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Mission 1 - Victory Feast

Base map

Start date: January 1330

Time limit: 6 years


Acquire 50 cheese
Acquire 6 barrels of ale
Acquire 100 cheese
Acquire 12 barrels of ale
Acquire 150 cheese
Acquire 18 barrels of ale
Very Hard
Acquire 200 cheese
Acquire 24 barrels of ale

The royal court is soon to host a great banquet. We need you to found a small village for the production of ale and cheese. Find a clearing in the woods to the south of the King's castle and get to work immediately.


201 wood
40 bread

There is no money or trade in this episode


Choose any clear spot for your keep and build 1 or 2 woodcutters. Although you have been provided with plenty of wood, it won't last. To achieve the objectives, you will need at least 5 dairy farms and 3 hop farms (more if you want to finish quickly). However, you need to feed your people, so start off with about 4 hunters' posts and 2 wheat farms. When wheat arrives in your stockpile, build a mill, then when sacks of flour arrive, build bakeries (about 4). When hops arrive in your stockpile, build breweries (at least 4)

When you have plenty of meat & bread in your granary, stockpile cheese to get your 100. Don't build the inn, otherwise you will lose your ale. Your people stay happy enough without it. Keep an eye on your stockpile - if hops or flour are building up, build more breweries or bakeries.

You will have hop weevil destroying your hops, pestilence devastating your wheat and plague which will seriously dent your popularity (a bribe helps at this time).

Finished map
My Score: 8,215

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