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Mission 2 - Finishing the Fort

Base map
Start date: 1068


No difficulty choice
Acquire 35 meat
Complete the Castle

To ensure the safety of you men, you are required to renovate the abandoned stockade before winter is upon us again. Use your archers to kill any of the wolves that threaten your peasants.


25 meat
54 gold
4 archers

No trade options are available in this mission


Another fairly simple mission that will get you started on building castles. You'll need to build up a fair sized enclosure so it's good to start with 2-3 woodcutters. The walls can be difficult as you need a solid ring of them, and placing them takes some getting used to. Use the V-key or the Spacebar to get a better idea of what you are doing. Wolves (and enemies) will slip through the smallest cracks, which includes wall bits that only touch diagonally.
Apart from a little food you won't need much in this scenario.
There's a wolf warning and attacks around 1069; you will lose points if any of your archers is killed by them, so be careful.

Finished map
My Score: 15,000

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