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Mission 17 - Smokey Bacon

Base map
Start date: June 1259


All difficulty choices
Eliminate all Enemy Units

Use the resources you have gathered to rebuild and defend the ancient monastery. Your army has left a clear path through the boggy grasslands so it will no tbe long before the Pig finds you. Use pikemen to block the Pig's troops and have engineers boil pitch. To maximise the effect, pour the boiling pitch on his troops from height.


131 wood
222 stone
17 iron
1 pitch
50 wheat
33 meat
33 apples
1000 gold
10 armour
10 pikes
3 macemen
10 crossbowmen
4 engineers
8 monks
Leather armour2512


Another map I had trouble with initially. However, this time round it was fairly easy to solve.
It's the first map that allows you to play with boiling pitch, and you'd do well to use it as such.

I ripped out most of the original walls from the back of the castle and used the resulting stock of stone to place walls to the sides of the map behind the castle. I completely ignored the stone and iron deposits. Once the walls were in place (the northern part of them made out of wood) I added woodcutters, pitch rigs and farms. I also started training crossbowmen.

The first attack shows up after a few years and was encountered fairly easily. The single ram was destroyed by my engines, while most of the attacking mace and pikemen ended up being sprayed with pitch and punctured with arrows.

I repaired and extended the fortfications a bit, buying stone by selling pitch. The next attack came with two rams and more troops (including crossbowmen). The enemy severely damaged my walls and I barely managed to stop them.

Enough stone was bought to repair my walls and face the next attack. This time the Pig had brought three rams and even more troops. They actually managed to breach the main wall, even though I'd placed more engineers with pitch on the walls and some stakes at the foot of it. I was very glad I left it so thick and hadn't cannibalised its stone to use somewhere else. Once the handful of men that had breached the walls were defeated I realised I needed more if I were to survive the next (and final) attack.
In the meantime Piggy gets annoyed with you and Sir Longarm gains you another county.

More pitch was sold so I could repair the walls and make an extended platform for more crossbowmen, hopefully to kill the Pig's troops before they could do much damage to the wall. I added more stakes and laid a pitch ditch close to the wall. Several archers were trained to set the thing on fire when the Pig showed up next. I was running low on wood, so I added a wooden gate in the wooden wall so the woodcutters could use it to reach the other side of the forest without having to walk all the way around the stronghold. This turned out to be a not so smart idea.

The final attack showed up and two of the Pig's rams immediately went for the wooden gate. I quickly blocked it off with wall and they crawled back for the stone one on the other side. This gave me enough time to destroy them. Meanwhile most of the Pig's troops had placed themselves before the wall, standing knee-deep in the pitch. I promptly fried most of them, but some remained hacking at my wall for a little longer. Two pikemen actually breached the wall, but by then most of the Pig's troops were dead or fleeing.
Once more, victory was mine.

Finished map
Total losses: 21%
My Score: 12,900

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