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Strategy Articles

Welcome to the Stronghold Strategy section.

This is where you will find strategies and tactics to help you with playing Stronghold:Crusader.


Unit Disbandment

A way to get rich quick using cheap units.


Popularity in Crusader

Popularity is affected by non-scripted events which are those you can choose to use yourself and scripted events which are those set into the scenario by the designer and cannot be avoided. Scripted Events in Crusader have the same popularity affect as those in Stronghold, with lions replacing wolves. Non Scripted events have had some major changes.



How to Kill Each of the AIs

In this article Leaveyou examines how to most efficiently and cost-effectively kill the different Crusader AIs.



The Influence of Fear Factor on Industry and Food Production in Crusader

This article by Leaveyou looks at the results of some experiments he conducted to find out the best resources to use to obtain both positive and negative fear factors.


Tricks for Crusader Lords

In this article, Leaveyou illustrates several tricks for gameplay in Crusader.

Topics include:

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Hole in the Wall Strategy

This article by davidbe details a strategy for castle defense.


How to Build on Sand Dunes

This article by Boingo shows how to build a tower or gatehouse on a sand dune in Crusader.

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