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Military Units, Part 4

by Wraith


The great anti personnel/anti siege weapon. Its range is 83 tiles, and it can take a good chunk of damage out of almost any unit. Place it on towers to counter all other siege weapons. It's particularly good against rams and catapults. Its distance is barely able to reach a trebuchet, so other counter measures may need to be taken for those. Be careful. They are, as are the other missile units, prone to archer and crossbow fire
Requires: 2 engineers, 50 gold


The other tower-mounted defence is particularly useful against walls being built up to your keep. Keep this on aggressive, and any wall being built up to you will surely crumble. It is great against siege equipment if you can actually get it to hit them. Although it shoots 5 rocks at the same time, it is very inaccurate and has a range of 68 tiles, with four tiles further out that are even less accurate.
Requires: 2 engineers, 50 gold


With a medium firing range of 73 tiles, this quick fire weapon is wonderful against walls as well as other siege devices. It is VERY accurate, and can successfully target groups of stationary units, walls and buildings. Small masses of catapults can bring a castle to its knees in a matter of seconds, so don't pass this one by. Also, it is mobile, so keep your eye on it.
Killing pits required to destroy: 1
Requires: 2 engineers, 150 gold


The powerhouse! Causing 240 points of damage to walls, gates and towers, this slower weapon has the range to back it up! With an unstable range of 87, and more accurate range of 83, this weapon can be used against ballista filled towers without being scratched. Its slower mechanisms require guarding as it takes its time to work. Used primarily for smashing stone, this is also a very effective weapon against groups of buildings as it causes a small blast radius of 2 or 3 tiles. A well directed trebuchet hit could fell 3 or more buildings in just 2 shots. A mighty cathedral takes only 4 hits to level it.
Requires: 3 engineers, 150 gold


A slow sluggish machine. The ram boasts a good strong punch and a strong immunity to arrows and fire. Beware: it is very susceptible to ballista and shock attack. Best to guard this with some crossbows. The ram is particularly effective against gates and towers, but has a nice trick to single layered stone walls: One hit will take out one tile. Nice work for a little guy!
Killing pits required to destroy: 9
Requires: 4 Engineers, 150 gold

Siege tower

The ladder that just won't die. Siege towers are great offensive weapons, because they allow most units to scale the an enemy wall. This includes pikemen and swordsmen who can scale up the walls and eliminate archers, crossbowmen and, with the 1.2 patch, any unit can take over the gatehouse of another player by standing on it. All from a simple little tower! They are slow moving, but full of hit points and defence. Not so great against enemy shock troops, but that's typical.
Killing pits required to destroy: 14
Requires: 4 engineers, 150 gold.