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Wolf aiv packet

Author File Description
LordPsycom ReadMe file:
Thank you for downloading.
Copy this file to your stronghold directory, in the AIV file.
Rename the files to *.aiv. (e.g. rat6 to rat1; pigx to pig1), then move all other *.aiv datas to any other file, but don't delete them.
Start Stronghold Crusader and make a match with an enemy *.
(Important is to put the ai to an place where he has enough space and resources.)
Don't forget to leave a rating on the site. (heavengames)
Lord Psycom

A castle set for the big, bad wolf, the animal lord that just uses all types of defence strategies to stand against your

As I always do, I stayed as near as possible to the ai's personality. This means for the wolf, that in the front or some-
times also completely around his keep, is a well build defence. His economy is weak though, compared to salahadin or sheriff,
even richardt. But after a time he will build his castle...

I didn't know if I should change this weakness or not at first. But when I asked a friend who played this game also, what
he remembered about the wolf. And it was the strong castle and his weak early game. So I decided to NOT make him good early
game. Also one of the castles has a bug that I can not fix. If someone notices it (the ai destroys a building although it
can enter it without problems).

Rate it, leave suggestions and let me know some improvements / mistakes.
Have fun sieging the mighty wolf, the trademark enemy of crusader.
If you found a bug or something, let me know.
Lord Psyom


This castles needed a lot of time, and I often pressed escape for menu in the aiv editor and it closed itself. -_-
That is why some castles may seem to be made in a rush, although it was because I was annoyed. (Just 1 to be honest).
The next will be the sultan. His friendly way to reign and his stupidity to BUY the food he could easily produce
anyway is well known by any crusader player. I will not build round castles, as I never manage to build these.
Gl, hf.
Lord Psycom








AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
EaglePrince Nice work, I especially like how you made wolf8 and wolf4.
What I also like is that you kept those standard features for any wolfs castle, such as thick walls, etc...
The only possible downside is that somewalls seem be thicker than the gate, that is something I wouldn't do, but you did a good job here. :)
File Author
Thank you. These castles needed a lot of playtesting and also a lot of time to create. And I want to announce that I give up on the sultan. I don't know how to make those round castles... Thank you for the kind commentary.
Thicker walls than the gate? For example?
EaglePrince Indeed, one really needs a lot of patience for any of these.

Speaking of "walls thicker than the gate", I could give these examples:
Wolf5: There is some crenelated wall that is in front of the large gatehouse. Wolf wouldn't build something like that.
Wolf4: You have crenelated wall in front of the large gatehouse there as well.

By the way, it appears that Wolf2 is not being displayed.

By the way, you took those screenshots in Stronghold Europe? :) It's nice to meet another fan of the mod. I didn't notice that detail until now. :)
File Author
Yeah, I use that mod :).
I searched for a german mod and foudn this. It is the russian mod in german. And about the wall in front of the gate: I did it on purpose, that is my favourite kind of building gates. And yes, the normal wolf does not make this, but I wanted to give him at least a little bit of my touch as well.
Can I ask you something? As I gave up on the sultan, which npc / ai would you like to see next in my list?

Lord Psycom
Duc Vautour Good castle design. I really like it :)

and as for the next ai, i vote for the Abott
EaglePrince I think it would be better to listen to Duc Vautour, as I don't use those castles that much. I only download them, and keep them on my PC, and I put them into the game now and then, because I like things to be as they used to be. Also, now and then I play Crusader Trail missions, and I don't want to mess it up. :)

I'd also vote for Abbot, and for Lionheart as well.
File Author
Your wish is my command, and my wish is your command. The abbot, with his legion of monks. Or maybe the richard, I will decide that myself. Maybe I will post salahadin first, as I already made some castles for him.
Lord Psycom
Duc Vautour I believe that WOlf has a lot better economy than Richard. The wolf always supply his castle with ale and religion.

One thing that makes wolf seems so weak in a non-deatmatch early game is because he builds an arab troops when his industry or teritory were provoked. I suggest to build the mercenary post last or not building mercenary post at all. He will handle provocation with a much better troops(pikemen and archer/crossbowmen) if he is not having a merc post.
File Author
Hi Duc,
well, if that is what makes him weak, then ok, good to know. But again, I will not even try to make him better earlygame.
File Author
Just a little sidenote:
If you could NOT ignore my pig aivv pack, that would be more than awesome. It is up since more than a month now, not a single commend.

Lord Psycom

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