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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
This is my first Stronghold: Invasion scenario. Well i had been playing alot of these mods from this webby and I decided to make 1 and share it with ya guys.

I hope you guys enjoy it and pls comment and rate.

thanks and have fun :)
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File Author
P.s: I also put lesser events and invasion as i scared it's very hard to play. Pls gimme tips for me to improve in the upcoming maps which i'll be making
kingcat Please review victory conditions. Players are supposed to produce beer but you cannot build the hop farm.
File Author
This is something like build your city and repel the enemy. Outlaws (Some survivors) will come and give you a minor aid.

To win the game (Normal):

- 70 population
- 4000 gold
- 30 crossbow
- 30 pikes
- 30 leather
- 350 bread
- 60% drinking ale

- Buy hops to brew ale to feed the ppl (you can do this later unless you rush)

- Put wells near your bakery and weapon smiths (Fire can strike anywhere)

- Defence? well... arm something that the Rat can't pass. A WALL! Ha ha ha!

That was the review of the game.
palat It was a fun mission, a little easy for me, even playing on very hard. Managed to finish the map in 179 months, Nov 1080. Fulfilled objectives: 140 pop, 8000 gold, 60 xbows, 60 leather armor, 60 pikes, 700 bread, Ale 60%. Final score, 28427.

The economic side of this map is quite basic, although really quite relaxing to play, but with the occasional fire and thief events. Lots of space to expand, basic development. I didn't build any metal armor, instead opting to sell iron for gold. Alternated from +1 no tax all the way up to -12 through controlled rationing and ale coverage. Did not use any fear factor bonuses for production reasons. As soon as xbow requirements were met, I instantly switched production to bows and sold them for profit. Relied primarily on bread production to keep population well supplied with food. I opted to start ale consumption later in the game, although I didn't exactly "rush." Didn't build any wells, got lucky with fire, it only burnt useless buildings. Lastly, I saved the high ground for dairy farms and bakeries, and the low ground for wheat farms, uneven terrain for woodcutter and hunter's huts = maximized efficiency and potential. Ended up being quite crowded on the top right corner of the map :P

Military aspect of the map is sadly lacking. I basically used the two fords/chokepoints on the map to great effect. Was able to hold the chokepoints with about 40 archers and 50 xbows. The enemy was only able to destroy 1 gatehouse, that was about it.

Review coming up.

EDIT: Oh, and bought lots of wood. LOTS of wood.

[Edited on 07/26/15 @ 03:49 PM]

Map Design2.0

My previous comment should have covered my own personal experience with this map. As I mentioned, I found it to be a very casual sort of map, almost like a freebuild. The events were properly spaced out, so they did not come off as a nuisance.

There were no serious flaws in my playthrough. Everything worked as intended; there was no buggy pathfinding as is commonly the case with many complex SH maps. Simple maps, few problems of this sort - simple, solid, straightforward. That said, I was able to note two MINOR issues, the first being that enemy units tended to try to cross the river at the right-side chokepoint. The AI would send bows and xbows at my troops at both chokepoints, but for some reason, it would only send swords, pikes, and spears against the right point. The second issue of some significance is that any engineers spawning in the invasions would not properly build siege equipment.

Balance is where this map does suffer a bit. It is NOT hard. It is too easy - FAR too easy, not because it is easy to win, but because it is difficult to lose. As long as the player can set up a decent defense, the invasions can be repulsed easily, and there can effectively be as much time as needed available to complete the objectives - there's no time limit. That said, if the author chooses to update this map, I would strongly recommend AGAINST putting a hard time limit: firstly, it would feel unnatural in terms of gameplay (you would need to, at the very least, justify this time limit in the story), and secondly, it is very difficult to accurately assess how much time is actually needed without drastically changing difficulty. I was able to complete the mission in little under 15 game-years, but of course, I was playing on VH. Also, remember, we all have different levels of skill when it comes to SH. So, to recap, don't set a hard time limit, because a lot of factors will have to be taken into account. Rather, change the invasions so they are larger and more effective. Relevant to this map, that is the better choice of the two.

Creativity and map design, or what may be called aesthetics, may be (and should be) further improved on. While I liked the ruins and the attempt at detail, the map needs some novelty. Map design, especially with terrain, is very crude - many things appear to have been hastily drawn. Many rough, unblended, unnatural edges. Terrain types do not blend into each other, as well. For instance, the beach area contrasts highly with the adjacent grassland. Check out some tutorials on the site for advice.

I appreciated the story that came with the map, but there is not too much to be said here, as it serves as a good introductory paragraph but is wholly unoriginal. This work has a lot of potential, with its good gameplay; it just needs a lot of polishing.

palat Review has been posted and should appear shortly.
hobbitholeisback Hey are people still active here? I mean I keep seeing uploads, but none of mine have gone through. From the mini-map it looks like an intriguing scenario.. I intend to play this as soon as I have time this week!
palat Yes, some of us are still active. Uploads take time before they appear as they need to be approved by the Downloads admin (ericgolf). He's on at least once every two weeks.

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Map Design2.0
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