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A new Commander

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
You are the new Commander, take control and get the Defences up! The other Lords want this Castle, cause of it's strategical Placement. This Castle can counter many Attacks! It's made for long Sieges! Get Supplies for the Villagers, they will work even under Siege! The Gates and Stairs are build for that, don't change it inside, they are also made for your Protection! The Castle Walls are Strong, get the Weapon- and Foodproduktion inside the Castle running. Use Your Gates while under Siege, to move your Men in a fighting Area! Every Area can only reached thruth Gates, Stairs are inside! The Castle is now in your Hands, good Luck Mylord!

(Read the Text below, there are helpfull Tipps and Informations, about the Story. It Matches with the Screenshots,in the Download.)

This is our best Castle, get it back to it's old Strenght. High guarded and full of Stocks! Times ago hundred Swordmen, protected the inner City. While Knights patrol the Area. Archers on the Walls and Ballista on the Tower.
This Castle was nearly captured. Walls falling down, they destroyed the Gate. The Swordmen protected the Kings inner Ring. They fought their Way through the destroyed City and won the Battle!

The southern Stonemine was always their own Way, to fix the damaged Walls. The northern Stone, was always in fighting and difficult to protect. The Iron Mines in the Castle Area, will allow a high ammount, of Heavy armoured Soldiers! In the Backside of the Castle, there were Cornplantages. But Wolfs attack them. The Archers must have a good Eye on the Fields below of them.
Hunters protect the Farms and Villagers, cause they plaiced in the Wildlife, near our Settlements.

Our old Commander died, while he was working with his Men, outside in the Water. The Men of the Pig surrounded him. He falls by smashing the Enemy back. What Tale can your Commander tell? He stands upstairs on the Wall and take a look to your Villagers below.

(Szenario is NOT lost, if Commander (Pikeman)dies!)

Wooden Palisade was the cheapest in the early time. They protect the Farms. Later it become a Defence Stone Wall!
The Castle is build on high Ground. The Enemy can only reach you, when they come thruth the Gates, in the Backside of the Castle!

In our Forrests, around our Territory, live Freeman. Maybe they want to be safe, in the Castle. Instead of beeing outside, when the Invasions coming. Our Animal Wildlife will not allow them, to move to our Castle! They also want to join, when our Population gets higher or our King is getting Good or Bad!

It is a produktion Castle also. Corn is produced, the smell of the Backery's, always I remember. I hear Weaponproduktion, smashing Metal and the work with Wood, all around the Weaponary. We had many Supplies, as we lost the Farms and the Farm-Area. The Castle Walls shaking, while we where sieged. Now we had only the Castle and the People inside safe.

I think the Rat will be the first One, he got the nearest Territory. The following are the Snake, the Pig and the Wolf. We must hold the Gates! After a Attack of the four Lords, we had sometime to rebuild and regroup!
The Other Lord's main Castles, are close together. Their last Attack will be lead, by the Lords themself. They will Attack with their Elite Guardians, at same Time!

Now it's your turn Commander, think about what u learned in the military Academy. Protect your Villagers. Move your Men and lead them into the Battle!
The Castle Army strenght is low, the other Lords know that. They will immediatly send small Groups, from their nearby Territorys. The Armys of the Lords will be stronger, when the Garrisons of their Strongholds arrive.

This Castle can change the whole War, defend it!
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File Author
Update Version 1.1

Main changes: Difficulty Increased!

I played this Map several times, to get a good difficulty in it.

-Increase Invasion Strenght
-Lower the game time
-Longer Final Invasion

I test my Maps on Hard or Impossible difficulty. I want to get a good feeling on both.

Always when i start a new game, it's getting easier.
So, choose the difficult after your feeling and skill.

What is your difficulty, to test this Map?
Feel free to tell me, if this map is too easy or too hard for your selected Skill.

Good Luck and enjoy playing!

[Edited on 01/20/16 @ 09:17 AM]

EaglePrince It looks interesting, I hope to try it when I find some more time. :)
File Author
Thank you!

It would be great, when you tell me, what happened in your Game.
Stratego This map being played on normal difficulty level is definitely way too hard for the average player as I am; I've survived until 1068, but I got overrun by the final blast of siege attacks; never had any chance to reject those masses of enemy troops...especially pikemen and knights.
File Author
Oh Man, nearly done! It's difficult for me, to select the Invasion strenght. Which Version did you play?

After playing this Map sometimes, i got a Plan in my head, what i had to place and when.

The defences for your Farms are important.
Stone walls, gate and (Trench or Moat don't know in english version). Build it near the Iron Mines, and a strong wall, where no trench is. So you can run your econemy.

Place Oil near the Trench and place shilds on the Towers and build some new for Ballista or at the end Mangols. They did in my oppinion a better job sometimes.

Get Cavalry, to run down the Enemy Sieges if they are not protected.

After having a good amount of Archers get the Crossbow-produktion up.

When the Bards comming (+16) get the Taxes up, it lasts sometime. But don't forget to get them down again!

At the End of the game i always decided to become good to get a fighting Bonus.

What happend in your game? Do you had problems by defending your Farms?
Was it the last Invasion, that brought you down? Or was it a economy damage, invasion before?
File Author
At some point, Stronghold maps are getting easy. Espacially when no trade limits are given or the Game time is long. Both are in my map. I will force the Player, to make use of all stuff, that are giving (Economy and Military). Later in that game u are getting rich. But the Player will need it, cause the Invasions are getting strong ( as you read it before ;) ).

So thank you Stratego for commenting, it will help for future projects.
I will wait for more comments until i make an upgrade or maybe change the map description difficulty in Impossible.
I hope you enjoyed playing anyway :).

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