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Mission 4 - A Deterrent

Base map

Start Date: Jan 1390
Time Limit: 15 yrs 3mths


Acquire 175 Bread
Acquire 90 Stone
Acquire 20 Maces
Acquire 20 Leather Armour
Complete Castle
Acquire 350 Bread
Acquire 180 Stone
Acquire 40 Maces
Acquire 40 Leather Armour
Complete Castle
Acquire 525 Bread
Acquire 270 Stone
Acquire 60 Maces
Acquire 60 Leather Armour
Complete Castle
Very Hard
Acquire 700 Bread
Acquire 360 Stone
Acquire 80 Maces
Acquire 80 Leather Armour
Complete Castle

Our scouts have spotted raiders to the north. We have started building a castle into the mountain pass north of here. Take charge of the construction and finish the castle to block their approach.


99 wood
30 cheese
30 bread
5 bows
5 maces
5 leather armours

No Trade available in this mission.


This mission seemed to me to be a fairly big step up from the previous one. You must produce a lot of goods, getting a large enough population in quickly, feeding them and starting to cut the wood necessary to build everything you will need should be priorities. I finished with a final population of 150. You will need a lot of stone to complete the castle and meet the stone objective; after building the quarries ensure you add oxen teams as necessary to keep delivery up with production.

During the mission you will have to deal with regular fires. Stopping them from starting didn't seem possible to me, but with lots of wells you can put the fires out before buildings are destroyed and hopefully before too many of your people are burnt.

Bandits and, to a lesser degree, wolves are also a problem. I created some archers early on using the bows provided and later produced a few more to deal with the stronger attacks to come. The bandits repeatedly attack your castle until it is completed then they turn their attention to your stone quarries. Mid-mission your wheat crop is repeatedly destroyed by disease and later your cows get ill.

Finished map
My Score: 10,995

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