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Valley of salvation

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Made with version: 1.2

Comments? Anybody?..
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stefandeaglee Salvation belongs to God who's the only able to save. If you believe that a valley is able to save, this makes you look fool, because one valley is not alive thing, to be able to save. The valley is a dead place, which cannot do anything connected with salvation. So the name of your map is wrong.
Timballisto This seems to be a pretty cool-looking map, I'll try building a castle in it.

I feel compelled to point out that this map's title is valid. The word "salvation" does not have a purely theological connotation, although it does appear most frequently in that context.
stefandeaglee Seems like you don't pay attention on the meaning of the word, which is actually the important. How does appears, and in the godly way of using, and in the worldly way of using, still don't make sence for connection with a valley.
File Author
Hmmm. Thanks for clearing it. I didn't intend to give it a theological meaning, but I haven't found better worldly alternative for the word in my vocabulary.
Though I would disagree that a place can not be claimed giving rescue, being a safe place when you can rebuild your life, start everything over; establish a new strong village in that case, that is.
Anyway, I'm open for any better title offerings.

I would also like to see comments on the map itself and screenshots of castles you've built there.
Here is mine:

[Edited on 12/12/16 @ 01:10 AM]

stefandeaglee My offer is "Valley of constructing"
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
This is a pretty nice little free build. There are lots of options for where to build your city, and you have to make some decisions about how to use the limited oasis space. The map design allows a lot of creativity in choosing how your fortifications are built, which is fun. So is choosing how your buildings are placed among the cliffs. There are enough resources to accomplish what you want.

Balance: 3.5
Well, it's a free build. It's not really hard in any way, but it does give you a little bit to think about in terms of how your economy is built.

Creativity: 4
I like that the map is on a coastline, also there are a variety of viable keep locations which can provide for a number of interesting castles.

Map Design: 4.5
The map is quite well-made. The coastline is pleasant-looking. The small oasis which is on a plateau and the two dry creek beds found in the mesa at the edge of the map are also highlights. The farmland looks nice. The areas which were painted with sand dunes look okay, I've never been a big fan of the appearance of large areas of sand dune though, and that's the only thing I can really find fault with. Everything else is nicely done.

Story/Instructions: 2
Well, there isn't one. I can imagine one fairly easily, but I can't give you a score higher than this without a story. I'd be interested to know how the builder of the castle came to this place.

Additional Comments:
This is a pretty little free build! It is good for making compact castles surrounded by scattered buildings.
Timballisto Gave you a review Kosvid, it's a nice free build!

Here are some pictures of the resulting castle:
Liebatron Dude, "Valley of Salvation" is a great title. It works perfectly and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, the construct " of Salvation" isn't just acceptable, it's *common*. If you google *" of salvation" it returns 89 *million* results. If you google "Valley of Salvation", it returns 298 thousand results, and *one* of those is this:

The Latin name of this Abbey is Vallis Salūtis, which, in English, means "Valley of Salvation."

In this title, "Valley" is the object of the preposition "of", meaning that the valley is in some way a component of someone or something's salvation. Salvation often has religious *connotations*, but connotation and meaning are not synonymous.

All "salvation" really means is the idea that you're being saved *from* something. In Christianity "salvation" is used to refer specifically to the concept of salvation from *Hell*, from a life of sin, salvation from divine judgment, but salvation *can* be from anything. And the object of salvation does not necessarily have to be alive. In fact, it's pretty common to refer to places as "Places" of Salvation. That construct is most commonly used to refer to churches, but it's also used to refer to other types of structures, regions, or other broad, loosely defined locations.

A glass of water can be a person's "Drink of Salvation" if it saves them from dehydration. A brick can be a "Brick of Salvation" if it prevents a building from collapsing on someone. A valley can be a "Valley of Salvation" if its presence saves someone from starvation, detection, invasion, privation, or anything else. According to Christian belief, only God can offer you salvation *of your soul*, but salvation is not exclusively a religious concept, and even if it were it wouldn't change the fact that it can come in many different shapes and forms.

And I'm not just being facetious here; those are all legitimate examples. In "The Thessalonian Doctrine", by Larry Killion, on page 104, there is actually a point at which the author uses the phrase "THE BRICK OF SALVATION."

This map features a valley in which you can *safely* build a castle, grow food, develop a city, and protect you and save your people from all varieties of harm. It is literally a Valley of Salvation from *everything*.

[Edited on 12/12/16 @ 08:07 PM]

stefandeaglee A glass of sweet water, can save your body in the desert, but let's return to the topic.
I have answers on these yours words:
'A valley can be a "Valley of Salvation" if its presence saves someone from starvation, detection, invasion, privation,'

People themselves save their bodies, by finding this valley, because of hunger. If you deny of your legs and hands, then don't use them, because people first must went to this valley to eat fruits from it, and they must work on this valley, to get food from it. Starvation, drops out.

The valley does not save human from detection, but human alone save his body, as hiding himself in this valley, if he is a criminal. If you mean that the valley itself, is hard for detecting, know that his searching and instinct save his body from detecting, and not the valley. Detection, drops out.

If you claimed that a valley with its presence can be salvation from invasion, then how did the human get there? By using his mind and his will, that's how he went there. And if he is not defending the valley, others also will get there, on the valley. So a valley, can't save from invasion, but human alone can save his body, using his moves. Or the other humans which defending this valley, can save the body of the one who went there. Invasion drops out.

If God didn't putted in people, ability of creation, then people would have not be able to create things, therefore then people wouldn't have knew how to use all kinds of foods and resources. Example: if people wasn't knew how to create fire, they wouldn't have feeding with much kinds of meat, because they wouldn't have knew how to cook it. Also if God didn't put in people ability of exploring, they wouldn't have knew how to explore things. Like example: if people didn't knew how to combinate water with flour, as connect them with fire, then they wouldn't have knew how to make bread. If they didn't knew how to combinate water with beans, water with lens, as connect them with fire, then they wouldn't have cook and eat these, and else kinds of these foods. If people didn't knew how to explore things, then they wouldn't have knew how to process things, and if they didn't knew how to process things, they wouldn't have knew how to create instruments, and if they didn't knew how to create instruments, they wouldn't have knew how to cut and process wooden things from trees, as first people exploring these new things. People would have not be able to transform the things, from one to another, if they hadn't abilities to explore and create new things. But what's the point actually? If God didn't putted in people the abilities to explore and create new things, then people wouldn't have learn new things, and if people were not learning new things, they wouldn't have learned how to use the goods of the earth, and if people didn't learned how to use the goods of the earth, the foods and the other resources, then people wouldn't have use the goods of the earth. For that reason, people wouldn't have knew what are their privations, their needs. So people themselves save their bodies, as using the ablilities of exploring and creation, which God put in them, to explore and create things with which to process the goods on the earth, for fill of their privations. The valley itself only produces the food, it doesn't process it, and if you deny the process, then don't buy cooked food, and don't cook the food, but buy raw food, and eat raw food, for as you eat raw food, if it's dirty, you may die from it, and so if you eating raw food, the valley brings you death, not salvation. Much raw foods are even not fit for eating, so there are your privations. If you do not deny the process, then don't try to clear the name of this map, because it is wrong!

The name Jesus Christ, means Saviour Anointed, and only the Saviour can save. Jesus is God, and only God can save.

[Edited on 12/14/16 @ 06:09 AM]

File Author
I think you are taking things too literally. You can transfer any properties given to anything higher and higher finishing with God. That seems to be what is called reductio ad absurdum.
Though, the thing is that most of properties are given by out own mind and can't be claimed completely objective. So you can deny all the subjective properties starting with beauty and finishing with colour. What is colour, what is colour of *anything* in fact, without conditions, does it exist at all as an objective property or "invented" by people (God, devil, Universe mind, whatever) - those are all phylosophy questions and a subject for an endless discussion.

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Map Design4.5
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