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Togetherness map pack

Author File Description
Duc Vautour
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 8
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
One of the forumner in here ask me to do a map where it can fits 5 Wolf with their large castle. So, i accept his/her chalange and make these. It took me around a month or two to finish these due to the hectic schedule of my last semster being a collage student.

These map pack consist of 3 with a same concept : two against many. It was a resource rich and large enough to even fit 5 Wolf "Half Square"(4 big tower in the front) castle. And AI who builds large castle will do fine. All of the picture is in the folder. Hope you enjiy it! And please comment so i can know what you think
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EaglePrince This seem to be a fine map indeed. If someone would like to play a game against five Wolf with me side by side on this map, please, let me know. :)
Duc Vautour
File Author
My personal favourite in this map is 'play together'. I play tested it for one last time with me and saladin(he build his biggest castle) against 5 wolves. 2of them build his 'cross', half circle, triangle, and the last one build his smallest castle. I manage to play using my ai style. Building a castle almost like the upgraded version of wolf cross castle with 8000 comp adv in a normal game and oh boy, it was really challanging. Saladin almost killed more than twice. He gets an endless wave of attack after i sucesfully repel a few of the wolfs attack(not an easy task). There is one moment where the center position of the map are filled with the wolfs troops and i almost drop myvjaw because of that.

Maybe we can play together sometimes. How about next weekend? I believe i already had your gameranger account
EaglePrince Hehe, you like those "suicidal settings" just like I do. :D Well, it is more fun, and more challenging when I know I am in actual danger.

Sure, we could do it - I would be able to find some time next weekend. I'm glad you like the idea!

If you need a way to contact me, you can see it at my profile - this is the email I use the most. Also, if you have an account at Stronghold Nation, we can stay it tough that way as well.

ADDITION: Time that would fit me is about 19:00, GMT+1, it's Central European Timezone; but you can suggest another time - I'm not sure what timezone you are.

[Edited on 10/26/14 @ 08:23 AM]

Duc Vautour
File Author
Ok, i will contact you a day before. You can contact me if you want. My email adress is on my profile.

On a side note, could you gave me your review or opinion about all of this map? I'm sure that any kind of feedback will help me to get better :)
EaglePrince I did start one skirmish game on one of your maps to check it out. I started the one which is on minimap against Wolf with alliance with Saladin. It is a tough game, but not too much though - they attack Saladin more.

Speaking of those maps - they all seem to be really fine. I can see one of your goals was to make it as good for skirmish as possible, so you gave the lord enough space. I like how you made those oasis, they look pretty well, and how you put a rock here and there - it makes the oasis look really nice. The only thing I can think of right now is the stone - how you put it on the map. You could have a look at some of maps by Sir_Vet, to see how he made the stone. The thing is that you can make it look somewhat better by putting some rocks here and there around that stone, and within the stone, and to put there some shrubs, or you can also put some cacti. It will look batter.

If you want to see some of my maps - you can have a look on my Dolina Hrastova map, if you have Stronghold Europe. This is my latest map right now, although I am still improving my skills just like you do.

Still, I think we can both learn much from Sir_Vet's maps, and maps created by many others here. :)
Duc Vautour
File Author
Well, i believe that the Wolf attack Saladin more because the AI will attack their opponent with less troops(except Pig, he attacks the richest one). On my play test, i only build 4 big tower with 5 xbow and 5 archer each. Thats why it attract the Wolfs to attack me

I'm still learning how to put rocks here and there. It kinda complicated in my opinion. And i do have your map. A big fan of those actually. But i didnt have stronghold europe
EaglePrince I'm not sure it they work that way, I never tested it. I've always been thinking how they do look who is closer to them; but I admit, pretty often they try to attack my ally which is behind me, so his army gets crippled before reaching my ally...

In that case, you can try putting shrubs. That is the easier way. :) Only you would need to select smaller brush, so stone could look more natural.

I hope I could make some map myself. I would like to do it, but unfortunately, these days I only speak about making some new maps, and I never find some time for it.

ADDITION: I saw you have one map which would be nice for 3v5 fight. Would you like to play a 3v5 game against AI lords? I could call one more friend to play with us if he can.

[Edited on 10/27/14 @ 05:52 PM]

Duc Vautour
File Author
I'm not a big fan of using a shrubs actually. I somehow cant manage to put shrubs to look as natural as possible. Maybe i will try someday. Thanks for the advice :).

Sure, why not? If your friend somehow cant do it, i could ask one of my friend
EaglePrince I do think it can look pretty nice when everything around is "too flat" or something... Alone it may not look so great, but we can make some use of it.

Great, I'm glad you like the idea! I will ask this friend of mine, and I will let you know. It's a friend from Stronghold Heaven, so you know him as well. :)

I will let you know if he can join us.

ADDITION: I'd like to add that we are able to play a 4v4 game as well - only we would need to make it more challenging. For example, we could play giving the AI lords 8000 gold, and putting us in a desperate position having little or no oasis and other resources. We could also give the AI lords 40000 gold, but that way we would start with more resources as well. I could try to make a map like it. And, now when I mentioned it, I could edit Bulls Eye map, and make thing in the east somewhat harder, and to give those ones in the west more space and resources.

[Edited on 10/28/14 @ 11:19 AM]

Duc Vautour
File Author
Well, your suggestion are giving me an idea for a map pack with a 'rich vs poor' theme. Just wait for it till i release my next map pack ;)

Well, about that, if i ask my friend to join because your friend cant, we might take things a lil bit easier since my friend kinda new to this game. Keeping him alive will be pretty challanging imo :)
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