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Industry Buildings in Crusader

The appearance of some of the industry buildings in Stronghold: Crusader has changed from the original Stronghold, but the functionality is the same. One noticeable difference is that the cost of the marketplace has dropped from 15 wood down to 5.

In a way this is a resource building, as it can be used to buy and sell commodities. Here you can acquire money by selling swords, or buy food to appease your population. It seems the market has an infinite supply of goods.
Wood: 5

Woodcutter's Hut
The lowly woodcutter's hut is probably one of the first buildings you'll place after having placed the keep and the granary. Almost everybody needs wood and you'd better make sure you have a good supply. The woodcutter will engage wolves and enemy troops with his axe and is strong enough to kill the odd enemy archer.
Wood: 3
Workers: 1
Produces: wood

The stock pile is where you store your resources and some of the finished products like ale. Note that you can only build them next to an existing stockpile, so make sure you leave enough space.

A castle will need walls and towers and the strongest are made out of stone, not wood. A quarry will create nice stone blocks out of native rock. You will need to place the quarry on the white looking gravel on the map. You won't be able to get stone to your castle without also having a few ox tethers.
Wood: 20
Workers: 3
Produces: stone

Ox Tether
The ox tether is needed for the slow lumbering oxen that will carry your freshly quarried stone over to the castle. It's often useful to have more than one ox around, especially when there is a fair distance between the quarry and the castle.
Wood: 5
Workers: 1
Produces: oxen to carry stone

Iron Mine
Iron mines are needed to mine iron either for trade, or to supply your blacksmiths and armourers with resources. You can see the miners carry ingots of iron back to the castle. Iron mines need to be placed on the reddish rocks that show iron ore.
Wood: 20
Workers: 2
Produces: iron

Pitch Rig
In swampy areas these rigs help recover the highly flammable pitch that is used for various defensive purposes. Used in the right place burning pitch can have devastating effects on the attacking enemies. Pitch rigs need to be placed on the 'bubbly' spots in swamps.
Wood: 20
Workers: 1
Produces: pitch
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