont dig moat with moat(a tiny bit is okay, but not a big part of ther castle)

Update :
How many population that your emir had? Because i sae like 4 inn in your designs

[Edited on 10/16/14 @ 05:59 AM]

John the Late Very nice castles! :)
Heroesflorian AMAZING designs!

And I don't say that easily :D
Krarilotus wow i am impressed! I follow all the AIV designs in this Download section and yours look pretty amazing :)

Keep it up!
Maybe one day we have a complete fitting set fr all AI Lords out there!
File Author
wow,thanks guys! i'm really glad you like my work! ill keep adding more stuff,keep playin' and enjoy...


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