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This section contains brief descriptions of the various buildings and castle parts you can use in Stronghold. They are sorted alphabetically and are given little glyphs to tell you where they can be found in the structures bar.

Building Overview

A Apothecary M Main Gate
  Apple Orchard   Market
  Armourer   Maypole
  Armoury O Oil Smelter
B Bakery   Orchard, Apple
  Barracks, Stone   Ox Tether
  Barracks, Wood P Perimeter Turret
  Blacksmith   Pitch Ditch
  Brewer   Pitch Rig
  Burning Stake   Platform, Wooden
C Cathedral   Poleturner
  Cesspit   Ponds
  Chapel Q Quarry
  Chopping Block R Round Tower
  Church S Saxon Hall
D Dairy Farm   Shrines
  Dancing Bear   Siege Tent
  Defense Turret   Signpost
  Drawbridge   Square Tower


  Dunking Stool   Statues
E Engineer's Guild   Stock Pile
F Farm, Dairy   Stocks
  Farm, Hop   Stone Barracks
  Farm, Wheat   Stone Keep
  Fletcher   Stretching Rack
  Fortress   Stronghold
G Gallows T Tanner
  Garden   Tower, Round
  Gate, Inner   Tower, Square
  Gate, Main   Tunneler's Guild
  Gate, Wooden   Turret, Defense
  Gibbet   Turret, Perimeter
  Granary W Walls
  Guild, Engineer's   War Dog Kennel
  Guild Tunneler's   Well
H Hall, Saxon   Wheat Farm
  Hop Farm   Windmill
  Hovel   Woodcutter
  Hunter's Post   Wooden Barracks
I Inn   Wooden Gate
  Inner Gate   Wooden Keep
  Iron Mine   Wooden Platform
K Keep, Stone    
  Keep, Wooden    
  Kennel, War Dog    
  Killing Pit    

The following glyphs are used:

Castle: Tower tab
Castle: Gate tab
Castle: Military Buildings tab
Food production
Town: Bad stuff
Town: Good stuff
Arms and armour
Food processing