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Frederick for Duc Vautour

Author File Description
LordPsycom Thank you for downloading.
Copy this file to your stronghold directory, in the AIV file.
Rename the files to *.aiv. (e.g. rat6 to rat1; pigx to pig1), then move all other *.aiv datas to any other file, but don't delete them.
Start Stronghold Crusader and make a match with an enemy *.
(Important is to put the ai to an place where he has enough space and resources.)
Don't forget to leave a rating on the site. (heavengames)
Lord Psycom

Frederick, a german lord, economy based and a standart type. Builds triangle castles. Uses bowman, xbowman and knight and swordsman.
Buys NO weapons, just uses the produced ones.

A friendly lord wished a frederick castle, so here is my try. Wanted to stay (as always) as near as possible at the ai's
personality. Enjoy.

Rate it, leave suggestions and let me know some improvements / mistakes.
Have fun sieging the frederick (aka barbossa) (can really be hard some times).
If you found a bug or something, let me know.
Lord Psyom


****, I always forget the link to a preview pic:
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File Author

[Edited on 12/19/14 @ 02:53 AM]

Duc Vautour Hi LordPsycom!

First of all, thank you so much for fulfilling my request. I just take a look at your castle's pic and here is a few thoughts of mine many population this castle has? Because ive seen a lot of hovels. And since frederick is a european lord, he needs a lots spaces and farms to fulfill his population needs. Since he did not buy weapon, i am pretty sure he will be in a lot of trouble protecting his farmers and fighting for an oasis space
2.if those hovels were used to fulfill any extra quarries, i dont think he'll need it. It is because original frederick builds up to 5 quarroes(as much as the wolf). So, he actually can build a castle as thick or as big as the wolf
3.frederick did not buy weapon, so i think putting a market outside is a good idea since he didn't really need it when under siege, unlike the weapon buying lords place too many stables for him. No matter how many stables frederick had, he only will train 4 knights. I already tested it
5.i think you should keep the original frederick style whos build a towers isolated in front of his castle. It was pretty neat against othrr ai since ai wont attack isolated wall segment. Only ai who mass horse archers and builds fire balistas will trouble him in a one vs one battle
File Author
1. I already told you I do not know much about frederick. never fight him to be honest. the pop is a lot, I know. I just always build 1 house more than the ai normally builds.
2. Thicker walls? Why? The ai always repairs its walls.
3. I know he does not buy weapons, but why place something that elementary outside?
4. I did not know about the stables, but remembered his constant use of knights, So I just build some.
5. Isolated towers are not in every of his castles. Just in 6/8. And I never liked the fact he actualy does. This is my castle, I told you I can not promise much. Sry...
Lord Psycom
File Author
I will update it though, be patient. Will remove all stables but 1.
Lord Psycom
Duc Vautour What i'm trying to say is, i dont know what are those hovels function. If its fpr quarries, i dont think he'll need it because he already builds five in his default.

Frederick usually has around 80s-90s population i believe. So if you reduce the ammount of hovels, 3 inns are enough to gave a maximum ale cpverage for 90 population.

About the thicker walls, well i agree that frederick werent really need it because his moat is already doing a good job

Well, all of frederick's are having isolated towers i believe except frederick 1aiv. Check out his castle design screens.

I actually really like your aiv work. You still maintain theire personality and difficulty level. You only repair their mistakes and gave a refreshing design for them.

On a side note, could you please check out my maps and gave my maps a suggestion? You can find all of em in shc1 skirmish section
File Author
To the hovels, the ai does just build the hovels it needs. if he does not build all 5 quarries he will not build all hovels. And about the skirmish maps, I will, if you also look at my snake aiv pack and my in future upcoming other packs.
Lord Psycom
Duc Vautour Ah ok i see. Well, honestly i have to say that this castle wasnt my favourite. I think you have to play with and against or better yet, put fredericks fight other ai so you can observe his behaviour. I will probably download the updated version. Cant wait :)
File Author
Yeah, the update will be released after I finished my pig pack.
Lord psycom

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