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4 Character Castle mod

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 4
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2-E

4 Char Castle mod from Krarilotus

To view a german introduction Video with english descriptive texts, go and visit this link:

Important Notes:

- The download contains 7 maps, 3 of which are singleplayer and 4 of which are multiplayer enabled.
- You need to install the Unofficial Crusader Patch (UCP) to run this skirmish. To obtain the Unofficial Crusader Patch, visit sh0wdowns github page:
- You need to backup and replace certain gamefiles in order to run this mod. The complete installation instructions are provided below and also as a pdf inside the download.
- To play this mod in Multiplayer, each player must follow the instructions step by step to get exactly the same setup before the game starts
- These maps were made with the normal Stronghold Crusader 1.41
- Current supported Version of the UCP is 2.13
- AIV Files were made with the modified Version of the original AIV Editor from firefly studios in order to increase the limit of siegeengines placeable

As always, have fun guys! :D
Thanks to Zaph0D and Van Hinten for playtesting this mod together with me.


6 of the maps come with a story...
bilder internet hochladen

Now some maptexts to get you started and after that the instructions:

bilder internet hochladen

map: 4Char hillside easy
Hot and dry in the summerheat, lying on the sun lounger near the pool, sipping from that icecold drink, when suddenly your personal adviser sprints with his satellite phone in his hand around the corner and states:
Mylord, we’ve got a problem! The riffraff has united and doesn’t pay taxes anymore! They are already building up a castle and taking control of our land! Mylord, I advise you to take immediate action and show them where they belong.

It is your turn. From high above everyone else, you can watch these little lazy snails advance… or better, you spank them back to the ground, until they never rebel again. Conquer the castle and grind it back to the ground, they should all die!

bilder internet hochladen

map: 4Char swamp
Can you smell that too? The sultry fumes from the septric tank? Or the stink of the rotting cows, uuuääh, another bessy bites the dust. While the corpse decomposes in our frontyard, high towers loom in the sky, concealing the beautiful sinking evening sun. It’s time to remove those, before it gets dark!
There should be some ressources around here, between venomous pong and thrown away rocks, right? Oh whats that: today it must be your pitch-day. (sounds better in german!)
So let’s go, remove the plague and purify the land, for clean energy, for the environment, for the future and for a free view into the evening sky!

bilder internet hochladen

4Char desertking horror
Sleep deprivation is torture! Are we talking, or are you already dead? Are you sleeping? Is this your nightmare?
Tiredly you are looking at your display, slightly obscured you realize, that something has contaminated your Stronghold Crusader Exe. You sweep with your big, hairy hand over the fogged screen. It’s cold in here, brrrrr…. Two of these monsters at once? Are you kidding? They stare at you with their big eyes. You can hear the mangonel rocks hitting the castle, no more than 10 meters away of your campfire… or is there a big fire erupting just now? Seems like, it wasn’t a good idea to move out of your parents house into your keep. Now you have to tactically fiddle your way out of this critical situation.

How to cope these beasts? Forest to the left and to the right, rocks and trash all around you, blocking free space. A tiny piece of farmland on the enemies side and some small ressources to your back is all you’ve got. You have to fight for every millimeter! So prepare yourself, no rest until the victory is secured!

bilder internet hochladen

map: 4Char multiplayer
A loud roaaaaar from the horn of your allies shredds the silence to pieces. They finally arrived Mylord. No Chance for this overwhelming enemy, when you smash his castle from 3 sides at once. You got hold of three quarters of the map, only the last one stands between you and total domination.

The easiest position has the top right player, with huge grasland and more than enough space. All players got some ressources, but the least ressources has the player on the bottom right, who even fights for his tiny grasland.
The map works also well, if you want a little singleplayer skirmish against the 4Char castle, but all the AI’s will only target you instead of your friends.

bilder internet hochladen

map: 4Char multiplayer hard
Rumor has it that there is a large fortification in the countryside. Your scouts reported large armys marching towards you. They wont stop at the coast, driven by greed they will come for your islands aswell. Now it is time to ally with the other island lords and ladies and use that little space you have to its maximum efficiency, to assert oneself against the overwhelming enemy and stop their reinforcements by crushing their castle.

Spacelimitations are your biggest concern. Maybe you are able to conquer some of the mainland and expand your industries. The position of the mountains might give some good opportunity to bombard their huge fortress and deal substantial damage to their economy!

bilder internet hochladen

map: 4Char multiplayer veryhard
Stoooop…. dont run away just yet! Underneath this big quadratic block of stone lies the biggest treasure ever seen by mankind. Jewels, diamonds, gold. But most importantly: the original version of Stronghold Crusader Extreme HD! We just started with the excavations, when we encountered resistence. Protesting AI’s have allied and now occupy the treasure. They seem to not like being removed by restoring the original state of the game. They fight with dogged determination to stop our miners from digging out our object of desire. If they would just move, a bit, just slightly…. Damn it!
Seems like we have to get rid of them the hard way!

You can bring up to three allies to the table and in this epic fight for land, treasure and glory. It might seem like a tight fit in the narrow corner, but if you can claim some space up the hill, there might be a chance to expand your economy. You just need to secure your tunnel, then you should be good to go!

bilder internet hochladen

map: multiplayer squad
make sure to give the AI's the last 4 colors, black, light blue, green and purple!

Now lets post some instructions how to get this mod installed:

To install the 4 Char game mode by Krarilotus you need the Unofficial Crusader Patch (UCP) by Sh0wdown. Download version 2.13 here:
-> download UnofficialCusaderPatch_v2.13.exe

The gamedirectory refers to your Stronghold Crusader Extreme install path. The maps directory refers to the path user/documents/Stronghold Crusader and means the MapsExtreme folder. If the the MapsExtreme folder doesnt exist yet, just copy the MapsExtreme folder from the download in its place.

Installation steps:
1. create a backup of your current aiv folder inside your gamedirectory, e.g. by renaming it to aiv_backup
2. copy the aiv folder from the download to your gamedirectory
3. copy the aic folder from the download to your gamedirectory
4. copy the MapsExtreme folder from the download to your maps-folder directory
5. copy the ucp.cfg into the same directory as the UCP v2.13 exe
6. install the UCP v2.13 onto your gamedirectory with the following recommended settings
- Bugfixes: tick all boxes
- AI lords: tick boxes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6:
-> increase attacking troops limit to 500
-> no demolishing for gold: tick the first two subboxes
-> increase rate of additional attack troops: tick second box with the slider on 0.3
- Units: tick all boxes
- Other: tick all boxes except Spectator-mode and Extend fireproof duration
- AIV: untick all boxes
- AIC: tick only the 4Char.aic box
7. start the game Stronghold Crusader Extreme and choose a map
8. Select each of Wolf, Saladin, Richard and Nazir. Ally them and place them on the 4 consolidated starting positions as follows:
- Wolf top
- Saladin right
- Richard bottom
- Nizar left
-> watch out: For the singleplayer map 4Char desertking horror exist 3 additional consolidated starting positions on the right side. For these select one Wolf, one Saladin and one Nizar. Place the Wolf to the left, Saladin on top and Nizar on the bottom and ally all 3 with the first 4 allied AI’s.
9. start the game with 7k gold for the human to 20k gold for the AI
-> If you want a little challange, you can set the gold even to 3k to 40k.

additional multiplayer notes:
To play a multiplayer match, all players have to have exactly the same game version. So follow the instructions step by step exactly as described in this document, to make sure that each and everyone of you has exactly the same Stronghold Crusader Exe before you start.

Good luck and have fun everyone!
by Krarilotus
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samec12 This is the best mod I have played so far. I recommend it for every sc fan! The existing maps are great and I would love to see new maps for multiplayer.

[Edited on 04/17/20 @ 08:57 AM]

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