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Mission 1 - Gathering the Lost

Base map
Start date: 1066


No difficulty choice
Acquire 20 meat
Acquire 40 wood

We need you to oversee the setup of a good-sized base camp. Start by finding a suitable clearing then use some of the wood plentiful in this area to begin your construction.


35 wood
18 meat

No trade options are available in this mission


This is a simple introductory resource gathering mission. The easy way to go about it is to place your Hall somewhat in the center of the map, then add 3-4 woodcutters' huts between the trees. Add 2 Hunters' posts and you can sit back and watch what happens.
You can get more points by holding off the production of one of the two resources.
There's a wolf warning in the scenario, but no wolves show up.

Finished map
My Score: 5,115

Download this finished map

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