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Mission 19 - Penning in the Wolf

Base map
Start date: June 1300


All difficulty choices
Eliminate all Enemy Units

Pen in the Wolf, by reinforcing the defensive fort we have started on the edge of his territory, then let his men come to you. They are likely to try and infect our people with disease, so ensure you have contingencies in place for their arrival. Use swordsmen and mangonels to your best advantage.


188 wood
195 stone
17 iron
4 pitch
64 grain
1524 gold
5 bows
5 archers
4 crossbowmen
2 swordsmen
5 engineers

All trade options are available in this mission at standard prices.


This scenario was a bit hectic, with frequent and strong invasions. I had to make several reloads to earlier positions and a restart or two to finish it.

I started out with buying enough kit to outfit five more crossbowmen, then built a little bulwark half way between the castle proper and the river. Here I posted the crossbowmen and started working on fortifying the lower gatehouse. Within six months the first attack hit, and once my crossbowmen had taken out the trebuchets, the rest of the enemy soon followed.
After this I added a fletcher's workshop and raised taxes.

In November 1301 the next bunch of attackers shows up and were taken care of in a similar matter. I did lose some of the outlying buildings, though.
The King will take another county while you're busy sparring with the Wolf and I added another buttress closer to the sign post. By now I was wondering why my peasants were getting hungry and found out I had forgotten to build a mill. Once the mill was built they quickly stopped complaining.

Late in 1304 another of the Wolf's attack forces will show up and I got very close to being overwhelmed by his swordsmen. A quick reload from just after the previous attack allowed me just enough time to improve the fortifications around the gatehouse and add a tower near the quarry with a mounted ballista. I also added some more towers with mangonels to the main keep. Together this made minced meat out of most of the swordsmen, but they still managed to trash my lower gatehouse.

Early 1307 the final invasion showed up. It made all the previous ones look a bit pale in comparison. My forward positions fell to hacking swordsmen and rains of quarrels from the enemy crossbowmen. One by one my gates and defenses fell and the Wolf's troops, though dwindling in numbers, moved inexorably towards my keep.
I managed to frantically raise enough crossbowmen to dispatch the rest of the attackers while they were trashing most of my fortress. Luckily the last enemy troops remaining were knights, so my Lord was safe and soon afterwards the last horseman fell.
I'm fairly sure I would not have survived a fifth attack.

I think I could have done better if I'd expanded my forward positions sooner and stronger. A quicker build up of the economy would have helped too. Finally, it might have been an idea to just wall off the lower gate completely.

Finished map
Total losses: 60%
My Score: 9,000

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