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Mission 2 - The Long Valley

Base map

Start date: January 1350
Time limit: 10 years


Acquire 6 bows
Acquire 4 swords
Acquire 12 bows
Acquire 8 swords
Acquire 18 bows
Acquire 12 swords
Very Hard
Acquire 24 bows
Acquire 16 swords

The king's armoury is depleted. Go to the valley to the east of the castle and begin weapons production. The fertile valley floor is ideal for apple growing which you can use to feed your people. A local trader here trades in iron which you can buy to produce some of the weapons needed.


60 wood
30 apples
10 gold
2 bows


Choose a spot for your keep - on the right you will have trouble with bears, on the left with wolves. I chose the left, although the hills make it difficult to place much round the keep. You can convert your 2 supplied bows to bowmen straight away who may be able to keep the animals at bay and, about 6 months in, you are helped by some outlaws returning to the fold providing some more soldiers. However bandits will attack you several times during the mission - the number and amount of destruction increasing.

You will need to build orchards everywhere possible and sell apples continuously to provide money to build your weapon workshops and to buy the iron needed for your swords. You will also need extra wood for your bows. It took me 2 years to start weapon production so don't panic if you can't get enough money together straight away.

The mission is a balance between feeding the people and acquiring gold.

Finished map
My Score: 7,750

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