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A Glossary of Medieval People

Welcome to the Stronghold Glossary of Medieval People. You will see many familiar sounding jobs in the index below, but you will find that quite a few of them meant something quite different in medieval times.


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Alderman Almoner Apprentice
Archer Architect Atilliator
Bailiff Barber Billman
Bishop Blacksmith Bowman
Burgher Butler Carver
Chamberlain Chancellor Chandler
Clerk Constable Cooper
Cottar Crossbowman Cupbearer
Ewerer Falconer Friar
Groom Huntsman Jester
Journeyman Kennelgroom Knight
Lady Laundress Lord
Man-at-Arms Marshal Mason
Mat weaver Mayor Merchant
Miller Minstrel Monk
Page Pantler Peasant
Pedlar Pikeman Pilgrim
Plumber Poacher Porter
Priest Reeve Scullion
Seneschal Serf Spinner
Squire Steward Tanner
Taster Thatcher Troubadour
Vassal Villein Yeoman Farmer

Written and researched by GillB*