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Helm's Deep

Author File Description
Sir Fingolfin
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
(WARNING:IT'S HARDLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU PLAY THIS MAP AT HARD) Gather here Toliken fans!!! And also you lords that really love this game.I was thinking of modelling a real castle for you. And when I was thinking, I remebered the legendary wars and sieges that was told of in the greatest book of the 20. century, Lord of the Rings.I decided to simulate the first great battle in the book, Defending Helm's Deep.I tried hard to create the vision of the castle step by step, reading the description Toliken made in his book.There may be things that you have different in mind. For example I found out that the main castle was lower than the Helm's Rampart when I completed the map. But I was very impatient to release this map for you, so I left it as I did it first. Also I am not sure of the exact place that river's bed is located.I wasn't able to make the tides that come from the back of the stronghold, which were cut by tree-men, becuse it requires a fairly big place and there are no walking trees in the game!:))
I was upset to find out that you cannot have more than 200 from one unit type. I was planning to use macemen to symbolize orcs.I couldnt also put archers to the attacking force because orcs needded to have a massive land force of infantries.The game limited my dreams, as you see :) But I had to use other units to represent the army of darkness.I had to insist on the balance of the forces very much to create the atmosphere in the story. And after playing the map again and again at different toughnesses, I found out the optimum number of soldiers and the optimum level to play it. Again, I hardly recommend you to play it HARD. I am going to finish my words with these last offers for you to play it in the real atmosphere of the book.Here are my recommendations:
- At the first stage, don't ever forget to place archers in the best locations to make them attack each second.
- You cannot stop them from passing the hole on the wall and the river, but when they start to ram the castle gates, run and dispatch them with your cavalries or swordsmen(this is what happens in the story, cavalries symbolize Knights of Rohan and swordsmen represent the group of Aragorn and Eomer.Their swords shall be drawn to protect the gates), they shouldnt be able to ruin that gate till their 3rd or 4th tide.
- Don't forget the archers on the wall on the south, you can bring them to the castle using stairs on the mountains.
- You will see some spaces (which symbolize caves) in the mountains on the south. There are monks in them (which symbolize dwarf Gimli and the warriors near him) and you would better use them when their last tide is on their way. You may bring them into the castle using the same stairs on the mountains.
- Have fun! And don't let the lord (King Theoden) be slained!
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Map Design4.0
Playability: Good. I went a while on this one!
Balance: Good. Fair, army vs orcs!
Creativity: A bazillion of these maps, but added his own twist!
Map Design: Read above!
Story: Bad. Already used!
Instructions: Good points out where your army is!
Map Design4.0
Playability:If you look at my name then you can see I'm a big fan of Tolkien and I, as a fan, like this map. I found the map very playable but some parts annoyed me, but I will talk about these parts later. But qua playability I'll give you a 4 (maybe a bit to easy?).

Balance: Like I said, a bit to easy perhaps, for both attacker and defender. The A.I. also doesn't function well in this map, to bad. 4

Creativity: You have taken a Tolkien-castle, which is not very original. But you have changed a map a bit so that it doesn't really look like Helms deep any more, in some parts this worked, in other parts ... for example, the deeping wall is now not usable anymore, the enemy immediately storms at the great gate. when I play this map I immediately move my archers from the deeping wall to the main gate, I didn't like this. I did like the caves, but I feel that they are ill placed, the caves should be connected with the Hornburg instead of the place after the deeping wall. This section gets a 3 from me.

Map design: This is a very good map qua map design, a few things were a little rough however but not a lot. the map design gets a deserved 4.

Story/Instructions: Little story, but the map doesn't need a long story. Maybe a bit more about the history of the castle ... 3

Overall: Nice and good try at Helms deep.
Map Design4.0
Hello People, am new to stronghold heaven, but i have been playing it for 2-3years, i loved the game its so resltic and pretty much the only middle ages game thats good, becuase u can put archer on tower most relly anways a big fan. i like the new downloads u people have which came across to this one its inpressive..... but... somhow needs work...

(Playabilty [4] )-Its fun, little to easy, and kinda riged i killed all the emines before they all came, and its annoying becuase the guys come for you too quick and you dont even have a chance to do anything, and u cant attack only defend...

(Balance [3] )- pretty much what i said before reacts with balance, also that ur gates get torn off in 5seconds but the archers last forever.

(Creativity [5] )- it takes a long time to make a map like this and blancing everything it gets hard,and this map has to be one of the best ones i see i have to give it a 5.

(Map design [4] )- needs to be fixed in some spots but pretty good.

(Story/ Instructions [3] )- The rohan soilder come to early and now eough of them,the archer dont relly stand a chance agasint the crossbowman, and the mace man wip out the ones on the left so quickly, its becuase of the tower to many there should be ladders not huge towers those come int the end. i cant destory the tower. (decent though)
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Map Design3.8
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