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In the End

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
This is a much better effort than my previous two maps. I've put in a lot of landscape which makes it more interesting, and the landscape even comes into play for your tactics.
I designed it to be the final castle in a campaign series, where our hero (you) finally storms the stronghold of the evil lord, and rids the land of his menace. You can play it as the defender, but it is so easy that you don't need to do anything but sit back and watch.
If you play it as the attacker, you have a near-impossible task to complete. I have yet to figure out how to succeed myself.
I hope you enjoy it, and if you manage to crack it, please post your tactics in the forums. I want to know how myself! If no-one does so by neyears 2004, I'll declare this castle impregnable!
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Map Design3.0
Playability 2 : Award you tried to make an impossible map, I played it as attacker, like you advise... but at easy. I didn't remember to did this before, at least for my first try. Since I made some mistake, perhaps could I beat this map at normal. My chance will enhance if I will use advanced option, but I didn't use this anymore for a long time now. At least did you allow players to turn around the castle to attack different sides. It's a good thing to allows players differents ways, so differents tactics. A good point, even if I think turning around the castle is perhaps not the best tactic. Frankly I dont know if I want to try again to beat your map. That could prove (only for me) that playability is perfectible. However challenging me in the intro text, is probably not enough to push me to obstination.

Balance 2 : your goal is to make an impossible map as attacker ? lucridiously easy as defender ? (But it's was obviously not the goal to play this map as defender isn't it ?). Making a very hard map is... very easy. Myself I made and make very hard map, even it's was not at all my goal. I try to correct this problem. Everybody could make impossible map to beat, it's so easy. A carricature : I put a keep with 50 swordmen and give you a spearmen and that's all. After that could I said "I'm a champion ! Nobody can crack my map !" I could say you : it's very sad, and not glorious.
If making an impossible map is very easy, making a good map, well balanced, is very hard. I think you can do far better if you change your goal. It's a game, the goal is players win, not loose. Players could be very happy to beat a difficult map, because it's more existing and glorious, but a few enjoy defeat, especially if they feel they have no hope.

Creativity 3 nothing special.

Map design 3 on the average for a siege map, but you said you made an effort, and I could only encourage you in this way. A good looking map is important really. It could encourage player to try again even he had loose at first try, and could make him to flee the map immediatly without playing it if the map is ugly. It's simple : if no effort is made on the landscape (the same is true for story) the player could suspect no effort had been made in all compartiment of the map... and vis versa.

story/instruction 2 : well story is a little weak, instruction is close to be a challenge close to a provocation :) but both story and instruction exist some way.

Well tactic since it seems you have interrest on this. My tactic was very basic : play at easy, and frontal brutal attack... but not at start. I build a treb and wait for macemen and knight I ambushed and slaughtered them wave after wave. I used cliffs as blind spot to destroy some towers and the gate, as well as severly weakened hand to hand combat inside garrison with plaged cow (as well as fallen xbowmen). At the end I was able to build 5 or 7 more trebs, but I was out of patience. I had previously build two siege towers (an insurance because stairs existed) and as many shields I could. I launch the assault : shields and missile troop were here as target to fool the ennemies from the real danger : my heavy troops (you gave too few macemen for an efficient use). My knights slaughtered remnant ground troops and then patrolled in the bailey to fool ennemy xbowmen. By stairs and with my siege towers my hand to hand combat troops climbed on the castle wall and walk directly to the keep under a rain of quarrel. All xbowmen on their way or close to it where whiped out, since my loose grew. Your castle is not partitionned. Once your are at top of the walls it's an highway to the keep. Overhelmed, outnumbered, The lord finally died with all of his swordmen. But it was bloody.
You can considere I didn't crack your map. I even didn't claim it. I played it at easy... and don't have any motivation to play it again even for the challenge.

Conclusion : I think you can do far better, if you change your goal. It's a game, and players like win. Making a map in the way to make it impossible is a non sense.

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Map Design3.0
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