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The Fall of Amon Nareth ( Updated v1.1 )

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

Map Name : The Fall of Amon Nareth
Version : 1.1
Type : Invasion (plays more like a seige with only option to attack...)
Game : Stronghold Crusader
Size : 400x400
Difficulty : Somewhere between Normal and Hard

This is one of my most detailed maps ever. It has taken me quite a long time to make this map and to balance it... I have made a map based on my own idea with a fictional story. the "Castle" is more of a city in itself and is huge. I've added a lot of eyecandy in the map but thats not all... I have also incorporated many optional "sub-missions" within the main scenario which can make your siege of the main stronghold easier or tougher according to the choices you make...I've hinted at these choices in the pre-mission story within the game, but I've also listed a few features below :

- Dig through a river to clear a path for siege engines.
- Carry out a covert operation (clear way for main army).
- Free prisoners before they are fed to the lions!!
- Capture stationary seige engines to help in final seige.
- Clear a path for reinforcements (or not if u don't want!).

Update changes (v1.1)
- Replaced player's water pot next to wolf's granaries with wolf's
- Did some balancing
- Small landscape changes

Lots of things to do and look at (and then destroy...hehe !)
Hope you like it.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
I've re-review this map...i'm still addicted to it !!!!

This map had a problem downloading had caused a bit of frustration for me as it did to some others i'm sure.But now that I have downloaded and played it, i've found that it was worth it to keep checking back on it.

Playability : 5
A nicely done map with a playing style which is vastly different from the standard invasion scenario. As the author states, it plays more like a siege (from stronghold) with options only to attack. your army starts in 3 different places and you must command one as soon as the game starts because they soon come under fire even if they don't move. Thus the first few moments are frantic clickfests with you controlling one one your army (which has been set up to lose). after that you can move at yur own pace. but it is till full of tension, great work here.

Balance : 4
This map seems a bit unfair to the player, but if you play with a clear mind and complete the "Optional" missions, then it seems more balanced. The mention of reinforcements is also a reassuring factor (although they did not show up, guess i'm too good !!)

Creativity : 5
An absolutly wonderful map in terms of creativity. the addition of "optional" missions along with clever use of the editor has resulted in a very detailed and realistic map.there is also some great eyecandy which i haven't seen before.

Map Design : 5
Again, great work here, the geographical features are well made and VERY detailed, the main stronghold looks impressive , and the surrounding area actually gives one the feeling of viewing a city. very good use of terrain tools. the ruins of the castle of the former pasha deserve special mention, great work.

Story/Instructions : 5
a good story explains the circumstance amiably and it also hints at the "optional" missions you would need to complete.

i found this map a refreshing change from the many run-of-the-mill invasions out there. the author must have done a LOT of thinking to come up with so much stuff to do and has clarly spent a lot of time and effort to make this a great map. all i can say is that he has succeded. great work talos_911, keep it up.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5/5

What a wonderful map this turned out to be! The thought that has been put into this scenario is commendable and the result is a true 'mission' in itself. There are various approaches to take, with little side projects available if you wish (and it is worth freeing the engineers from the lions, as it adds to the sense of achievement) and this leads on to a nice tactical approach to take the castle. I've played this several times now and still do not get bored. A truly great map to play, this is a great lesson in map design itself.

Balance: 5/5

In some ways, starting with the troops you have and not being able to change the difficulty is an advantage. Everyone starts off on the same level, as it were. The downside to this is that more experienced players may find such an approach too easy. This map is a fine example of how to set balance just right, with enough troops to take the castle and kill the lord... if you do it right! There's no real margin for error here and the aerial power of the AI troops flanking the walls and towers is a major obstacle to overcome. Yet talos has excelled in the choice of troops as well as number available. It's a map that lends itself to stealth and careful planning and you aren't overrun by other units moving in to kill you from the start. Again, impressive work.

Creativity: 5/5

Working within the restraints of the editor, this proved to be a real eye-opener of a scenario. The extent of the creativity lies with the idea of taking the castle rather than the map design itself, but is done in such a way that you really can't help but be impressed. It's refreshing to see something other than a standard invasion (yep, guilty as charged) with lovely little nuances to spice up the map (freeing the captive prisoners, digging through the moat to release your troops, taking the trebuchet to assist in the attack).

Map Design: 3/5

The score here may seem a little out of place bearing in mind the standard already set in other categories. The map itself is very well done, the terrain looks good and the general layout of Amon Nareth generally appealing. Good, solid work, nothing wrong at all with what talos has created, and a few areas where eye candy sprouts up. Full credit also for designing something that adds to playability too.

Story/Instructions: 5/5

A story, instructions, author's thoughts and (latterly) tweaks ensures that all aspects of this section are covered. Another part of the map where attention has been paid, and it's always nice to see a quality map such as this accompanied by a well written story and instructions that are meaningful and helpful.


It's evident that talos has talents for map making and an eye for detail. His previous work is also consistently good, and I would happily recommend this as an essential download. This is a great map to play, please check it out!

Well done talos :)
Map Design5.0
The Fall of Amon Nareth is one of the best, if not THE best, Crusader map that I have played. To start with the options can be slightly overwhelming, but the map does develop into an extremely rewarding piece of play.

Playability - 5

As I cited above, when the map first starts, things can be a little out of hand: a doomed-from-the-start frontal attack, and troops placed all over the map. Once these are located, however, things play smoothly, so I have not marked the map down. The map is fun to play, from filling in a muddy river, to planning your assault on the fortress-city, and there are lots of sub-missions and things to do. A well-deserved 5.

Balance - 4

Not much to say here. The map did give me a hard time on my first play, but afterwards I knew what to do. It can be dodgy sometimes due to the sheer numbers of the enemy, and the diversionary attack at the front seemed to me to do no damage at all. Still, well-balanced. A 4.

Creativity - 5

Talos really shines in this area! So much to do, so much to see. The 'optional' missions, the well-implemented minor skirmishes that you can carry out, capturing siege equipment, and a lot more. Brilliance, deserving of a 5.

Map Design - 5

Again, great work. Such things as a very detailed ruined city, rivers, a dam, and a whole host of other things, make this map a pleasure to wreak havoc on. A 5.

Story/Instructions - 5

Detailed yet concise, and gives you all you need to know to play the map, with a good backstory too. A 5.

Overall Score - 4.8

All in all, a map worthy of anyone's time!
Map Design5.0
Great job on the landscape very realistic and a great pleasure to stroll through. The only negative point to make is how anoying it is to dig that moat : ) those stupid slave and maceman have a very short attention span. I also could never figure out how to beat the gate at the south east corner with the troops alotted. Maybe some plastic explosives would have come in handy. Other than that a fine map.
Lord Jason III
Map Design5.0
very nicely done. I really liked the 'river' you can fill in, and the map design overall. the hints are great, they help you but don't make it an easy level. The story is good, it explains the level well. very playable, a great challenge to play. this should be in the top 10 crusader downloads, its even better than Caeserea. Good job!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
it took me wile to beat just to beat it...
Balance: 4.5

Creativity: 5
you could of done better on the castle but over all it a great map!

Map Design: 5
great map design!

Story/Instructions: 5
every 1 has a story...

Additional Comments:
Overall its a fun map not much to (im such a n00b)

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