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The divided kingdom

Author File Description
lord dredde
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
Hello this is my first new scenario for sometime now,a mini-series i have been working on for about 18months.

The divided kingdom a six part series in the fictional kingdom of Vennheim

The first chapter is ,A hasty retreat'

Your character has survived an attack,leaving your parents dead and you and a few survivors have fled north set up camp and vow revenge,unfortunately Your uncle's spies have found you even in this remote part of the Kingdom.Defend your people against,bandits,wolves bears and the murderous ambition of Duke Rothberg.

This was originally intended as the 'unseen bits' of The hit show 'Game of Thrones' I got the idea while listening to the great Jimi Hendrix's 'All along the watchtower'.

Stuff not featured- the Wall and dragons Dragons (1) tried this with the editors for SH2 and Legends with some success and as for dragons,Who can forget That episode?southern westeros looking like Monument valley,the dothraki war cries in the distance and then.. Death from above with Drogon- awesome!!

Authors' notes- weapons/trade are restricted,
there are no fires in any of the scenarios as i find them REALLY annoying especially when you have built your settlement,and have to start again.

The invasions vary in strength,so balancing your industries is important and do watch out for those pesky bandits,but as Duke Rothburg placed a huge reward for your capture dead or alive(preferably dead) they might just fight the Duke's soldiers.

The only crops that cant be grown are apples,something to do with an old legend involving a witch and a local chieftain.

Any questions or advice for this mission just leave a message here.

full story is with the file
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 1.5
There are two points where I believe the playability of this scenario could be significantly improved. The first is that it seems far longer, at 63 game years, than it needs to be. It took about five hours on speed 40 excepting the final six years which were spent at speed 90. The play is mostly homogeneous throughout, so it becomes tedious to repel repeating invasions and have to do nothing but rebuild damaged walls every once in a while. The second point is that having been very long playing already, I was frustrated when the "Time Until Last Battle" bar met its end, and yet the scenario was not over. This is typically a symptom of repeating invasions which are not turned off, which made me believe that the scenario was not actually winnable. After quitting the game and looking in the editor I saw that victory occurred a full 6 years after the progress bar was full. I don't know how many players would stick around to see that happen without first checking that their efforts had not been in vain by consulting the map editor. The remedy for this, if there is a desire to maintain the same invasion schedule while not misguiding the player, is to turn off repeating invasions before the last scheduled invasion iteration. Then, script an invasion manually with the same number of troops as would have appeared, and the time until last battle will display correctly. These two issues reduced this score considerably. Where I thought this scenario's playability was strong was in the complexity of the landscape coupled with the limitation of having only wooden walls, as well as the almost full palette of troop types available for recruitment. In the end I had many wooden walls laid about the map bedecked with red flags waving in the wind.

Balance: 2
Owing to the great availability of resources, especially wood early in the game, and the strong starting force given to the player, this map does not present a great challenge. I completed it on Very Hard on my first attempt. The tree fungus may have eventually caused trouble had it had more repetitions, but as there were so many trees on the map to begin with that in short order they grew back as thick as they had ever been. There were many other events, but none of them interfered with my ability to raise an army to any degree that I felt threatened by them.

Creativity: 3
This score was awarded on the basis of some of the things already mentioned, such as the wood walls combined with the landscape and the troop selection. Otherwise it is a lengthy map of repeating invasions.

Map Design: 4
The map design in this scenario features some good terrain work, with undulating valleys carved into the earth and a strong-looking seaside cliff on which to build your fortress. There are clusters of rocks on the summits of the hills to represent peaks of barren rock. These could have perhaps been dressed up a bit more carefully, but that aside this scenario is appealing to the eye.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story does a decent job of explaining the situation. I especially appreciate the idea that the bandits represent bounty hunters. However I am also not sure how the character in the story represents an obstacle to the throne - a potential threat perhaps, but seeing as the Snake had successfully driven the player into effective exile, actually taking the throne should have been a simple matter if there was no other resistance. Also if the player is the only other claimant to the throne, I think the Snake would have attempted to kill him in one fell swoop once he knew where he was, rather than sending piecemeal forces to deal with him.

Additional Comments:
If you want to play a map where you recruit crossbowmen and archers for about five hours and watch them slaughter rank after rank of enemy soldiers, and sometimes see bandits and yellow troops blunder into one another, this scenario will stand you in good stead. It may be good for someone looking to relax and kill a lot of time while overseeing a wooden fort, but if you are looking for something that demands greater attention, I cannot in good conscience do otherwise than recommend you look elsewhere. However, I think that with only some minor adjustments this scenario could be significantly improved and holds much potential!

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Map Design4.0
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