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Walkers, Part 2

Weapons industry

You'll need several of these to equip your troops. All of them will need the availability of raw materials either locally produced or imported. Often they also provide you with good source of income, when you can sell them. Buying them on the market can be horridly expensive.


The grumpy looking fletcher is someone you'll see limping across your castle grounds a lot. He's always carrying more wood to his shop or the finished bows to your armoury.


Here's another chap that will work his way through your woodpile faster than a woodchuck can chuck wood. He does give you nice spears and polearms in return, though.


This stout lady, will visit your dairy farms and kill cows. While this reduces your food production, it does give her the necessary materials to make leather jerkins for your soldiers.


Big and brawny the blacksmith will ceaselessly pound iron in to shape and make either maces or swords. He'll carry the finished product to the armoury.


The armourer competes with the blacksmith for your stock of iron. From it he creates the lobster-suits used by pikemen, swordsmen and knights.