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Mission 21 - Final Vengeance (by Troll)

Base map
Start date: Jan 1340


All difficulty choices
Kill the Wolf

Put an end to the Wolf using the combined forces of Sir Longarm and the king. You have vanquished the majority of his main army but the Wolf still has many men left and his stronghold is rumoured to be impenetrable. He has discovered the secret of boiling oil so do not approach too quickly. Instead make use of the new trebuchet to weaken him from afar.


53 archers
90 spearmen
19 macemen
27 crossbowmen
22 swordsmen
11 knights
31 engineers
4 siege shields
2 rams
1 siege tower

This is a siege mission.

Your army numbers a total of 263 men and starts the game in the lower right corner of the map. The Wolf's castle is in the upper left corner and is divided into three areas: an outer section with the gatehouse, an intersection and an inner section where the Wolf resides.

The Wolf has dicovered the secret of the burning tarpits and he has covered many large areas with them. The best way to deal with tarpits is to tease the Wolf to ignite them. To do this you must move a force into the area that he considers dangerous. Three knights or ten spearmen are usually enough. Take knights when you can flee from the fire and spearmen when you cannot. Don't waste your spearmen!

In addition to your army you also have 1000 gold coins, enough to build six trebuchets. They will be your most important weapons.

Step 1 - Smash the gatehouse: to smash the gatehouse and the two adjacent towers takes two or three trebuchets. Just build one, let it shoot all of its stones, order the engineers to leave it and dismiss the trebuchet. Then build the next one. Just don't yet use any of your cows, you'll need them in the next step. Build the trebuchets as close to the castle as possible just out of range of the Wolf's forces. To protect the trebuchets from sorties form two units out of your archers and crossbowmen and place them on the left and right side of the trebuchet. Keep your knights at hand in case the Wolf sends more than two knights. Anything else won't reach your warmachine.

Step 2 - Send in the cows: to remove the other two towers in the front wall of the castle will take two or three more trebuchets. Since there are no war machines on those towers you can build them closer to the castle than in the last step. Now you cover nearly the entire outer section and have a good chance to kill some defenders. If you have enough gold left you might use it to build another trebuchet and remove one of the two towers close to the intersection. Just don't attack any of the other towers in the outer section. You might damage the staircases and make it impossible to capture them in step 5.

Step 3 - Trigger the traps: take three knights and run a bit around in front of the castle. This should stimulate the Wolf to ignite some tarpits. Then retreat the knights and send ten spearmen to fill the trench where once the bridge was. They'll never reach their destination but this should remove the last tarpit in your path.

Step 4 - Create an entrance: now give all other spearmen the same order. They'll die in droves but eventually create a path into the outer section. Once this is done send them into the castle. If you're lucky this will cause the Wolf to ignite another tarpit. If he doesn't you have to trigger him with knights.

Step 5 - Clear the entrance: now send your macemen into the outer section and let them remove any resistance which survived step 2. Once this is done let them hide somewhere in the outer section.

Step 6 - Capture the towers: this is perhaps the most important step in this guide! Your archers and crossbowmen have to occupy those two towers next to the gate into the intersection and kill the troops on the two towers flanking the gate into the inner section and on the towers on the left and right side of the intersection. This will remove any archer that might ignite a tarpit in the intersection.

Step 7 - Open the inner section: after successful completion of step 6 you can choose any kind of troops to tear down the two remaining gatehouses. There is no need to hurry as there is no one left to hinder you.

Step 8 - The last ride of the knights: now there are still two tarpits left between you and the wolf. To remove them order your knights to attack one of the pikemen at the entrance of the Wolf's keep. The knights will die but the tarpits should be ignited and many of the defenders badly hurt. If the knights won't manage this alone send the remaining macemen to assist them.

Step 9 - Kill the Wolf: as you may have noticed the swordsmen didn't see any action yet. Just order them to kill the Wolf and enjoy the end. The remaining defenders have no chance to stop them.

Finished map
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