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Walkers, Part 3

Other industry

When you don't have a market, you'll need to work to get the needed resources. These chappies are indispensible in helping you gather them.


A big, broad-shouldered chap, who carries around a huge axe. No tree is safe from his attention and in a pinch he'll even help you take out the odd wolf or enemy archer.


These guys chop away at rocks and change an outcrop of stone into nice squares of blocks you can use in building a castle. It's great fun to see them work with all those ropes and pullies.

Oxdriver (and Ox)

Dumb and dumber? Well, they're slow but they can carry a lot of stone. Four of these big blocks are loaded on either side of the ox's harness and lugged to the stock pile.


The ironminer digs in the outcrops of iron ore and melts it into nuggets. He then carries these chunks of metal all the way back to the castle so your smithies will be able to work.


This must be a horrible job. Stuck out in the swamp gathering the black pitch from where it wells to the surface. Once he's got a clay jar filled with it he'll carry it back to the castle for you to sell or use in your defenses.