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Beaumaris Castle 1335 A.D.

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Beaumaris Castle is considered the perfect expression of the concentric theory of design. The castle is located on the Isle of Anglesey in the center of a flat piece of land that in Medieval times was a marsh. Beaumaris was the last of the great Edwardian castles of Wales. Edward I had his chief engineer Master James of St.George design it and the flat expanse of land allowed him to design his masterpiece. A castle that is almost perfectly symmetrical. Like most of Master James's designs the castle had access to the sea and was equipped with a dock for ships. The sea, which has since receded, fed the broad moat that still surrounds two concentric rings. A low outer ward around a high square inner ward. The castle was designed for the crossbolt and arrow. Master James's brilliant design produces a triple covering of fire at any given point and is impervious to sappers. Tragically the castle was never fully completed even though work continued for 35 years and at one point employed over 3,500 workmen. Beaumaris was garrisoned but never put to the test. Not a single shot was ever fired in its defence. Perhaps its formidable appearance was deterrent enough.

Authors Notes: This map is designed to be played as an attacking siege only. I suggest playing on Normal difficulty which is the intended level of challenge. The map will work on any difficulty level and will even play as a defensive siege but is not designed as one. I have taken the liberty of completing the castle so as to fully utilize the brilliant design of this fortress. The map is true however to the actual plan of the castle and the intended fortress of Master James of St. George. The completed plan of the castle and the one used for the basis of this map can be referenced in the following publication: Castles of England, Scotland and Wales, page 75, by Paul Johnson, Harper and Row Publishers 1989. I have also used my own pictures taken when I visited the castle in 1993.
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 5/5

I have been playing Beaumaris on and off for weeks now, such is the highly addictive nature of the map. Anyone who is nuts about castles will appreciate the potential for Beaumaris being extremely difficult to take, and UnikUnok has done a quite remarkable job of recreating this here. What you have is an epic siege effort if you play as an attacker, and right from the very start you are plunged into combat due to some nastily-placed knights near to your starting position. There's a lot of work to be done in order to storm the castle and kill everyone in sight. One of those maps that keeps you engrossed for hours, and flawless gameplay to boot.

Balance: 4/5

Nearly perfect, though not quite. Maybe it's due to my lack of skill, but I can't help but feel that as an attacker on normal difficulty (the setting recommended by UnikUnok in the description page) this is just a bit too hard. I've lost count of the number of attempts i've had in trying to win, and if it wasn't such a splendid map i'd have been tempted to give up by now. I tried once on very hard... and failed abysmally. You are faced with quite a number of crossbowmen predominantly within the main walls, and i'd prefer to see just a few less to make this more of a fight.

Okay, so with the only gripe aside, this is yet another jaw-dropping castle recreation by UnikUnok. Every time you play, you are faced with a real battle in order to win. There is scope to attack from various sides and thus approaches may differ, adding to the balance of the map as a whole. If you feel up to a real challenge, this is possibly the finest siege map there is IMO. Quality throughout.

Creativity: 5/5

Without a doubt, full marks are given here for the recreation of Beaumaris. Proportionally it looks spot-on and is an absolute pleasure to look at. There's a lot to take in with this, as well as an absorbing history to digest. To turn a historical construction into the game with accuracy requires a skill and a patience that UnikUnok shows. Truly remarkable.

Map Design: 5/5

Leads on from above, really. Wonderful recreation. The castle looks and feels realistic. The surrounding terrain has been carefully recreated and the sporadic marshland not only looks good but makes moving around the map troublesome... I liked this aspect of the layout though. It may look plain from the minimap, but once you play this i'm sure you'll appreciate the modelling work that has gone into this.

Story/Instructions: 4/5

As above, a great history to accompany the castle as well as some honest notes from the author on how the map is to be played. Rounds off the map design very nicely and is a great accompaniment to the download.


Quite remarkable to look at. Once you've finished taking in the scenery, there's a game to be played. Tough, but rewarding. An essential download, without a doubt.
Map Design5.0
This being my first attempt at a review I hope that it is welcomed. After playing this map I felt a review was appropriately needed.

Playability: 4/5

Just as Sulis stated in his Review that he has been playing Beaumaris for weeks now, so have I been playing it for quite a few days, I seem to always go back to it for another attempt to see the Victory screen. I am not the best player knowing a great deal about strategy and strategy is the key for a win. Though I have not found quite the right strategic moves yet, this map and all its challenges are a great deal of fun. I have had a minimum of Ten (10) hours of game play… and the clock’s ticking…………

Balance: 3/5

This map is definitely not for the easily frustrated, for I seem to have walked away from it after a game save a few times. For a beginner as myself I feel it is a little too hard from the get go. The defending troops are attacking even before you get a chance to review the maps defenses and possible safe havens. If a player is not careful to move his troops into a defensive stance, the player will take enough damage forcing him/her to restart in just a matter of a few minutes of game play.

Creativity: 5/5

Extremely creative, I have made several attempts creating maps and castles myself without having a clue where to begin. It never dawned on me to recreate an actual Castle, design the terrain and use my imagination of where to place troops and how possible battles may have taken place. A great amount of time must have been applied, Great Job.

Map Design: 5/5

Not only has there been a great deal of detail applied to this map, but the recreation of the castle is simply wonderful. The terrain is done extremely well, a true guide for future map designers.

Story/ Instruction: 5/5

A map is only as great as its storyline. When a player begins his mission in seeking a victory of a battle or finishing an economic task, a well written story initiating the game play makes all the difference. Here the author not only gives the player a feeling of an actual event about to take place, but he/she ties that in with an actual historical recreation of a true castle and its history… Great work..!!!!

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Map Design5.0
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