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LordPsycom Hi guys, this time I will not copy the readme into this,
I will just copy the most important info.

A castle set for Saladin, the arabian lord, that uses bowman, tower siege equipment and fire throwers to
defend, horse archers to harasse and all to attack.

As I always do, I stayed as near as possible to the ai's personality. This means for Saladin, that he is weak early game,
but is quicker in building his castle than the wolf, has a good economy and is strong against fire. His defence is weak though,
as he just uses bowman to defend.

I forgot he does not use killing pits though, and therefore I am sry that there are some in all of those. I never fought much
against saladin...

Rate it, leave suggestions and let me know some improvements / mistakes.
Have fun sieging the mighty, goodwilling Saladin, the whise.
If you found a bug or something, let me know.
Lord Psyom



Saladin 1:

Saladin 2:

Saladin 3:

Saladin 4:

Saladin 5:

Saladin 6:

Saladin 7:

Saladin 8:
Some site-notes here: This is NOT meant serious. This is just4fun. It is
not good, nor saladin-like. Ok, a bit like saladin, but not the form of
the castle.

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Rating: 3.5
(I like how you did those castles to be similar to original Saladin - you didn't change his character; at least not much. I like how you put the moat around entire castle, but the only thing I don't like are those killing pits which he wouldn't normally build.

Another stuff that should have been done differently here are economy buildings in front of his castle - example: Saladin2. He does have the front gatehouse there, but putting those buildings exposed to enemy attacks is something that no AI lord would do. Besides that, this way you made him way more vulnerable to attacks by opponents who use ballistae. This way anyone who sets to fire those bakeries will set to fire entire castle as well. Saladin does really build stuff outside his castle, but he doesn't expose himself to danger like this - that is part of the castle that will certainly be under attack - the front side of the castle. If at least one of the towers was closer to those buildings, it would be better.

Those castles I really like here are Saladin1 and Saladin7. Their economies are well defended there, they are less exposed then it is the case with some other castles.

Still, even on castle Saladin7 there is one thing, that I believe, should have been done differently: the way how you put ballistae and mangonels. I believe that you shouldn't have put mangonels to the right, and ballistae to the left. Instead of that: mangonels to the front, and ballistae to the back, so he wouldn't throw stone on his own men and castle.)

Additional Comments:
I would also like to remind you that this is a good rating from me. :) I plan to rate some more castles as well, and I have to stick to that rule: 5 is excellent, 4 is very good, 3 is good, etc... So, this is definitely good! :)
File Author,3963,,10
Duc Vautour if i wasn't mistaken this is the first time that you did a castle for an arabian lord am i right? this is not your best work and not my personal favourite of your work in terms of the looks. i wish you would update it and gave a aiv to play with.

anyway, Saladin main weakness is fire. he is one of the weakest ai when it cames to handling fire(besides the stupid rat and sultan who did not build water pot). even in his wiki page it was stated that he is weak against fire.try sieging saladi with nd without using fire(and cheap tactic such as mass horse archer) and you will see the difference

side note :

i always tought that the largest saladin castle(two tpwers front, and two big gatehouse on the side) are the most beautiful looking castle in his original file
File Author
Could you tell me what exactly dou think I made bad?
What I remember was that Saladin had big wells, towers with a small wall (2layers + crenel) outside his castle, and many many easy to burn things OUTSIDE his castle. So did I. I also opened the standart aiv's and don't think they are much different. So could you maybe specify your "not my favourite work" a bit more?

Anyway thank you for your comment. And yeah, it is my first arabian lord.
EaglePrince I believe he was thinking about that castle with six towers, and two large gatehouse. He has two towers near each gatehouse, and two towers in front. He also have a large moat in front - it looks like a pond. If that is the case, than I must agree with Duc Vautour! I like almost all his castles, but this one is somehow special. :)

I believe he meant to say that these castles are even more vulnerable to fire than Saladin used to be before. I also wrote few sentences about that in my review which needs to be approved yet.
File Author
Well **** it, no more strong aiv's then. And I put a lot of big well's in the castles, you can just not see a lot in the pics. You need to playtest the castles though, because I focus on the way the ai builds and the strengths / tempo...

I will just finish the richard pack and then ...
don't know. I tried to make these castles as near on the normal saladin as possible......
I put a lot of effort into these castles, not as much as in the wolves though, but a lot. I don't get it, it is like saladin.
Duc Vautour What i really mean is, even tough it ressembles his personality, i didn't really like the design though. Usually, i always like your design(especially for the sheriff)
EaglePrince You shouldn't take it wrong. He does like your work, although that doesn't mean he will like each AIV you create.

Speaking about time, we are all sure you put some time into this work, and mostly you do a good job! :) In fact, that's why we have forum, and there you can show us some of your work before you publish it. This way you can hear what others think, and each time to create something many people will like.
File Author
Until now no one besides you joined.
Well, hmmmmmmm.
I don't know.
I kinda was worried a bit about saladin at first, but then I thought, well that looks like saladin. and hmmm, well, that sure does not mean that you guys like it. But maybe that is not important in this case. Since my primary goal is to make castles as near as possible at the ai's, not to make you guys happy, although that is at least to me at the moment more important...
EaglePrince I don't know. I guess that the thing with Saladin is the fact that there is not much to do, except making moat around his entire castle like you did.

And, in case I didn't say it by now - I really like how you designed Saladin1 and Saladin7. Especially Saladin7!

Also, it is true that we don't want to change the AI's personality, but we must admit that we need to make something different, if we want to other players to use those castles in game. Just like you made the Sheriff - you made him really stronger, while I can still see his character there! I mean, I can see that this style you made evolved from the original Sheriff. :)
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