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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Revised Stronghold F.A.Q. by Merepatra*

We hope this section answers many of your questions about Stronghold. If you have more questions then please visit our forums and ask there.

General Questions
• Are there any updates to Stronghold?
• How do I get high enough religious coverage?
• Is there any way I can stop fires and plagues?
• Is there any way to prevent my crops getting diseased and my cows dying?
• I can't find the section that is stopping my castle from being complete.
• Do trees regrow?
• How do quarries and oxen work?
• Is there any way to make my Lord go where I want?
• Did I see a ghost?
• How does Fear Factor work?
• Do I get to see the bad things being used?
• Are there any keyboard shortcuts?
• What does the difficulty level change?
• What decides which buildings get manned first?
• How much food do peasants eat?
• Why does the download section ask for a password?
• How do I download and play downloaded maps?
• How many units of food can I store in a Granary?

Military Questions
• How do I build a moat?
• How do I fill in a moat?
• How do I use tunnelers?
• How do I get my pitch ditches to light?
• Why can't I get my pitch ditches to light again?
• Does it cost anything to maintain troops?
• Do troops eat food?
• Can I heal troops or my Lord?
• Are troops counted in population?
• How many engineers does each sort of siege/defensive equipment need?
• How do I get my engineers to pour burning oil on invaders?
• I can't get my siege tower to attack the enemy walls. Why?
• Can I move my tower after I've used it?
• Can all units use towers, or just the ones that use stairs?
• Why should I use a tower anyway?
• When should I use a ram instead of a catapult or trebuchet?
• Can the ram be set on fire by burning oil?

Multiplayer Questions
• Where can I find other people to play MP against?
• How do I connect to MP games?
• Is there a set rule of Peacetime? How long is it?
• Why do I get disconnected so much?
• What should I do when I get disconnected from a MP game?

Mapmaking Questions
• Where is my Lord?
• Can I pause in the Editor?
• Can I change the map type in the editor?
• Why can't I place any more trees/units/etc?
• Where are my peasants/workers/house mothers?
• Where can I place iron ore?
• How do I make the bridges/pyramids/secret passages etc I have seen in some maps?
• How can I make my walls damaged in a scenario?
• Why are troops disappearing when I play the map?

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